Guarantor Agencies Sample Clauses

Guarantor Agencies. The New Guarantors hereby confirm all agency appointments made by a Guarantor under the Indenture.
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Related to Guarantor Agencies

  • Guarantor Reports Cause any guarantor of any of the Obligations to deliver its annual financial statements at the time when Borrower provides its audited financial statements to Foothill and copies of all federal income tax returns as soon as the same are available and in any event no later than 30 days after the same are required to be filed by law.

  • Obligors (a) A copy of the constitutional documents of each Obligor.

  • Guarantor Revocation Any guarantor of the Obligations shall terminate or revoke any of its obligations under the applicable Guaranty or breach any of the material terms of such Guaranty.

  • Future Subsidiary Guarantors The Company will not permit any Restricted Subsidiary to Guarantee the payment of any Indebtedness of the Company or any Indebtedness of any other Restricted Subsidiary (other than a Guarantee by a Foreign Subsidiary of Indebtedness of a Foreign Subsidiary or a Guarantee by a Receivables Subsidiary), unless such Restricted Subsidiary simultaneously executes and delivers a supplemental indenture pursuant to which such Restricted Subsidiary will unconditionally Guarantee, on a joint and several basis, the full and prompt payment of the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the Notes and all other obligations under this Indenture on a senior basis; provided that if such Indebtedness is by its express terms subordinated in right of payment to the Notes or a Note Guarantee, any Guarantee of such Restricted Subsidiary with respect to such Indebtedness shall be subordinated in right of payment to such Restricted Subsidiary’s Note Guarantee substantially to the same extent as such Indebtedness is subordinated to the Notes or the Note Guarantees, as the case may be. The obligations of a Subsidiary Guarantor under its Note Guarantee will be limited as necessary to prevent its Note Guarantee from constituting a fraudulent conveyance or fraudulent transfer under applicable law. Thereafter, such Restricted Subsidiary shall be a Guarantor for all purposes of this Indenture. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, any Note Guarantee of a Subsidiary Guarantor will provide by its terms that it will be automatically and unconditionally released and discharged under the circumstances set forth in Section 11.05. The form of the Note Guarantee is attached hereto as Exhibit C. ARTICLE FIVE

  • Guarantor In the event that there is a guarantor of this Lease, said guarantor shall have the same obligations as Lessee under this Lease.

  • Certain Obligations of Holders of Receipts and the Company SECTION 3.1 Filing Proofs, Certificates and Other Information 7 SECTION 3.2 Payment of Taxes or Other Governmental Charges 7 SECTION 3.3 Warranty as to Stock 8 ARTICLE IV The Deposited Securities; Notices

  • Authority of Guarantors or Borrower It is not necessary for any Beneficiary to inquire into the capacity or powers of any Guarantor or Borrower or the officers, directors or any agents acting or purporting to act on behalf of any of them.

  • Releases of Subsidiary Guarantors (a) A Subsidiary Guarantor shall automatically be released from its obligations under the Subsidiary Guaranty upon the consummation of any transaction permitted by this Agreement as a result of which such Subsidiary Guarantor ceases to be a Subsidiary; provided that, if so required by this Agreement, the Required Lenders shall have consented to such transaction and the terms of such consent shall not have provided otherwise. In connection with any termination or release pursuant to this Section, the Administrative Agent shall (and is hereby irrevocably authorized by each Lender to) execute and deliver to any Loan Party, at such Loan Party’s expense, all documents that such Loan Party shall reasonably request to evidence such termination or release. Any execution and delivery of documents pursuant to this Section shall be without recourse to or warranty by the Administrative Agent.

  • Additional Subsidiary Guarantors Unless otherwise specified pursuant to Section 301 with respect to a series of Securities, the Company will cause any domestic Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Company that becomes a Subsidiary after the date the Securities of a series are first issued hereunder to become a Subsidiary Guarantor as soon as practicable after such Subsidiary becomes a Subsidiary. The Company shall cause any such Wholly Owned Subsidiary to become a Subsidiary Guarantor with respect to the Securities by executing and delivering to the Trustee (a) a supplemental indenture, in form and substance satisfactory to the Trustee, which subjects such Person to the provisions (including the representations and warranties) of this Indenture as a Subsidiary Guarantor and (b) an Opinion of Counsel to the effect that such supplemental indenture has been duly authorized and executed by such Person and such supplemental indenture and such Person’s obligations under its Subsidiary Guarantee and this Indenture constitute the legal, valid, binding and enforceable obligations of such Person (subject to such customary exceptions concerning creditors’ rights and equitable principles as may be acceptable to the Trustee in its discretion).

  • Guarantors So long as any Registrable Notes remain outstanding, the Issuers shall cause each Person that becomes a guarantor of the Notes under the Indenture to execute and deliver a counterpart to this Agreement which subjects such Person to the provisions of this Agreement as a Guarantor. Each of the Guarantors agrees to join the Company in all of its undertakings hereunder to effect the Exchange Offer for the Exchange Notes and the filing of any Shelf Registration Statement required hereunder.

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