Growth Capacity Sample Clauses

Growth Capacity. If the Auditor certifies that Grantee has purchased and met the EDL Target for all 15 Bcf of Supplemental Capacity, at Grantee’s option, Grantee may exercise its right to purchase additional transportation capacity (“Growth Capacity”) for use in serving the On-site Generation Load within the Overlap Area. Such additional capacity shall be sold to Grantee in any increments equal to the annual volumetric requirements of each of Grantee’s incremental Growth Capacity customers as specified by the Grantee at the time the capacity is acquired. Growth Capacity purchased by Grantee will be charged a monthly capacity payment as provided in Section 6.
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Related to Growth Capacity

  • Maximum Capacity The Sick Leave Bank shall accumulate unused Bank days from year to year to a maximum capacity which shall not exceed double the number of eligible employees as defined in the above Section C, Eligibility for Membership.

  • Reserved Capacity The maximum amount of capacity and energy that the Transmission Provider agrees to transmit for the Transmission Customer over the Transmission Provider’s Transmission System between the Point(s) of Receipt and the Point(s) of Delivery under Part II of the Tariff. Reserved Capacity shall be expressed in terms of whole megawatts on a sixty (60) minute interval (commencing on the clock hour) basis.

  • Contract Capacity The generation capability designated for the Project shall be the contract capacity in MW designated in the Cover Sheet, net of all auxiliary loads, station electrical uses, and Electrical Losses (the “Contract Capacity”). Throughout the Delivery Term, Seller shall sell and deliver all Product produced by the Project solely to Buyer. In no event shall Buyer be obligated to receive, in any Settlement Interval, any Surplus Delivered Energy. Seller shall not receive payment for any Surplus Delivered Energy. To the extent Seller delivers Surplus Delivered Energy to the Delivery Point in a Settlement Interval in which the Real-Time Price for the applicable PNode is negative, Seller shall pay Buyer an amount equal to the Surplus Delivered Energy (in MWh) during such Settlement Interval, multiplied by the absolute value of the Real-Time Price per MWh for such Settlement Interval.]

  • Acting Capacity ‌ When an employee is assigned temporarily to a job for which he/she is qualified in a higher pay grade for a period of five (5) days or his/her regular workweek, whichever is less, the employee shall be paid retroactively from the initial date of the temporary transfer for the duration of the temporary assignment. The employee shall be paid as if he/she had been promoted during such assignment. In no event may an employee acquire any status in a higher classification as a result of his/her temporary assignment. Acting capacity assignments shall not be made on an arbitrary or capricious basis. Employees shall not be rotated in acting capacity in an arbitrary or capricious manner in order to avoid payment of acting capacity pay. This Article shall not be used in lieu of the proper processing of any request for reclassification or reallocation of a position pursuant to Article 48, Reclassifications, or the filling of a vacancy pursuant to Article 56, Seniority.

  • INDEPENDENT CAPACITY The employees or agents of each party who are engaged in the performance of this Agreement shall continue to be employees or agents of that party and shall not be considered for any purpose to be employees or agents of the other party.

  • Legal Capacity All parties to the Mortgage Note and the Mortgage had legal capacity to enter into the Mortgage Loan and to execute and deliver the Mortgage Note and the Mortgage, and the Mortgage Note and the Mortgage have been duly and properly executed by such parties. The Mortgagor is a natural person;

  • Local Circuit Switching Capability, including Tandem Switching Capability 4.2.1 Local circuit switching capability is defined as: (A) line-side facilities, which include, but are not limited to, the connection between a loop termination at a main distribution frame and a switch line card; (B) trunk-side facilities, which include, but are not limited to, the connection between trunk termination at a trunk-side cross-connect panel and a switch trunk card; (C) switching provided by remote switching modules; and (D) all features, functions, and capabilities of the switch, which include, but are not limited to: (1) the basic switching function of connecting lines to lines, line to trunks, trunks to lines, and trunks to trunks, as well as the same basic capabilities made available to BellSouth’s customers, such as a telephone number, white page listings, and dial tone; and (2) all other features that the switch is capable of providing, including but not limited to customer calling, customer local area signaling service features, and Centrex, as well as any technically feasible customized routing functions provided by the switch. Any features that are not currently available but are technically feasible through the switch can be requested through the BFR/NBR process.

  • FREQUENCY AND CAPACITY LEVELS No restriction on frequency, capacity and aircraft type

  • Authority and Capacity Contractor and Contractor’s signatory each warrant and represent that each has full authority and capacity to enter into this Contract.

  • Financial Capacity Investor currently has the financial capacity to meet its obligations to the Company hereunder, and the Investor has no present knowledge of any circumstances which could cause it to become unable to meet such obligations in the future.

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