Grantor and Beneficiary Sample Clauses

Grantor and Beneficiary. Any notice to or demand upon Grantor (including any notice of default or notice of sale) or notice to or demand upon Beneficiary shall be deemed to have been sufficiently made for all purposes when deposited in the United States Mail, postage prepaid, registered or certified, return receipt requested, addressed as follows: Grantor: WHC809, LLC c/o Red Lion Hotels Corporation 000 X. Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 Attention: General Counsel Beneficiary: Calyon New York Branch Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, 00xx Xxxxx 0000 Ave. of the Americas Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxx Xxxxxxxx or to such other address as may be filed in writing by Grantor or Beneficiary with Trustee.
Grantor and Beneficiary acknowledge and agree that the execution and/or acceptance of this Amendment by Beneficiary shall not be deemed or construed as a (a) novation or an accord and satisfaction of any of Grantor's or Beneficiary's duties, obligations and liabilities contained in the Loan Documents or any Specified Hedging Agreement; (b) waiver, modification, restriction or limitation of any and all of Grantor's or Beneficiary's rights and benefits arising under the Loan Documents or any Specified Hedging Agreement by operation of law, or otherwise, to demand full, complete and strict performance of the duties, obligations and liabilities contained in the Loan Documents or any Specified Hedging Agreement; or (c) precedent, and that Beneficiary shall be under no obligation, express or implied, to grant Grantor any future or further modification, renewal, extension and/or amendment to the Instrument, as amended hereby or any or all of the other Loan Documents or any Specified Hedging Agreement, except as provided therein.
Grantor and Beneficiary expressly acknowledge and agree that, except as expressly set forth herein, this Amendment shall not alter, amend, modify or otherwise affect the terms, provisions and conditions of the Loan Documents or any Specified Hedging Agreement, and Grantor and Beneficiary hereby ratify, confirm and agree that the Loan Documents and all liens, security interests, assignments, powers, indemnities, waivers and other rights created for the benefit of Beneficiary or any other Secured Party thereunder, including, without limitation, the lien created by the Instrument, as amended by this Amendment, shall continue to secure, in the same manner, in the same priority and to the same extent set forth therein, the payment and performance of the Secured Indebtedness, and all of same are hereby renewed, extended, carried forward, ratified and confirmed and shall be deemed for all purposes in full force and effect.

Related to Grantor and Beneficiary

  • Beneficiary The Participant may file with the Committee a written designation of a beneficiary on such form as may be prescribed by the Committee and may, from time to time, amend or revoke such designation. If no designated beneficiary survives the Participant, the executor or administrator of the Participant’s estate shall be deemed to be the Participant’s beneficiary.

  • Burden and Benefit This Agreement shall be binding upon, and shall inure to the benefit of, Employer and Employee, and their respective heirs, personal and legal representatives, successors and assigns.

  • Assignment and Benefit (a) This Agreement is personal to the Manager and shall not be assignable by the Manager, by operation of law, or otherwise without the prior written consent of the Company otherwise than by will or the laws of descent and distribution. This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be enforceable by the Manager’s heirs and legal representatives.

  • Designated Beneficiary The individual who is designated as the Beneficiary under the Plan and is the designated beneficiary under Section 401(a)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code and Section 1.401(a)(9)-1, Q&A-4, of the Treasury regulations.

  • Payment and Benefits In consideration of the promises made in this Release, Employer has agreed to pay Executive the benefits as provided in that certain employment agreement made and entered into as of _________________________, by and between the Parties (the “Employment Agreement”). Executive understands and acknowledges that the benefits described in this Section 2 constitute benefits in excess of those to which Executive would be entitled without entering into this Release. Executive acknowledges that such benefits are being provided by Employer as consideration for Executive entering into this Release, including the release of claims and waiver of rights provided in Section 3 of this Release.

  • No Designated Beneficiary If the Participant dies before the date distributions begin and there is no Designated Beneficiary as of September 30 of the year following the year of the Participant’s death, distribution of the Participant’s entire interest will be completed by December 31 of the calendar year containing the fifth anniversary of the Participant’s death.

  • Other Rights and Benefits Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent or limit Executive’s continuing or future participation in any benefit, bonus, incentive or other plans, programs, policies or practices provided by the Company and for which Executive may otherwise qualify, nor shall anything herein limit or otherwise affect such rights as Executive may have under other agreements with the Company except as provided in Article 1, Article 5, Section 6.1 and Section 6.2 above. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, amounts that are vested benefits or that Executive is otherwise entitled to receive under any plan, policy, practice or program of the Company at or subsequent to the date of a Change in Control shall be payable in accordance with such plan, policy, practice or program.

  • Rights and Benefits In all policies of D&O Insurance, the Indemnitee shall be named as an insured in such a manner as to provide the Indemnitee the same rights and benefits as are accorded to the most favorably insured of the Company’s directors, if the Indemnitee is a director; or of the Company’s officers, if the Indemnitee is not a director of the Company but is an officer; or of the Company’s key employees, if the Indemnitee is not a director or officer but is a key employee.

  • Employment and Benefit Matters (a) For the period commencing at the Effective Time and ending on December 31, 2011, Parent agrees to cause the Surviving Corporation to maintain base salary, bonus opportunity, retirement benefits, health benefits, welfare benefits, but not any stock-based benefits, for the Seller Personnel who remain employed after the Effective Time (collectively, the “Seller Employees”) at the same levels that are, in the aggregate, at least comparable to those in effect for similarly situated employees of Parent on the date hereof. Parent shall, and shall cause the Surviving Corporation to, treat, and cause the applicable benefit plans in which Seller Employees are entitled to participate to treat, the service of Seller Employees with Seller or any Subsidiary of Seller attributable to any period before the Effective Time as service rendered to Parent, the Surviving Corporation or any Subsidiary of Parent for purposes of eligibility to participate, vesting and for other appropriate benefits including, but not limited to, applicability of minimum waiting periods for participation, but excluding benefit accrual (including minimum pension amount) and eligibility for early retirement under any defined benefit plan of Parent or eligibility for retiree welfare benefit plans or as would otherwise result in a duplication of benefits. Without limiting the foregoing, Parent shall cause any pre-existing conditions or limitations, eligibility waiting periods or required physical examinations under any health or similar plan of Parent to be waived with respect to Seller Employees and their eligible dependents, to the extent waived or satisfied under the corresponding plan in which Seller Employees participated immediately prior to the Acceptance Date, and any deductibles paid by Seller Employees under any of Seller’s or its Subsidiaries’ health plans in the plan year in which the Acceptance Date occurs shall be credited towards deductibles under the health plans of Parent or any Subsidiary of Parent. Parent shall, and shall cause the Surviving Corporation to, use commercially reasonable efforts to make appropriate arrangements with its insurance carrier(s) to ensure such result. Seller Employees shall be considered to be employed by Parent “at will” and nothing shall be construed to limit the ability of Parent or the Surviving Corporation to terminate the employment of any such Seller Employee at any time. Parent will cooperate with Seller, and assume all costs, in respect of consultation obligations and similar notice and bargaining obligations owed to any employees or consultants of Seller or any Subsidiary of Seller in accordance with all applicable Laws and bargaining agreements, if any.

  • Intended Beneficiaries Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to give any person or entity other than the parties hereto any legal or equitable claim, right or remedy. Rather, this Agreement is intended to be for the sole and exclusive benefit of the parties hereto.