GPS Sample Clauses

GPS. The City has the right to install and utilize GPS units in City vehicles. Data collected cannot be used for disciplinary purposes without corroborating evidence of a violation of City personnel policies.
GPS. Should the City decide to implement GPS units in fleet vehicles, any data collected will not be used for disciplinary purposes, and information obtained via GPS that raises a question as to whether a bargaining unit member has violated any personnel policy will only be utilized to show such violation if the fact of the violation is verified and corroborated by other independent and credible sources of information.
GPS. In regards to the installation and utilization ofGPS tracking technology on Employer vehicles, the following tenus and conditions shall apply:
GPS. The City implemented GPS units on fleet vehicles. The data collected by GPS units shall not be disciplinary in nature, rather may be considered information that may be reviewed and investigated relating to existing personnel policies. Information collected by GPS shall not be relied upon for disciplinary measures unless it is verified or corroborated.
GPS. GPS/AVL with telematics shall be installed and operational with each vehicle. All required equipment and wiring shall be fully furnished and installed prior to delivery. Mapping, and data services shall be able to work in conjunction with the Department's current system (Web Tech Wireless). GPS/AVL data functioning shall include advanced reporting, telematics and real-time mapping with a minimum of 10 second update intervals. Each truck shall be tested, identified by vin#, added to the States GPS map, and added to the States report prior to delivery. COMPLY Towing Chassis mounted ¾” pintle plate with a 25-ton swivel hook, Two “D” rings, electrical socket, and pintle. Hook height and electrical socket type per RIDOT direction. Full trailer package with air and light lines. RIDOT Standard Truck Wiring Diagram PLASTIC XXXXX SOCKET #82-2145 ACCEPTS PLASTIC XXXXX PLUG #82-2140 COMPLY: INSTALLATION AND WARRANTY: Minimum Twenty Four (24) months, 100% parts and labor on components (No Exceptions) and installation. No deductible. Body hoist cylinder to have manufacturer’s warranty of two (2) years. For warranty considerations and future availability of parts and service, the body company shall be an authorized primary distributor for all major components they propose to furnish. Shall furnish written proof from such said vendor upon request. All equipment shall be installed by a single body company, by their employees and at their regular location. Installation of components is not to be subcontracted by body company to another installer. No welding whatsoever is to be done on chassis frame between front of most forward spring hanger and rear of rearmost spring hanger. No drilling whatsoever is to be done in frame rail flanges. Body company to furnish operator’s parts and service manuals for all components manufacturer's i.e., combination body, hoist, snow plow, central hydraulic system, strobe lights, and pintle hook. All shall be supplied in a binder with outside cover stating XXXXX’s name, job #, serial numbers of dump body, plow, plow hitch, and snow plow. Inside shall include all hard copies of such manuals and flash drive copy. Pictures of all major components at the time of delivery, including hydraulic system, shall be included. Completed vehicle shall be certified by the body company as meeting all federal motor vehicle safety standard in effect at time of chassis production. Approved NHTSA/FMVSS certification label shall be furnished and located inside ca...
GPS. All the vehicles are equipped with GPS and we are able to track the vehicle, the mileage and fuel level. Company may use GPS to locate and disable starter if renter does not return vehicle at designated time or if customer is taking the vehicle into forbidden areas; i.e. off roading. Customer agrees to the GPS system for tracking our asset and agrees to not disrupt or dismantle the GPS system.
GPS. 9.1.15. the cost of towing or salvage of the Vehicle in or from a remote orsparsely populated area;
GPS. All buses assigned to this Contract(s), including spares, shall be equipped with GPS location services, equivalent service, or the ability to track the vehicles whereabouts via driver communication.
GPS. The City and the Union acknowledge that the primary goal of the City’s use of GPS and technology monitoring systems in City vehicles is to maximize services to the public and that these systems may be used for a variety of operations-related reasons. In the event the City uses GPS information in support of disciplinary action, that information will be made available to the Union upon request. No disciplinary action will be taken without just cause.