General Rule for Allocations Sample Clauses

General Rule for Allocations. Except as otherwise provided in this Article III, the Profits and Losses of the Company shall be allocated among the Interest Holders according to their Percentage Interest. If any Interest in the Company is transferred during a fiscal year, then items of Profit and Loss shall each be allocated on the basis of a closing of the Company's books on the date of such transfer. 3.7.2.

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  • Other Allocations Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, all items of Partnership income, loss, deduction, and any other allocations not otherwise provided for shall be divided among the Unit Holders in the same proportions as they share Profits or Losses, as the case may be, for the year.

  • Section 704(c) Allocations Notwithstanding Section 6.5.A hereof, Tax Items with respect to Property that is contributed to the Partnership with an initial Gross Asset Value that varies from its basis in the hands of the contributing Partner immediately preceding the date of contribution shall be allocated among the Holders for income tax purposes pursuant to Regulations promulgated under Code Section 704(c) so as to take into account such variation. With respect to Partnership Property that is contributed to the Partnership in connection with the General Partner’s initial public offering, such variation between basis and initial Gross Asset Value shall be taken into account under the “traditional method” as described in Regulations Section 1.704-3(b). With respect to other Properties, the Partnership shall account for such variation under any method approved under Code Section 704(c) and the applicable Regulations as chosen by the General Partner. In the event that the Gross Asset Value of any Partnership asset is adjusted pursuant to subsection (b) of the definition of “Gross Asset Value” (provided in Article 1 hereof), subsequent allocations of Tax Items with respect to such asset shall take account of the variation, if any, between the adjusted basis of such asset and its Gross Asset Value in the same manner as under Code Section 704(c) and the applicable Regulations and using the method chosen by the General Partner; provided, however, that the “traditional method” as described in Regulations Section 1.704-3(b) shall be used with respect to Partnership Property that is contributed to the Partnership in connection with the General Partner’s initial public offering. Allocations pursuant to this Section 6.5.B are solely for purposes of Federal, state and local income taxes and shall not affect, or in any way be taken into account in computing, any Partner’s Capital Account or share of Net Income, Net Loss, or any other items or distributions pursuant to any provision of this Agreement.

  • Capital Accounts Allocations There shall be established in respect of each Holder a separate capital account in the books and records of the Up-MACRO Holding Trust in respect of the Holder's Capital Contributions to the Up-MACRO Holding Trust (each, a "Capital Account"), to which the following provisions shall apply:

  • General Allocations 26 Section 6.3

  • Limitation on Allocation of Net Loss To the extent that any allocation of Net Loss would cause or increase an Adjusted Capital Account Deficit as to any Holder, such allocation of Net Loss shall be reallocated (x) first, among the other Holders of Partnership Common Units in accordance with their respective Percentage Interests with respect to Partnership Common Units and (y) thereafter, among the Holders of other classes of Partnership Units as determined by the General Partner, subject to the limitations of this Section 6.4.A(vi).

  • Tax Allocations Each item of income, gain, loss or deduction recognized by the Company shall be allocated among the Members for U.S. federal, state and local income tax purposes in the same manner that each such item is allocated to the Member’s Capital Accounts pursuant to Section 3.2(d) or as otherwise provided herein, provided that the Board may adjust such allocations as long as such adjusted allocations have substantial economic effect or are in accordance with the interests of the Members in the Company, in each case within the meaning of the Code and the Treasury Regulations. Tax credits and tax credit recapture shall be allocated in accordance with the Members’ interests in the Company as provided in Treasury Regulations section 1.704-1(b)(4)(ii). Items of Company taxable income, gain, loss and deduction with respect to any property (other than cash) contributed to the capital of the Company or revalued shall, solely for tax purposes, be allocated among the Members, as determined by the Board in accordance with Section 704(c) of the Code, so as to take account of any variation between the adjusted basis of such property to the Company for U.S. federal income tax purposes and its fair market value at the time of contribution or revaluation, as the case may be. All of the Members agree that the Board is authorized to select the method or convention, or to treat an item as an extraordinary item, in relation to any variation of any Member’s interest in the Company described in section 1.706-4 of the Treasury Regulations in determining the Members’ distributive shares of Company items. All matters concerning allocations for U.S. federal, state and local and non-U.S. income tax purposes, including accounting procedures, not expressly provided for by the terms of this Agreement shall be determined by the Board in its sole discretion. Each Class B Ordinary Share is intended to be treated as a profits interest for U.S. federal income tax purposes, and all of the Members agree to report consistently with, and to take any action requested by the Board to ensure, such treatment.

  • Code Section 754 Adjustments To the extent an adjustment to the adjusted tax basis of any Partnership asset pursuant to Section 734(b) or 743(b) of the Code is required, pursuant to Treasury Regulation Section 1.704-1(b)(2)(iv)(m), to be taken into account in determining Capital Accounts, the amount of such adjustment to the Capital Accounts shall be treated as an item of gain (if the adjustment increases the basis of the asset) or loss (if the adjustment decreases such basis), and such item of gain or loss shall be specially allocated to the Partners in a manner consistent with the manner in which their Capital Accounts are required to be adjusted pursuant to such Section of the Treasury Regulations.

  • Other Allocation Provisions Certain of the foregoing provisions and the other provisions of this Agreement relating to the maintenance of Capital Accounts are intended to comply with Treasury Regulations Section 1.704-1(b) and shall be interpreted and applied in a manner consistent with such regulations. Sections 5.03, 5.04 and 5.05 may be amended at any time by the General Partner if necessary, in the opinion of tax counsel to the Partnership, to comply with such regulations or any applicable Law, so long as any such amendment does not materially change the relative economic interests of the Partners.

  • Allocations The profits and losses of the Company shall be allocated to the Members in accordance with their Percentage Interests from time to time.

  • LIMITATIONS ON ALLOCATIONS If the Employer maintains or has ever maintained another qualified plan (other than the Sponsor's paired defined contribution plan numbers 01001, 01004 or 01005 or the Sponsor's paired defined benefit plan number 02001), in which any Participant in this Plan is (or was) a Participant or could possibly become a Participant, the following provision(s) must apply. The Employer must also complete this Section if it maintains a welfare benefit fund, as defined in section 419(e) of the Code, or an individual medical account, as defined in section 415(l)(2) of the Code, under which amounts are treated as Annual Additions with respect to any Participant in the Plan. (If the Employer maintains only paired plans of the Sponsor this Section should not be completed.)