General offer Sample Clauses

General offer. An Advance under this Facility A and an Advance under the Facility B Loan Agreement (if so agreed) may be used to support a General Offer to the shareholder of the Target, (whether such General Offer is in the form of cash or a cash alternative to a scrip offer), provided that prior to any such Advance hereunder the Lender and the Borrower have agreed in writing to the conditions of the General Offer.
General offer. If any person (either alone or together with any person acting in concert with him):
General offer. Options subject to a performance target If an offeror (either alone or together with any party acting in concert with him) obtains Control of the Company as a result of a general offer to acquire the whole of the issued ordinary share capital of the Company (or such part of it which is not at the time owned by the offeror and any party acting in concert with the offeror) an Option which is subject to a performance target will, subject to the remainder of this Rule, Rule 6 and Rule 7.4, be exercisable at any time during the period of six months following the change of Control of the Company but only to the extent permitted by the Remuneration Committee in accordance with Rule 7.2. After that period, all such Options that are unexercised will lapse. To the extent that exercise of the Option is not permitted by the Remuneration Committee in accordance with Rule 7.2, it will lapse immediately on the change of Control taking effect.
General offer. Subject to satisfying the relevant performance conditions and Rule 5 and provided an Option is not to be exchanged under Rule 4.10, an Option can be exercised within the period of 6 months following the date on which an offeror (together with others, if any, acting in concert with the offeror) obtains Control of the Company as a result of making a general offer to acquire all the issued Ordinary Shares of the Company or all of the Shares of the Company which are of the same class as the Shares and any conditions to which the offer was subject have been satisfied.
General offer. If a general offer by way of takeover is made to all the holders of Shares (or all such holders other than the offeror and/or any person controlled by the offeror and/or any person acting in association or concert with the offeror), and the offer becomes or is declared unconditional in all respects, the Grantee may by notice in writing to the Company within 21 days of such date (or such longer time as the Board may determine is appropriate to enable the Grantee to participate in the offer on a similar basis to the holders of Shares) exercise the Option which shall immediately vest (to the extent not already exercised) to its full extent or to the extent specified in such notice.
General offer. It is an offer which is made to a group of people or public at large. Such offer can be accepted by any member of that group.

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  • General Offer DPA The following shall be inserted as a new second sentence in Paragraph 1 of Exhibit E: “The provisions of the original DPA offered by Provider and accepted by Subscribing LEA pursuant to this Exhibit E shall remain in effect as between Provider and Subscribing LEA 1) for so long as the Services are being provided to Subscribing LEA, or 2) until the DPA is terminated pursuant to Section 15 of this Exhibit G, whichever comes first.”

  • GENERAL OFFER OF TERMS Provider may, by signing the attached form of “General Offer of Privacy Terms” (General Offer, attached hereto as Exhibit “E”), be bound by the terms of Exhibit “E” to any other LEA who signs the acceptance on said Exhibit. The form is limited by the terms and conditions described therein.

  • GENERAL OFFER OF PRIVACY TERMS Operator may, by signing the attached Form of General Offer of Privacy Terms (General Offer, attached as Exhibit E), be bound by the terms of this DPA to any other LEA who signs the acceptance in said Exhibit.

  • General Overview 2.1.1 If DTI requires maintenance for its local service customers, DTI will initiate a request for repair (sometimes referred to as a "trouble report") by calling GTE's Customer Care Repair Center. During this call, GTE service representatives will verify that the end-user is DTI customer and will then obtain the necessary information from DTI to process the trouble report. While DTI representatives are still on the line, GTE personnel will perform an initial analysis of the problem and remote line testing for resale services. If engineered services are involved, the call will be made to the GTE SSCC for handling. If no engineering is required and the line testing reveals that the trouble can be repaired remotely, GTE personnel will correct the problem and close the trouble report while DTI representatives are still on the line. If on-line resolution is not possible, GTE personnel will provide DTI representatives a commitment time for repair, and the GTE personnel then will enter the trouble ticket into the GTE service dispatch queue. DTI's repair service commitment times will be within the same intervals as GTE provides to its own end users. Maintenance and repair of GTE facilities is the responsibility of GTE and will be performed at no incremental charge to DTI. If, as a result of DTI-initiated trouble report, trouble is found to be the responsibility of DTI (e.g., non-network cause) GTE will charge DTI for trouble isolation. DTI will have the ability to report trouble for its end users to appropriate trouble reporting centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. DTI will be assigned a customer contact center when initial service agreements are made.

  • Notification of Acceptance of General Offer of Terms Upon execution of Exhibit “E”, General Offer of Terms, Subscribing LEA shall provide notice of such acceptance in writing and given by personal delivery, or e-mail transmission (if contact information is provided for the specific mode of delivery), or first-class mail, postage prepaid, to the designated representative below. The designated representative for notice of acceptance of the General Office of Privacy Terms is: Name: Xxxx Xxxxxxx Title: VP Sales & Marketing Contact Information: DocuSign Envelope ID: FA6B920E-F6D3-4D12-AA07-23E790F32997

  • General Obligations 1. Each Party shall apply its measures relating to the provisions of this Chapter in accordance with Article 116 (General Principles) and, in particular, shall expeditiously apply those measures so as to avoid unduly impairing or delaying trade in goods or services or conduct of investment activities under this Agreement. 2. Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to prevent a Party from applying measures to regulate the entry of natural persons into, or their temporary stay in, its territory, including those measures necessary to protect the integrity of, and to ensure the orderly movement of natural persons across, its borders, provided that such measures are not applied in such a manner as to unduly impair or delay trade in goods or services or conduct of investment activities under this Agreement.

  • Method of Offer and Sale The Shares may be offered and sold (A) in privately negotiated transactions with the consent of the Company; (B) as block transactions; or (C) by any other method permitted by law deemed to be an “at the market offering” as defined in Rule 415(a)(4) under the Securities Act, including sales made directly on the Principal Market or sales made into any other existing trading market of the Common Shares. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to require either party to agree to the method of offer and sale specified in the preceding sentence, and (except as specified in clauses (A) and (B) above) the method of placement of any Shares by the Agent shall be at the Agent’s discretion.

  • General Obligation Except as permitted by Clause 14.2, all Confidential Information shall be held confidential during and after the continuance of this contract and shall not be divulged in any way to any third party without the prior written approval of the other party.

  • OFFERS TO REPURCHASE (a) If a Change of Control occurs, the Issuer shall make an offer (a “Change of Control Offer”) to each Holder to purchase all or any part (equal to $2,000 or an integral multiple of $1,000 in excess thereof) of each Holder’s Notes at a purchase price equal to 101% of the aggregate principal amount thereof plus accrued and unpaid interest and Additional Interest, if any, to the date of purchase (the “Change of Control Payment”), subject to the right of Holders of Notes of record on the relevant Record Date to receive interest due on the relevant Interest Payment Date. The Change of Control Offer shall be made in accordance with Section 4.14 of the Indenture.

  • Repurchase Offers In the event that, pursuant to Sections 4.10 and 4.14 hereof, the Company shall be required to commence an offer to all Holders to purchase their respective Notes (a “Repurchase Offer”), it shall follow the procedures specified below. The Repurchase Offer shall remain open for a period of 20 Business Days following its commencement and no longer, except to the extent that a longer period is required by applicable law (the “Offer Period”). No later than five Business Days after the termination of the Offer Period (the “Purchase Date”), the Company shall purchase the principal amount of Notes required to be purchased pursuant to Sections 4.10 and 4.14 hereof (the “Offer Amount”) or, if less than the Offer Amount has been tendered, all Notes tendered in response to the Repurchase Offer. Payment for any Notes so purchased shall be made in the same manner as interest payments are made. If the Purchase Date is on or after an interest record date and on or before the related interest payment date, any accrued and unpaid interest shall be paid to the Person in whose name a Note is registered at the close of business on such record date, and no additional interest shall be payable to Holders who tender Notes pursuant to the Repurchase Offer. Upon the commencement of a Repurchase Offer, the Company shall send, by first class mail, a notice to the Trustee and each of the Holders, with a copy to the Trustee. The notice shall contain all instructions and materials necessary to enable such Holders to tender Notes pursuant to the Repurchase Offer. The Repurchase Offer shall be made to all Holders. The notice, which shall govern the terms of the Repurchase Offer, shall state: