Exercising an Option Sample Clauses

Exercising an Option. An Option shall be exercised by Lilly by delivery of -------------------- a written notice to Emisphere during the relevant Option Period and not less than three (3) business days prior to the date specified in such notice for the exercise of the Option (the "Exercise Date") stating the drug to be licensed and ------------- the route of administration. Each of the parties hereto shall execute an agreement as required by 2.2 above relating to the Option that has been exercised within fifteen (15) days of exercise thereof.
Exercising an Option. MPRC may exercise an option by (a) giving written notice to MAE; and (b) paying to MAE in immediately available funds the exercise price. Until both elements have been fulfilled the options will not have been exercised. The first day on which both elements are fulfilled in respect of an exercise of options is the Exercise Date in respect of those options.

Related to Exercising an Option

  • Method of Exercising Option Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Option may be exercised by written notice to the Company or its designee, in substantially the form of Exhibit A attached hereto. Such notice shall state the number of Shares with respect to which the Option is being exercised and shall be signed by the person exercising the Option. Payment of the purchase price for such Shares shall be made in accordance with Paragraph 9 of the Plan. The Company shall deliver such Shares as soon as practicable after the notice shall be received, provided, however, that the Company may delay issuance of such Shares until completion of any action or obtaining of any consent, which the Company deems necessary under any applicable law (including, without limitation, state securities or “blue sky” laws). The Shares as to which the Option shall have been so exercised shall be registered in the Company’s share register in the name of the person so exercising the Option (or, if the Option shall be exercised by the Participant and if the Participant shall so request in the notice exercising the Option, shall be registered in the Company’s share register in the name of the Participant and another person jointly, with right of survivorship) and shall be delivered as provided above to or upon the written order of the person exercising the Option. In the event the Option shall be exercised, pursuant to Section 4 hereof, by any person other than the Participant, such notice shall be accompanied by appropriate proof of the right of such person to exercise the Option. All Shares that shall be purchased upon the exercise of the Option as provided herein shall be fully paid and nonassessable.

  • Option Right Landlord hereby grants to the originally named Tenant herein (the "Original Tenant") and any "Affiliate Assignee" or "Permitted Transferee," as such terms are defined in Sections 14.8 and 14.9, below, or other assignee of Tenant's entire interest in the Lease that is approved by Landlord pursuant to Article 14, below (an "Approved Assignee") one ( I ) option to extend the Lease Term for a period of five (5) years (the "Option Term"). The option to extend shall be exercisable only by notice delivered by Tenant to Landlord as provided in Section 2.2.3, below, provided that, as of the date of delivery of such notice, Tenant is not in default under this Lease (beyond the expiration of any applicable notice and cure period expressly set forth in this Lease). Upon the proper exercise of the option to extend, and provided that, at Landlord's option, as of the end of the initial Lease Term, Tenant is not in default under this Lease (beyond the expiration of any applicable notice and cure period expressly set forth in this Lease), the Lease Term shall be extended for a period of five (5) years. The rights contained in this Section 2.2 shall be personal to the originally named tenant herein (the "Original Tenant"), and any Affiliate Assignee, Permitted Transferee or Approved Assignee (and not any sublessee or other "Transferee," as that term is defined in Section 14 . 1, below, of Tenant's interest in this Lease). In the event that Tenant fails to timely and appropriately exercise its option to extend in accordance with the terms of this Section 2.2, then the option to extend granted to Tenant pursuant to the terms of this Section 2.2 shall automatically terminate and shall be of no further force or effect.

  • Notices; Method of Exercising Repurchase Right, Etc (a) Unless the Company shall have theretofore called for redemption all of the outstanding Notes, on or before the fifteenth (15th) calendar day after the occurrence of a Repurchase Event, the Company or, at the written request of the Company, the Trustee, shall mail to all holders of record of the Notes a notice (the "Company Notice") in the form as prepared by the Company of the occurrence of the Repurchase Event and of the repurchase right set forth herein arising as a result thereof. The Company shall also deliver a copy of such notice of a repurchase right to the Trustee and cause a copy of such notice of a repurchase right, or a summary of the information contained therein, to be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in The City of New York. The Company Notice shall contain the following information:

  • Method of Exercising This Option may be exercised in accordance with all the terms and conditions set forth in this Option and the Stock Option Plan, by delivery of a notice of exercise a form of which is attached hereto as Exhibit "A" and incorporated herein by this reference, setting forth the number of Options along with a signed letter indicating that the specified exercise price shall be paid within 10 days of the sale or as otherwise specified at the time of exercise.

  • Call Option (a) If a Management Member's Services to the Company or any Subsidiary terminate for any of the reasons set forth in clauses (i), (ii) or (iii) below (each such event a "Termination Event"), the Company shall have the right but not the obligation to purchase, from time to time after such termination of Services, any Units held by such Management Member for a period of 60 days (subject to extension as provided below) immediately following the later of (A) the date of the Termination Event and (B) the date that is six (6) months and one day after the date on which such Management Member acquired such Unit (the later of (A) and (B), the "First Purchase Date"), and such Management Member shall be required to sell to the Company, any or all of such Units then held by such Management Member, at a price per Unit equal to the applicable purchase price determined pursuant to Section 2.02(c):

  • Manner of Exercising Option (a) In order to exercise this option with respect to all or any part of the Option Shares for which this option is at the time exercisable, Optionee (or any other person or persons exercising the option) must take the following actions:

  • Cashless Exercise at Company’s Option If the Common Stock is at the time of any exercise of a Warrant not listed on a national securities exchange such that it satisfies the definition of a “covered security” under Section 18(b)(1) of the Securities Act (or any successor statute), the Company may, at its option, (i) require holders of Public Warrants who exercise Public Warrants to exercise such Public Warrants on a “cashless basis” in accordance with Section 3(a)(9) of the Securities Act (or any successor statute) as described in subsection 7.4.1 and (ii) in the event the Company so elects, the Company shall not be required to file or maintain in effect a registration statement for the registration, under the Securities Act, of the Common Stock issuable upon exercise of the Warrants, notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary. If the Company does not elect at the time of exercise to require a holder of Public Warrants who exercises Public Warrants to exercise such Public Warrants on a “cashless basis,” it agrees to use its best efforts to register or qualify for sale the Common Stock issuable upon exercise of the Public Warrant under the blue sky laws of the state of residence of the exercising Public Warrant holder to the extent an exemption is not available.

  • Exercise of Repurchase Right Any Repurchase Right under Paragraphs 15(a) or 15(b) shall be exercised by giving notice of exercise as provided herein to Optionee or the estate of Optionee, as applicable. Such right shall be exercised, and the repurchase price thereunder shall be paid, by the Company within a ninety (90) day period beginning on the date of notice to the Company of the occurrence of such Repurchase Event (except in the case of termination or cessation of services as director, where such option period shall begin upon the occurrence of the Repurchase Event). Such repurchase price shall be payable only in the form of cash (including a check drafted on immediately available funds) or cancellation of purchase money indebtedness of the Optionee for the Shares. If the Company can not purchase all such Shares because it is unable to meet the financial tests set forth in the Nevada corporation law, the Company shall have the right to purchase as many Shares as it is permitted to purchase under such sections. Any Shares not purchased by the Company hereunder shall no longer be subject to the provisions of this Section 15.

  • Cashless Exercise Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Warrant, if the resale of the Warrant Shares by the holder is not then registered pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act, this Warrant may be exercised by presentation and surrender of this Warrant to the Company at its principal executive offices with a written notice of the holder's intention to effect a cashless exercise, including a calculation of the number of shares of Common Stock to be issued upon such exercise in accordance with the terms hereof (a "Cashless Exercise"). In the event of a Cashless Exercise, in lieu of paying the Exercise Price in cash, the holder shall surrender this Warrant for that number of shares of Common Stock determined by multiplying the number of Warrant Shares to which it would otherwise be entitled by a fraction, the numerator of which shall be the difference between the then current Market Price per share of the Common Stock and the Exercise Price, and the denominator of which shall be the then current Market Price per share of Common Stock. For example, if the holder is exercising 100,000 Warrants with a per Warrant exercise price of $0.75 per share through a cashless exercise when the Common Stock's current Market Price per share is $2.00 per share, then upon such Cashless Exercise the holder will receive 62,500 shares of Common Stock.

  • Exercise of Call Option In connection with an exercise of the option contained in Condition 11.3 (Redemption at the option of SEK) in relation to some only of the Instruments, this Restricted Global Instrument Certificate may be redeemed in part in the principal amount specified by SEK in accordance with the Conditions and the Instruments to be redeemed will not be selected as provided in the Conditions but in accordance with the rules and procedures of DTC (to be reflected in the records of DTC as either a pool factor or a reduction in principal amount, at its discretion).