EVOLVE Sample Clauses

EVOLVE. First Data has developed the First Data “Evolve” proprietary suite of products, which includes the “Evolve Customer Service Application,” “Evolve eCustomer Service Application” and “Evolve Collections Application” (collectively, or each, an “Evolve Application(s)”). First Data shall provide the subscribed-to Evolve Applications and license (or sublicense, as applicable) the applicable Evolve Software to RCSI pursuant to the following terms and conditions:
EVOLVE. The Beneficiary is entitled to receive exclusively those payments allocated to each specific stage of the Project provided that the conditions under Article 4.2 are met.
EVOLVE. Evolve warrants and represents: (i) it will not and has not knowingly infringed any copyright, patent, trade secret or other property right of any party in the provision of the design and any specifications or the sale of the Product; (ii) there is no suit, action, arbitration, or legal, administrative or other proceeding or governmental or quasi-governmental investigation pending or, to the best knowledge of Evolve, threatened against or affecting the Product; (iii) it will obtain from Evolve's employees and subcontractors, if any, any necessary assignment, license, and release of all, if any, interests in the Product; and (iv) the design and specifications of the Product, to the extent provided by Evolve, will conform to all consumer product safety laws and meet the requirements of all other Applicable Laws.

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  • Faculty Workload The workload of faculty includes student advising, maintaining and improving expertise in a discipline and in pedagogy, serving on departmental and university committees, contributing to student growth and development, evaluating student performance, scholarly activities, and service to university and community, as well as teaching and class preparation. Additionally, as a professional, a faculty member shall devote a substantial amount of his/her workload to course preparation, research, the maintenance of professional expertise, innovations in teaching/learning and other similar activities. These endeavors shall comprise the faculty member’s workload.

  • Research Plan The Parties recognize that the Research Plan describes the collaborative research and development activities they will undertake and that interim research goals set forth in the Research Plan are good faith guidelines. Should events occur that require modification of these goals, then by mutual agreement the Parties can modify them through an amendment, according to Paragraph 13.6.

  • Project Plan Development of Project Plan Upon the Authorized User’s request, the Contractor must develop a Project Plan. This Project Plan may include Implementation personnel, installation timeframes, escalation procedures and an acceptance plan as appropriate for the Services requested. Specific requirements of the plan will be defined in the RFQ. In response to the RFQ, the Contractor must agree to furnish all labor and supervision necessary to successfully perform Services procured from this Lot. Project Plan Document The Contractor will provide to the Authorized User, a Project Plan that may contain the following items: • Name of the Project Manager, Contact Phone Numbers and E-Mail Address; • Names of the Project Team Members, Contact Phone Numbers and E-Mail Address; • A list of Implementation milestones based on the Authorized User’s desired installation date; • A list of responsibilities of the Authorized User during system Implementation; • A list of designated Contractor Authorized Personnel; • Escalation procedures including management personnel contact numbers; • Full and complete documentation of all Implementation work; • Samples of knowledge transfer documentation; and • When applicable, a list of all materials and supplies required to complete the Implementation described in the RFQ. Materials and Supplies Required to Complete Implementation In the event that there are items required to complete an Implementation, the Contractor may request the items be added to its Contract if the items meet the scope of the Contract. Negotiation of Final Project Plan If the Authorized User chooses to require a full Project Plan, the State further reserves the right for Authorized Users to negotiate the final Project Plan with the apparent RFQ awardee. Such negotiation must not substantively change the scope of the RFQ plan, but can alter timeframes or other incidental factors of the final Project Plan. The Authorized User will provide the Contractor a minimum of five (5) business days’ notice of the final negotiation date. The Authorized User reserves the right to move to the next responsible and responsive bidder if Contractor negotiations are unsuccessful.

  • Workload An employee who believes that her workload is unsafe or consistently excessive shall discuss the problem with her immediate supervisor. If the problem is not resolved in this discussion, the employee may seek a remedy by means of the grievance procedure. If the matter is not resolved in the grievance procedure, it may be referred to troubleshooter who shall:

  • Network Upgrades The Transmission Owner shall design, procure, construct, install, and own the Network Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. If the Transmission Owner and the Interconnection Customer agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct Network Upgrades that are located on land owned by the Interconnection Customer. Unless the Transmission Owner elects to pay for Network Upgrades, the actual cost of the Network Upgrades, including overheads, shall be borne initially by the Interconnection Customer.

  • Technology Upgrades 42.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, CenturyLink may deploy, upgrade, migrate and maintain its network at its discretion. Nothing in this Agreement shall limit CenturyLink’s ability to modify its network through the incorporation of new equipment or software or otherwise. CLEC shall be solely responsible for the cost and activities associated with accommodating such changes in its own network.

  • Development Program A. Development activities to be undertaken (Please break activities into subunits with the date of completion of major milestones)

  • Feedback You have no obligation to provide Us with ideas, suggestions, or proposals (“Feedback”). However, if You submit Feedback to Us, then You grant Us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license that is sub-licensable and trans- ferable, to make, use, sell, have made, offer to sell, import, reproduce, publicly display, distribute, modify, or publicly perform the Feedback in any manner without any obligation, royalty or restriction based on intellectual property rights or otherwise.

  • Collaboration Each Party shall provide to the enforcing Party reasonable assistance in such enforcement, at such enforcing Party’s request and expense, including to be named in such action if required by Applicable Laws to pursue such action. The enforcing Party shall keep the other Party regularly informed of the status and progress of such enforcement efforts, shall reasonably consider the other Party’s comments on any such efforts, including determination of litigation strategy and filing of material papers to the competent court. The non-enforcing Party shall be entitled to separate representation in such matter by counsel of its own choice and at its own expense, but such Party shall at all times cooperate fully with the enforcing Party.

  • Protocols When conducting all Supplemental Services, Provider and its Canvassing Ambassadors must abide by the following protocols: