Essence Sample Clauses

Essence. Employee agrees that the covenants and agreements contained herein are the essence of this Agreement and that such covenants and agreements are reasonable and necessary to protect and preserve the interests and properties of Employer and Employee; that irreparable loss and damage will be suffered by Employer should Employee breach any of such covenants and agreements; that each of such covenants and agreements is separate, distinct and severable, not only from the other of such covenants and agreements but also from the other and remaining provisions of this agreement; that the enforceability of any such covenant or agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other such covenants or agreements or provisions of this Agreement and that the covenants and agreement shall be fully enforceable irrespective of how long Employee has been in the employment of Employer.
Essence. Time is expressly declared to be of the essence in regards to the Agreement.
Essence. A collection of videos of the high future view potential adapted to personal storage
Essence. Timely payment of the Price is the essence of the contract.
Essence. Date(s) of Services, date(s) of Product shipment and delivery and quantities and qualities specified are of the essence. Provider shall promptly notify Taconic whenever it appears to Provider that it will not be able to perform or deliver as specified.
Essence. Time is the essence of the contract both for payment and for completion by the parties respectively subject to however accepted force majeure as per the law on contractual impossibility under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 (“Contract Act”).
Essence. As a virtual commodity (just like the game points or game gold chains), TB Coin does not belong to invest- ment products, the value of it is determined complete- ly by the market rules and the demands of enabling the application. In the meantime, the coin liquidity in various digital asset exchanges together with the degree of concern is different, so there will be some certain liquidity risk. In addition to that TB Coin is actually regarded as the virtual payment currency in the TimeBox platform, we do not guarantee for any other application.
Essence. This describes the reasoning behind the choices regarding learning content, evidence, and target. Task: Describe the selection of the elements (learning content, evidence, and target) and how they will be used together to prepare students for future growth and development, as well as college and career readiness. Quality Rating Quality Rating 2 Quality Rating 1 Meets all of the following: o Meets Quality Rating 2 criteria. o Indicates a thoughtful level of detail resulting in defensible decisions for the following elements: learning content, evidence, target(s) , baseline, and HEDI. o Explains how learning content and target(s) align to future coursework , as well as college and career readiness. D Explains how multiple and appropriate data points are used to select the learning content and target(s) for the student population. Meets one or both of the following: o Articulates cohesion among all of the elements to effectively prepare students for future coursework, as well as college and career readiness. o Plans for ongoing reflection on student progress and uses that information to differentiate instruction to ensure students' targets are met. D Provides reasoning for the selection of the learning content, evidence, and target. o Describes how the elements will be used together to prepare students for future coursework, as well as college and career readiness. o Results if any of the Quality Rating 2 criteria are not met. APPENDIX C West Hempstead School District Self-Reflection (to be completed by the teacher) At the beginning of each school year, teachers self-reflect by reviewing the NYS Teaching Standards and the XXX Teacher Practice Rubric in consideration of the needs of their incoming student population, changes in curriculum, and developments in content area, assessments, and school and community contexts. Self- reflection bridges the goal setting from the previous year's evaluation to a new school year context.
Essence. Real time news supply, analysis according to needs and requirements and presentation suitable for optimal receiving (pleasure, understanding, further knowledge etc.)