Equity Holders Sample Clauses

Equity Holders. If any Designated Entity for Transfers is a Public Company, the organizational chart will not be required to show the ownership of such Public Company.
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Equity Holders. Set forth on Schedule 4.28 is a correct and complete list of the names and addresses of all of the Shareholders of the CMC Companies, and all equity interests of the CMC Companies (collectively, the “Equity Interests”), all of which are owned beneficially and of record by the Shareholder indicated. Each outstanding Equity Interest has been duly authorized and validly issued, and no Equity Interest has been issued in violation of preemptive or similar rights. There are no outstanding subscriptions, options, puts, calls, agreements, understandings, claims, or other commitments or rights of any type relating to the issuance, sale or transfer by Seller or any shareholder of any equity or other ownership interests of Seller; and Seller has no obligation of any kind to issue any additional Equity Interests or to pay for any Equity Interests. The issuance and sale of all securities of Seller, including the Equity Interests, has been in full compliance with all applicable federal and state securities laws.
Equity Holders s/Kimbxxxx X. XxXxxxx ------------------------------------------- Kimbxxxx X. XxXxxxx /s/Michxxx Xxxxx ------------------------------------------- Michxxx Xxxxx /s/Gina Xxxxxx ------------------------------------------- Gina Xxxxxx /s/A.J. Xxxxx ------------------------------------------- A.J. Xxxxx /s/Robix X. Xxxxx ------------------------------------------- Robix X. Xxxxx
Equity Holders s/ Waltxx X. Xxxxxx ------------------------------------- WALTXX X. XXXXXX /s/ H. Jon Xxxxxxx ------------------------------------- H. JON XXXXXXX /s/ Dougxxx X. Xxxxxxx ------------------------------------- DOUGXXX X. XXXXXXX /s/ Jon X. Xxxxxx ------------------------------------- JON X. XXXXXX EOP OFFICE COMPANY, a Delaware Corporation By: /s/ Alfrxx X. Xxxxxxx XXX ------------------------------ Name: Alfrxx X. Xxxxxxx XXX ---------------------------- Its: ----------------------------- SCHEDULE 1 (EQUITY HOLDERS) Waltxx X. Xxxxxx
Equity Holders. 3 ERISA................................................. 21
Equity Holders. As long as any SBIC Holder holds any Securities or any securities issued by the Issuers with respect thereto, the Issuers, as applicable, shall notify such SBIC Holder (i) at least 15 days prior to taking any action after which the number of record holders of the applicable Issuer’s voting securities would be increased from fewer than 50 to 50 or more and (ii) of any other action or occurrence after which the number of record holders of the Issuer’s voting securities was increased (or would increase) from fewer than 50 to 50 or more, as soon as practicable after the Issuers, as applicable, becomes Aware that such other action or occurrence has occurred or is proposed to occur.
Equity Holders. Liabilities of the Seller to its stockholders and liabilities of the Seller to any persons in connection with Seller's equity interests including, without limitation, liabilities for unpaid dividends.
Equity Holders. Except as set forth in the disclosure schedules to this Article III that are attached hereto (the “In 4 Equity Holder Schedules”), which exceptions shall be deemed to be part of the representations and warranties made hereunder, the In 4 Equity Holders, severally but not jointly, represent and warrant to Hardwired that, as of the date hereof and the Closing Date (with the same force and effect as if such representations and warranties were made at and as of the Closing Date), except for changes therein permitted by this Agreement and those representations and warranties that speak of a different date:
Equity Holders. The obligations of In 4, Kft. and the In 4 Equity Holders under this Agreement are subject to the satisfaction, at or before the Closing Date, of the following conditions:
Equity Holders. Liabilities of the SELLER to its stockholders and -------------- liabilities of the SELLER to any persons in connection with SELLER's equity interests including, without limitation, liabilities for unpaid dividends, except loans payable to Stockholder-Employees of SELLER as of October 1, 1997, which are specifically assumed by PURCHASER and referenced on EXHIBIT B. To the --------- extent Stockholder-Employee loans are payable on the books of SELLER, payments made prior to the Closing shall be deemed to be made by SELLER in the ordinary course of its business and to the extent the loans have not been paid in full at the time of Closing it shall be assumed by PURCHASER and paid by PURCHASER, without interest.