Entirely Sample Clauses

Entirely at our sole discretion this Agreement may also be terminated earlier if both you and we agree to this in writing. Ordinarily, early release is granted if another student of the University (identified by you and who is satisfactory to us) is identified to take over the vacated accommodation at which point they would become bound by these contract terms. The identified student must have: • accepted their offer of accommodation, • not already be resident elsewhere in our accommodation; and • not be already on our waiting list;
Entirely. The Parties hereto acknowledge, declare and confirm that this Agreement represents the entire agreement between them regarding the subject matter hereof and no alterations, additions or modifications hereto shall be valid and binding unless the same are reduced to writing and signed by both the Parties after the execution of this Agreement and the understanding reached in view of the Previous Agreements and/or any other letters, agreements, addendums, supplemental agreements shall stand terminated from the Effective Date.
Entirely. The herein contained Consignment Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of both the Consignee and the Consignor pertaining to all matters contemplated hereunder at this time. The parties signing this Consignment Agreement desire or intend that any contract or other agreement entered into between the parties subsequent hereto shall supersede and preempt any conflicting provision of this Consignment Agreement whether written or oral.
Entirely. This Guarantee embodies the final, entire agreement of Consolidated and Holders with respect to Consolidated’s guarantee of the obligations of Waterfields in respect of the Series A Bonds.
Entirely. This Lease embodies the entire agreement between Lessor and -------- Lessee with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreement or understanding between the parties. The parties shall not be bound by or be liable for any statement, representation, promise, inducement or understanding of any kind or nature not set forth or provided for herein. No prior course of dealing, usage of trade or course of performance " be used to supplement or explain any term, condition or instruction used in this Lease, nor be deemed to effect any amendment.
Entirely. This Agreement and the Exhibits hereto constitute the entire agreement between the Parties. There are no prior or contemporaneous agreements or representations affecting the same subject matter other than those herein expressed. Except for any matters which, in accordance with the express provisions of this Agreement, may be resolved by verbal agreement between the Parties, no amendment, modification or change herein shall be enforceable unless reduced to writing and executed by both Parties.
Entirely. This MSA and Site Agreement, including all Schedules and -------- Exhibits hereto and thereto, constitute the entire agreement between BellSouth and User and any modification to the MSA or Site Agreement, any Schedule or Exhibits hereto or thereto, must, in order to be effective, be in writing, signed by authorized representatives of each party.

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  • Outside Frequently works outside in a variety of weather conditions ranging from snow to +100° F. Inside: Occasionally works indoors in temperature-controlled environment. Fumes/Gases: Exposure to fumes from internal combustion engines; exposure to dust generated during construction operations; exposure to fumes from animal repellent spray. Noise/Vibration: Moderate exposure to noise and minimal vibration from tools and equipment. Mental Requirements: Reading: Reads road maps, instructions, work orders, meter route books, forms, safety manuals, letters, reports, memos and messages. Writing: Prepares work orders, response forms, reports, memos and messages. Math: Ability to perform basic math calculations. Ability to count and measure. Attention to Detail: High level concentration and attention to detail to accurately enter data into hand-held data-collectors. Repetition: Data entry into hand-held data-collectors. Judgment: Ability to work independently, prioritize work and make decisions regarding correct formatting of work and implementation of same. Ability to work with others to achieve desired goals. Social Skills: Ability to relate cooperatively with members of the public, and Agency personnel. Communication Skills: Ability to understand communications from others. EXHIBIT C-12 CLASSIFICATION SPECIFICATION Job Title: Utility Worker Department: Leak Repair/Pipe Replacement/Ditch Maintenance General Job Description Under the direction of the Maintenance Xxxxxxx, Construction Xxxxxxx, Ditch Xxxxxxx, Water Treatment Plant Superintendent, or Water Division Manager: works independently or as a member of a crew to efficiently and productively provide assistance as needed in the repair, replacement, operations and maintenance of Agency facilities; performs a wide variety of unskilled and semi-skilled manual and automated tasks. Prerequisite Qualifications High school diploma or the equivalency thereof. Knowledge of basic construction tools and equipment; basic knowledge of Agency operations and materials used in potable and non-potable water transmissions systems. Valid Class B California driver license (or ability to obtain within 6 weeks of appointment) and satisfactory driving record. Basic Work Hours: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Hourly Compensation Range: See Exhibit A of the M.O.U. between Agency and Union. Essential Job Duties:

  • Wyoming CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: A ten percent (10%) penalty per month shall be applied to refunds not paid or credited within forty-five (45) days of receipt of returned Service Agreement. ARBITRATION section of this Agreement is removed.

  • Boundaries To the best of Borrower's knowledge, after due inquiry, all of the improvements which were included in determining the appraised value of the Property lie wholly within the boundaries and building restriction lines of the Property, and no improvements on adjoining properties encroach upon the Property, and no easements or other encumbrances upon the Property encroach upon any of the improvements, so as to affect the value or marketability of the Property except those which are insured against by title insurance.

  • County The County shall be represented in such bargaining or negotiations by such representatives as the County Executive shall designate.