Earning Sample Clauses

Earning. Providing Participant has participated with Olympia pursuant to the terms of the Farmin Agreement and has fulfilled its obligations with respect to Clause 5 hereof, then Participant shall have earned the following interest in the Farmout Lands: In the Test Well Spacing Unit: Before Payout of Drill & Completion Costs 25% After Payout of Drill & Completion Costs 5% In the balance of the Farmout Lands: 15%
Earning. All full-time teachers shall earn 15 sick leave days each year of service while employed by the School District. Annual sick leave shall accrue monthly as it is earned on a proportionate basis to the teacher's work year.
Earning. Sick leave shall be earned at the rate of one and one-quarter (1.25) days for each paid month. Further sick leave with pay within any yearly period shall be left to the discretion of the Employer.
Earning. A full-time IAA principal and administrative xxxx shall be credited with twelve (12) days (96 hours) of (PTO) per Agreement year. The credit shall be made at the beginning of each school year. If an IAA principal or administrative xxxx leaves the District and has used more PTO days than he/she earned, the District shall reduce his/her final paycheck for any unearned PTO days on a pro-rata basis.
Earning. Upon completion of conversion of the Water Disposal Well, and subject to Eternal receiving payment pursuant to Section 5.2 above:
Earning. Through February 27, 2021, full‐ and part‐time employees earn vacation benefits from date of hire, for all paid and low census hours, at the following rates: Years of Service Per Hour Maximum Yearly Accumulation 0‐3 years .038462 80 hours 4‐9 years .057692 120 hours 10‐19 years .076923 160 hours 20+ years .088462 184 hours The maximum vacation accumulation allowed at any one time is three hundred sixty‐eight (368) hours. Effective February 28, 2021, the rate of accrual per pay period, accrual per year and maximum accumulations are outlined in the schedule below: Annual Accrual Maximum Accrual Tenure PTO PTO‐Safe Sick Total PTO PTO Accrual PTO‐Safe Sick Accrual Total PTO Accrual Less than 4 years 131 hours (5.04 per pay period) 69 hours (2.65 per pay period) 200 hours 192 hours 108 hours* 300 hours 4 to less than 8 years 171 hours (6.568 per pay period) 69 hours 240 hours 252 hours 108 hours* 360 hours 8 to less than 10 years 179 hours (6.88 per pay period) 69 hours 248 hours 264 hours 108 hours* 372 hours 10 or more years 219 hours 8.416 per pay period) 69 hours 288 hours 324 hours 108 hours* 432 hours Pursuant to state law, PTO Safe Sick accruals are not capped. PTO Safe Sick continues to accrue throughout the year. However, no more than 108 hours of PTO‐Safe Sick may be carried over to the following calendar year.
Earning. If the Test Well is completed as a well capable of producing oil and/or gas in paying quantities, Assignee shall own and be entitled to working interest in and to the Oil and Gas Leases set out in Exhibit “A”. Said working interest of leases shall be delivered to Assignee at no less than net revenue interest in the Test Well. Assignor makes no representation or warranty of net revenue interest except for the foregoing warranty of net revenue interest in the Test Well.
Earning. (a) Where the Farmors have elected to drill the Option Well pursuant to Section 4.1(a), upon the drilling of the Option Well to Contract Depth and Completion, Capping or Abandonment of the Test Well, and subject to Eternal receiving payment pursuant to Section 4.4 (a) above: