Each Subsidiary Sample Clauses

Each Subsidiary. (i) is a corporation or partnership duly organized and validly existing under the laws of its jurisdiction of organization, (ii) has all necessary power and authority to own, operate or lease the properties and assets owned, operated or leased by such Subsidiary and to carry on its business as it has been and is currently conducted by such Subsidiary and (iii) is duly licensed or qualified to do business and is in good standing in each jurisdiction in which the properties owned or leased by it or the operation of its business makes such licensing or qualification necessary (and all such jurisdictions are set forth in Section 3.02(d) of the Sellers' Disclosure Schedule). True and complete copies of the charter and bylaws (or similar organizational documents), in each case as in effect on the date hereof, of each Subsidiary have been delivered by the Sellers to the Purchaser.

Related to Each Subsidiary

  • Subsidiary For purposes of this Agreement, “subsidiary” means any corporation of which more than 50% of the outstanding voting securities is owned directly or indirectly by the Company, by the Company and one or more other subsidiaries, or by one or more other subsidiaries.

  • Material Subsidiary Prompt notice of any Person becoming a Material Subsidiary;

  • Domestic Subsidiaries At any time that any Credit Party forms, creates or otherwise acquires any Domestic Subsidiary that is part of the "transit" segment of the Borrower's business, such Credit Party shall (i) notify the Administrative Agent within 10 days thereof and (ii) within 30 days thereof, (A) cause such Domestic Subsidiary to become a Guarantor by execution of a Joinder Agreement, (B) cause such Domestic Subsidiary to deliver with the Joinder Agreement such supporting resolutions, incumbency certificates, corporate formation and organizational documentation and opinions of counsel as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request, and (C) deliver stock certificates and related pledge agreements or pledge joinder agreements (in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent) evidencing the pledge of 100% of the Capital Stock of such Domestic Subsidiary as security for the Obligations, together with undated stock transfer powers executed in blank.

  • Material Subsidiaries Each of the Borrower's Material Subsidiaries is a corporation duly incorporated, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of its jurisdiction of incorporation, and has all corporate powers and all material governmental licenses, authorizations, consents and approvals required to carry on its business as now conducted.

  • Subsidiaries All of the direct and indirect subsidiaries of the Company are set forth on Schedule 3.1(a). The Company owns, directly or indirectly, all of the capital stock or other equity interests of each Subsidiary free and clear of any Liens, and all of the issued and outstanding shares of capital stock of each Subsidiary are validly issued and are fully paid, non-assessable and free of preemptive and similar rights to subscribe for or purchase securities. If the Company has no subsidiaries, all other references to the Subsidiaries or any of them in the Transaction Documents shall be disregarded.

  • Subsidiaries of the Company Each of the Company’s significant subsidiaries (as defined in Section 1-02(w) of Regulation S-X to the Securities Act (the “Significant Subsidiaries”)) is listed in Exhibit C attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference. Each Significant Subsidiary has been duly organized and is validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is chartered or organized, with all requisite power and authority to own its properties and conduct the business it transacts and proposes to transact, and is duly qualified to transact business and is in good standing as a foreign entity in each jurisdiction where the nature of its activities requires such qualification, except where the failure of any such Significant Subsidiary to be so qualified would not, singly or in the aggregate, have a Material Adverse Effect. All of the issued and outstanding shares of capital stock of the Significant Subsidiaries (a) have been duly authorized and are validly issued, (b) are fully paid and nonassessable, and (c) are wholly owned, directly or indirectly, by the Company free and clear of any security interest, mortgage, pledge, lien, encumbrance, restriction upon voting or transfer, preemptive rights, claim, equity or other defect.

  • Inactive Subsidiaries Permit any Inactive Subsidiary to (a) acquire any assets which, when taken together with the net book value of the assets of all other Inactive Subsidiaries exceeds $500,000 in the aggregate (excluding the Equity Interests of Olympic Mexico owned by Olyac and Olympic Trading), (b) incur any liabilities (whether to an Affiliate or otherwise) other than for franchise taxes, maintenance fees and other de minimus expenses or (c) engage in any trade or business (other than the maintenance of its existence and activities incidental thereto or, in the case of Olyac and Olympic Trading, the ownership of Equity Interests in Olympic Mexico owned by Olyac and Olympic Trading and activities incidental thereto).

  • Additional Subsidiaries Any Subsidiary that is required to become a party hereto pursuant to Section 5.12 of the Credit Agreement shall enter into this Agreement as a Subsidiary Guarantor and a Grantor upon becoming such a Subsidiary. Upon execution and delivery by the Collateral Agent and such Subsidiary of a supplement in the form of Exhibit A hereto, such Subsidiary shall become a Subsidiary Guarantor and a Grantor hereunder with the same force and effect as if originally named as a Subsidiary Guarantor and a Grantor herein. The execution and delivery of any such instrument shall not require the consent of any other Loan Party hereunder. The rights and obligations of each Loan Party hereunder shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding the addition of any new Loan Party as a party to this Agreement.

  • Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries Nothing herein shall be construed as preventing the amalgamation or merger of any wholly-owned direct or indirect subsidiary of Acquiror with or into Acquiror or the winding-up, liquidation or dissolution of any wholly-owned subsidiary of Acquiror provided that all of the assets of such subsidiary are transferred to Acquiror or another wholly-owned direct or indirect subsidiary of Acquiror and any such transactions are expressly permitted by this Article 10.

  • any Subsidiary of an Unrestricted Subsidiary The Issuer may designate any Subsidiary of the Issuer (including any existing Subsidiary and any newly acquired or newly formed Subsidiary) to be an Unrestricted Subsidiary unless such Subsidiary or any of its Subsidiaries owns any Equity Interests or Indebtedness of, or owns or holds any Lien on, any property of, the Issuer or any Subsidiary of the Issuer (other than solely any Subsidiary of the Subsidiary to be so designated); provided that