Door Frames Sample Clauses

Door Frames. Painted Hollow Metal Doorframe, Full height in most corridors verify in field. Suite Entry Doors: Tenant Doors: 3’- 0”x 7’-0” rated solid core wood, paint grade. Hardware: Suite Entry doors to have Schlage L9453 STYLE 06 in bright Stainless Steel Finish with ADA closer mounted on the tenant side of the doorframe. Tenant doors to have Lever Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Newport, CL,3800 series. Finish to be satin chrome. Locks to be keyed by building Master by Lock Technologies. Contact Xxx 000-000-0000. Metroplex II has a D4 Keyway. Suite Entry Glass Doors: Landlord to approve all glass doors. Sidelights to be integral.
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Door Frames. Painted Hollow Metal Doorframe, Full height in most corridors verify in field, Suite Entry Doors:
Door Frames. All to be of 4" x 2.5" Malaysia Xxx.Doors to be water proof phenol bonded flush door.
Door Frames. Rates for timber door frames shall be deemed to include for approved mild steel stay pegs in floors and hoop-iron clamps to walls, including holes, building in, etc Particle board: Particle board shall comply with the following specifications:
Door Frames. 1. All door frames to be Timely pre-finished frames. Finish to match storefronts unless otherwise noted. All frames shall be provided with a one (1) hour fire rating. Frames shall have a standard certificate plate indicating the one (1) hour rating.
Door Frames. 6.10.1. Exterior Doors: Welded metal frame, 16 gauge 6.10.2. Interior Doors w/ Electric Strikes: Welded metal frame, 16 gauge 6.10.3. Interior Doors: Knock-down metal frame, 18 gauge
Door Frames. A. Western Integrate – extruded aluminum, black finish.
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Door Frames. All door frames to be commercial grade metal frames - 5 5/8" or 5 7/8", factory primed and painted on site. Glass store front doors to be anodized aluminum to match store front.
Door Frames. Flush hollow metal doors 1-3/4" in thickness will be installed in pressed metal door frames.
Door Frames. Two (2) coats of oil-based semi-gloss. If reused and have factory anodized finish, shall be in new condition.
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