Distribution Licensee Sample Clauses

Distribution Licensee. The Rural System Operator may terminate the PPA and shall be free to sale power to third party provided connectivity can be established or Rural System Operator can claim Distribution Licensee to compensate Rural System Operator at Buyout price equivalent to prevalent book value of the Off‐ Grid Rural Energy System. .
Distribution Licensee. In case of BPWA with or without Banking agreement
Distribution Licensee. (herein after called as DISCOM) and having its registered office at........................................................................... (address)........................ ..............................as second party of the agreement.

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  • Unbundled Sub-Loop Distribution Intrabuilding Network Cable (USLD-INC) is the distribution facility owned or controlled by BellSouth inside a building or between buildings on the same property that is not separated by a public street or road. USLD-INC includes the facility from the cross connect device in the building equipment room up to and including the point of demarcation at the End User’s premises.

  • Distribution Plans You shall also be entitled to compensation for your services as provided in any Distribution Plan adopted as to any series and class of any Fund’s Shares pursuant to Rule 12b-1 under the 1940 Act. The compensation provided in any such Distribution Plan (a “12b-1 Plan”) may be divided into a distribution fee and a service fee, as set forth in such Plan and the Fund’s then current prospectus and statement of additional information (“SAI”), each of which is compensation for different services to be rendered to the Fund. Subject to the termination provisions in a 12b-1 Plan, any distribution fee with respect to the sale of a Share subject to such Plan shall be earned when such Share is sold and shall be payable from time to time as provided in the 12b-1 Plan. The distribution fee payable to you as provided in any 12b-1 Plan shall be payable without offset, defense or counterclaim (it being understood by the parties hereto that nothing in this sentence shall be deemed a waiver by the Fund of any claim the Fund may have against you).

  • Distribution Protocol (1) At a time wholly within the discretion of Class Counsel, but on notice to the Settling Defendants, Class Counsel will bring motions seeking orders from the Courts approving the Distribution Protocol. The motions can be brought before the Effective Date, but the orders approving the Distribution Protocol shall be conditional on the Effective Date occurring.

  • Distribution of UDP and TCP queries DNS probes will send UDP or TCP “DNS test” approximating the distribution of these queries.

  • Distribution Rights Licensee may distribute Distributable Components (including when modified per Section 3(a)(3)B (Modification Rights) above), provided that either (a) such Distributable Components have been converted into a machine executable form, such as in the case of a Core or Design Element, a Bitstream, and in the case of a Driver, in compiled object code form; or (b) the recipient thereof has a valid license from Xilinx to use the same Software. In all cases Distributable Components shall be distributed only for use to program a Xilinx Device.

  • Distribution Services The Distributor shall sell and repurchase Shares as set forth below, subject to the registration requirements of the 1933 Act and the rules and regulations thereunder, and the laws governing the sale of securities in the various states ("Blue Sky Laws"):

  • Distribution Arrangements Subject to compliance with the 1940 Act, the Trustees may retain underwriters and/or placement agents to sell Trust Shares. The Trustees may in their discretion from time to time enter into one or more contracts, providing for the sale of the Shares of the Trust, whereby the Trust may either agree to sell such Shares to the other party to the contract or appoint such other party its sales agent for such Shares. In either case, the contract shall be on such terms and conditions as the Trustees may in their discretion determine not inconsistent with the provisions of this Article IV or the By-Laws; and such contract may also provide for the repurchase or sale of Shares of the Trust by such other party as principal or as agent of the Trust and may provide that such other party may enter into selected dealer agreements with registered securities dealers and brokers and servicing and similar agreements with persons who are not registered securities dealers to further the purposes of the distribution or repurchase of the Shares of the Trust.

  • Distribution System The Transmission Provider's facilities and equipment used to transmit electricity to ultimate usage points such as homes and industries directly from nearby generators or from interchanges with higher voltage transmission networks which transport bulk power over longer distances. The voltage levels at which Distribution Systems operate differ among areas. Distribution Upgrades – The additions, modifications, and upgrades to the Transmission Provider's Distribution System at or beyond the Point of Interconnection to facilitate interconnection of the Small Generating Facility and render the transmission service necessary to effect the Interconnection Customer's wholesale sale of electricity in interstate commerce. Distribution Upgrades do not include Interconnection Facilities.

  • Redistribution If any amount owing by an Obligor under this Agreement to a Lender (the recovering Lender) is discharged by payment, set-off or any other manner other than through the Facility Agent under this Agreement (a recovery), then: