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DETERMINED to conduct their fisheries relations in a spirit of mutual respect for each other's interests in respect of sea-fishing in accordance with the ACP-EEC Convention; XXXXXXXX of establishing the conditions and terms governing fishing activities of mutual interest to both Parties, HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS:


  • Determination The Company agrees that Indemnitee shall be indemnified to the fullest extent permitted by law and that no Determination shall be required in connection with such indemnification unless specifically required by applicable law which cannot be waived. In no event shall a Determination be required in connection with indemnification for Expenses pursuant to Section 7 of this Agreement or incurred in connection with any Proceeding or portion thereof with respect to which Indemnitee has been successful on the merits or otherwise. Any decision that a Determination is required by law in connection with any other indemnification of Indemnitee, and any such Determination, shall be made within twenty (20) days after receipt of Indemnitee’s written request for indemnification pursuant to Section 9(c)(ii) and such Determination shall be made either (i) by the Disinterested Directors (as hereinafter defined), even though less than a quorum, so long as Indemnitee does not request that such Determination be made by Independent Counsel (as hereinafter defined), or (ii) if so requested by Indemnitee, in Indemnitee’s sole discretion, by Independent Counsel in a written opinion to the Company and Indemnitee. If a Determination is made that Indemnitee is entitled to indemnification, payment to Indemnitee shall be made within five (5) business days after such Determination. Indemnitee shall reasonably cooperate with the person, persons or entity making such determination with respect to Indemnitee’s entitlement to indemnification, including providing to such person, persons or entity upon reasonable advance request any documentation or information which is not privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure and which is reasonably available to Indemnitee and reasonably necessary to such Determination. Any Expenses incurred by Indemnitee in so cooperating with the Disinterested Directors or Independent Counsel, as the case may be, making such determination shall be advanced and borne by the Company (irrespective of the Determination as to Indemnitee’s entitlement to indemnification) and the Company is liable to indemnify and hold Indemnitee harmless therefrom. If the person, persons or entity empowered or selected under Section 9(d) of this Agreement to determine whether Indemnitee is entitled to indemnification shall not have made a determination within twenty (20) days after receipt by the Company of the request therefor, the requisite determination of entitlement to indemnification shall, to the fullest extent not prohibited by law, be deemed to have been made and Indemnitee shall be entitled to such indemnification, absent (i) a misstatement by Indemnitee of a material fact, or an omission of a material fact necessary to make Indemnitee’s statement not materially misleading, in connection with the request for indemnification, or (ii) a prohibition of such indemnification under applicable law; provided, however, that such twenty (20) day period may be extended for a reasonable time, not to exceed an additional twenty (20) days, if the person, persons or entity making the determination with respect to entitlement to indemnification in good faith requires such additional time for the obtaining or evaluating of documentation and/or information relating thereto; and provided, further, that the foregoing provisions of this Section 9(d) shall not apply if the determination of entitlement to indemnification is to be made by Independent Counsel pursuant to Section 9(e).

  • Determination Final The determination by Xxxxxxx Mac or the Global Agent of the interest rate on the Notes and the determination of any payment on any Note (or any interim calculation in the determination of any such interest rate, index or payment) shall, absent manifest error, be final and binding on all parties. If a principal or interest payment error occurs, Xxxxxxx Mac or the Global Agent may correct it by adjusting payments to be made on later Payment Dates or in any other manner Xxxxxxx Mac or the Global Agent considers appropriate. If the source of One-Month LIBOR changes in format, but Xxxxxxx Mac or the Global Agent determines that the source continues to disclose the information necessary to determine the related Class Coupon substantially as required, Xxxxxxx Mac will amend the procedure for obtaining information from that source to reflect the changed format. All One-Month LIBOR values used to determine interest payments are subject to correction within 30 days from the applicable payment. The source of a corrected value must be the same source from which the original value was obtained. A correction might result in an adjustment on a later date to the amount paid to the Holder.

  • Determination of Cost The Design Professional shall review the Contractor’s proposed cost of the work, time to complete, effect upon the Overall Progress Schedule, and effect upon time dependent costs, and provide appropriate comments within fourteen calendar days concerning such proposed costs and expenses.

  • Determination of Fair Market Value For purposes of this Section 10.2, “fair market value” of a share of Common Stock as of a particular date (the “Determination Date”) shall mean:

  • INDEPENDENT PRICE DETERMINATION 6.1 By signing and submitting this bid, the Bidder certifies that the prices in this bid have been arrived at independently, without consultation, communication or agreement, for the purpose of restricting competition, as to any matter relating to such prices with any other Bidder or with any competitor; unless otherwise required by law, the prices which have been quoted in this bid have not been knowingly disclosed by the Bidder prior to bid opening directly or indirectly to any other Bidder or to any competitor; no attempt has been made, or will be made, by the Bidder to induce any person or firm to submit, or not to submit, a bid for the purpose of restricting competition.

  • Salary Determination 12.5.1 A unit member shall receive a salary not less than the minimum salary nor more than the maximum salary (Articles 12.3 and 12.4) for the rank to which appointed, except as provided in Articles 4.15, 5.6, 10.6.1 or Article The effective dates for salaries shall be the appropriate dates specified in Article 12.2.2.

  • Penalty Determination H&SC section 39619.7 requires CARB to provide information on the basis for the penalties it seeks. This Agreement includes this information, which is also summarized here. The provision of law the penalty is being assessed under and why that provision is most appropriate for that violation. The penalty provision being applied in this case is H&SC section 42402 et seq. because IIT sold, supplied, offered for sale, consumer products for commerce in California in violation of the Consumer Products Regulations (17 CCR section 94507 et seq.). The penalty provisions of H&SC section 42402 et seq. apply to violations of the Consumer Products Regulations because the regulations were adopted under authority of H&SC section 41712, which is in Part 4 of Division 26. The manner in which the penalty amount was determined, including aggravating and mitigating factors and per unit or per vehicle basis for the penalty. H&SC section 42402 et seq. provides strict liability penalties of up to $10,000 per day for violations of the Consumer Product Regulations with each day being a separate violation. In cases like this, involving unintentional violations of the Consumer Products Regulations where the violator cooperates with the investigation, CARB has obtained penalties for selling uncertified charcoal lighter material in California. In this case, the total penalty is $7,500 for selling uncertified charcoal lighter material in California. The penalty in this case was reduced because this was a strict liability first-time violation and IIT made diligent efforts to cooperate with the investigation. To come into compliance, IIT no longer offers Safegel BBQ & Fireplace Lighting Gel Fire Starter for commerce in California. Final penalties were determined based on the unique circumstances of this matter, considered together with the need to remove any economic benefit from noncompliance, the goal of deterring future violations and obtaining swift compliance, the consideration of past penalties in similar negotiated cases, and the potential cost and risk associated with litigating these particular violations. The penalty reflects violations extending over a number of days resulting in quantifiable harm to the environment considered together with the complete circumstances of this case. Penalties in future cases might be smaller or larger on a per ton basis. The final penalty in this case was based in part on confidential financial information or confidential business information provided by IIT that is not retained by CARB in the ordinary course of business. The penalty in this case was also based on confidential settlement communications between CARB and IIT that CARB does not retain in the ordinary course of business. The penalty also reflects CARB’s assessment of the relative strength of its case against IIT, the desire to avoid the uncertainty, burden and expense of litigation, obtain swift compliance with the law and remove any unfair advantage that IIT may have secured from its actions. Is the penalty being assessed under a provision of law that prohibits the emission of pollution at a specified level, and, if so a quantification of excess emissions, if it is practicable to do so. The Consumer Product Regulations do not prohibit emissions above a specified level, but they do limit the concentration of VOCs in regulated products. In this case, a quantification of the excess emissions attributable to the violations was not practicable.

  • Final Determination His/her determination is final unless, within ten (10) days after notification, a recognized employee organization requests in writing to meet and confer thereon.

  • Fair Market Value Fair Market Value of a share of Common Stock as of a particular date (the "Determination Date") shall mean:

  • Expert Determination If a Dispute relates to any aspect of the technology underlying the provision of the Goods and/or Services or otherwise relates to a financial technical or other aspect of a technical nature (as the Parties may agree) and the Dispute has not been resolved by discussion or mediation, then either Party may request (which request will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) by written notice to the other that the Dispute is referred to an Expert for determination. The Expert shall be appointed by agreement in writing between the Parties, but in the event of a failure to agree within ten (10) Working Days, or if the person appointed is unable or unwilling to act, the Expert shall be appointed on the instructions of the relevant professional body. The Expert shall act on the following basis: he/she shall act as an expert and not as an arbitrator and shall act fairly and impartially; the Expert's determination shall (in the absence of a material failure to follow the agreed procedures) be final and binding on the Parties; the Expert shall decide the procedure to be followed in the determination and shall be requested to make his/her determination within thirty (30) Working Days of his appointment or as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter and the Parties shall assist and provide the documentation that the Expert requires for the purpose of the determination; any amount payable by one Party to another as a result of the Expert's determination shall be due and payable within twenty (20) Working Days of the Expert's determination being notified to the Parties; the process shall be conducted in private and shall be confidential; and the Expert shall determine how and by whom the costs of the determination, including his/her fees and expenses, are to be paid.

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