DECORATING Sample Clauses

DECORATING. Decorating must be done during the time period you have reserved this facility. (If you wish to decorate the day before the event, you must pay the rental fee of $600.00). • Materials such as tacks, nails, staples, glue, etc. may not be used to attach decorations to walls or tables. 3M packing tape may be used for applying decorations to wood surfaces. NO TAPE ON SHEETROCK WALLS. • Damage to walls will result in loss of deposit and possible additional fees and charges. • Decorations of any kind may not be attached to the ceiling tiles and/or grids. • Rice and birdseed are permitted outdoors. • Under no circumstances are tables, chairs, or any equipment/furniture to be removed from this facility. • If serving food and/or drinks, all tables must be covered with some type of tablecloth. • No spray glue, bottled bubbles, smoke machines, spray glitter, spray paint, or any type of aerosol adhesives will be allowed in the facility. • Changing the appearance of this building other than normal decorating is NOT PERMITTED. CAPACITY AND SEATING Main Hall Balcony Meeting Rooms 400 Auditorium Style 100 Auditorium Style 50 Auditorium Style or or only 250 with Tables & Chairs 80 with Tables & Chairs RENTAL PROCEDURESNo food or drink is allowed on the stage unless PRE-APPROVED IN ADVANCE. • Any food remaining from the event must be removed from the facility. If any food is left, it will be disposed of immediately after the event. • All functions must shut down one hour prior to end time for cleaning, removing food, decorations, and equipment/furniture belonging to the renter. This includes shutting down music and stop serving alcohol. The City of Ocean Springs will not be responsible for any items left in the facility following the conclusion of the reserved event. • The kitchen area must be cleaned by the rental party. • Gambling in any form is strictly prohibited. • No animals other than service dogs are allowed in the facility. • Maintaining order and control over all persons or guests in the group and encouraging them to abide by all the policies and procedures of this facility during the reserved period of time is the renter’s responsibility. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE REGULATIONS MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF ALL OR PORTIONS OF THE DEPOSIT TO COVER APPLICABLE FEES. Renter, including his/her/its heirs, member, assigns, agents, and/or representatives, agrees that The City shall not be liable for any injury or damages, whether to person or property, originating in contrac...
DECORATING. Please do not hang anything from the walls, lights or ceiling. Pictures are NOT to be removed from the walls. No tape or wall decorations of any kind. Only table decorations are allowed.
DECORATING. Lessee shall not paint, wallpaper, or otherwise redecorate or make alterations to the premises without the prior written consent of the Owner. All pictures, posters and other wall hangings shall be hung with nail type picture hangers, small units and tacks. Do not attach anything on the walls with an adhesive backing (those will tear off drywall paper and cause damage to the walls) No nails, clasps, hooks, latches, locks or any other fixtures are to be attached to any trim, woodwork, or doors on the premises. No duct tape is to be attached to floors, walls or any other surfaces on the premises.
DECORATING. No tape, push pins, nails, or any attachment device may be used on any surface inside or outside of the clubhouse. **Hooks have been provided on some of the window frames to attach strings for you to: to hang banners, balloons and other lightweight decorations. (hooks areas marked with red arrows under curtains.)
DECORATING. Decorating is to done the day of the event. Decorating the day/evening before your event is considered a full day rental. You must provide hooks for hanging decorations from ceiling. USE OF TAPE, THUMBTACKS AND/OR OTHER HANGING DEVICES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. NO DECORATIONS CAN BE ATTACHED IN ANY WAY TO WALL, WOODWORK, DOORS AND WINDOWS. REMOVE ALL TAPE FROM TABLES.
DECORATING. Decorations should be discussed when reserving the facility. All decorating must be in compliance with NMSU-A’s Facilities Decorating Policy (see attached). Facility access for approved decorating is designated on the Agreement.
DECORATING. There is a ladder available for decorating. Please do not stand on chairs or tables. Any tape used in decorating should be fastened to the framework and not to the acoustical tile.
DECORATING. Decor must be discussed and approved, prior to your event, by the Club's Food and Beverage Manager. Decor must be cleaned up upon conclusion of your event. The use of confetti, glitter, tape, or tacks is prohibited. Several ceiling hook points have been installed for hanging decorations. In keeping with Clean Marine Regulations, the use of bubbles, rice, and sparklers are prohibited, indoors and outdoors.
DECORATING. No decorating is allowed prior to the scheduled event. No decorations or other items may be affixed to any permanent part of the facility or grounds. This includes tape, nails, hooks or other types of fasteners. All decorations must be removed from the premises immediately following the event.