Conventional Sample Clauses

Conventional. Buyer agrees to do all things reasonably necessary, including but not limited to completing a loan application, paying for a credit report, appraisal and any other required fees, providing all information required by lender and otherwise cooperating fully to make a good faith effort to obtain the financing described below. If Buyer does not deliver Notice, provided by Buyer’s lender, to Seller of Buyer’s inability to obtain a loan on the terms described below, by 5:00 p.m. on the date (the "Loan Contingency Deadline") which is days (25 if none stated) after the Effective Date, then this contingency shall be deemed waived and Buyer’s performance under this Contract shall no longer be conditioned upon Buyer obtaining financing; provided however, if such lender will not give Buyer such Notice, then Buyer may directly notify Seller (on or before the Loan Contingency Deadline) by providing a notarized affidavit that Buyer has timely complied with all of the terms of this paragraph and that despite request, Buyer was unable to obtain such Notice from lender (e.g., see MSC-2010A “Buyer’s Financing Contingency Affidavit” or MSC-2010B “Non-Individual Buyer’s Financing Contingency Affidavit”). If Buyer has complied with the terms of this paragraph and has timely provided Notice to Seller of Buyer’s inability to obtain a loan on the terms described below, then this Contract shall terminate with Earnest Money to be returned to Buyer (subject to §8). (Complete one or both) Loan amount: % of the Purchase Price, or $ . Initial interest rate not to exceed: %. Amortization term years.Rate Type (check one): Fixed Adjustable Other: Other terms (N/A if blank): Note: If the Loan Contingency Deadline passes without a termination, Buyer remains obligated under this Contract and must have available all Funds required to close. A “loan commitment” or “preapproval” does NOT guarantee that Buyer’s loan will actually fund.6. TITLE/SURVEY. Note: Any Seller paid Title Fees set forth below are in addition to anySeller Concessions” (see §10).Seller shall transfer marketable title to the Property subject only to the Permitted Exceptions, as directed by Buyer, by (unless otherwise specifically agreed) general warranty deed (the "Deed"), properly executed and in recordable form.Within days (10 if none stated) after the Effective Date (check applicable box below):A. Seller shall deliver to Buyer a commitment(the "Title Commitment") to issue a current ALTA owner’s policy of title insurance ...
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