Conventional Sample Clauses

Conventional. Transit Operators on a Spare Board Roster (‘Spare Board Operators’) will be placed on a continuously rotating list in order of seniority whereby one (1) operator drops from the top of the list to the bottom of the list each day. A Transit Operator joining the Spare Board at the beginning of a new Roster Schedule will be inserted into the continuously rotating list in order of seniority. At 2:00 P.M. each day, the Spare Board assignments (‘xxxx up’) for the following calendar day will be posted in the following manner and order for Spare Board Operators on work days beginning at the top of the daily list:  spare Board assignments for Full-time Operators will be organized to provide eight (8) hours of regular pay;  assignments for Open Shifts will be dispatched in order of earliest ‘end of shift’ time;  assignments for Open Shifts with a start time of 9:30 A.M. or earlier (‘Open Day Shifts’);  assignments to A.M. Extras (the Spare Board Operator at the top of the list after the assignments for Open Day Shifts will be scheduled (‘marked’) to report fifteen (15) minutes prior to the departure time of the first bus);  assignments to Open Shifts with a start time after 9:30 A.M. (‘Late Start Day Shifts’);  assignments to Open Shifts with a start time of 12:00 P.M. (‘noon’) or later (‘Open Night Shifts’);  Assignments to P.M. Extras
Conventional prepare seedbed using primary tillage (plow, chisel) or secondary tillage (disking) then seeding with a conventional drill;
Conventional. Evaluation ----------------------- Notwithstanding the use of the SFD Information in evaluating the Exploration Areas, the Parties hereto agree and acknowledge that any Exploratory Prospect (including Existing Exploratory Prospects) evaluated under this Agreement shall have been evaluated using such geological, geophysical, engineering, mapping, seismic and technological data or information, including without limitation the Basic Geophysical Data, available to either Encal or Pinnacle in addition to the SFD Information such that any successes or failures in drilling on an Exploratory Prospect shall be attributed to all of the information and data utilized evaluating and determining the Exploratory Prospect.
Conventional. Employees driving on fixed routes, transporting all persons boarding buses at designated Bus Stops and flag stops.
Conventional. Consensus In a consensus protocol, each agent needs to decide which state transitions are applied and in which order, which is equivalent to providing a reliable totally ordered broadcast. The consensus problem is considered solved if three properties hold:
Conventional prepare seedbed using primary tillage (plow, chisel) or secondary tillage (disking) then seeding with a conventional drill; the seeding rate for this planting method is shown in the chart above labeled incorporated seeding rate.
Conventional. Buyer shall have the sole option and election to terminate this Contract if the Purchase Price exceeds the Property’s valuation determined by an appraiser engaged by Xxxxx. This Contract shall terminate by Xxxxx delivering to Seller written notice of termination and either a copy of such appraisal or written notice from lender that confirms the Property’s valuation is less than the Purchase Price, received on or before Appraisal Deadline (§ 2c). If Seller does not receive such written notice of termination on or before Appraisal Deadline (§ 2c), Buyer waives any right to terminate under this subsection. o (3) FHA. Intentionally deleted. o (4) VA. Intentionally deleted.
Conventional. A traditional lease agreement which allows you to take the fit-out of your office into your own hands, while still benefiting from all of the advantages of being based at Brindleyplace. Tailored Workspaces at Brindleyplace provides three options for your workspace to ensure the perfect solution to your business needs. îks »»zslla Euildiny »ffsia »uKaKandiny w»ikaהacsa »nsil»»kiny Kks imהisaains »»zslla Squais, wkick הi»nidsa Kks הsifscK aהacs K» unwind and islax. îks m»dsin w»ikiny snnii»nmsnK fsaKuisa a kiyk-qualiKQ aהscificaKi»n includiny laiys, »הsn הlan »»iהlaKsa dsaiynsd K» caKsi f»i mulKiהls laQ»uKa, הi»niai»n f»i cQcls aK»iays and ak»wsi faciliKisa and a f»uiKk- »»i i»»f Ksiiacs. îks »»zslla buildiny can bs lsK in הaiK »i in iKa snKiisKQ, הi»nidiny sn»uyk aהacs K» fsaKuis »nsi ?5k w»ikaKaKi»na in a ianys »f c»nfiyuiaKi»na. Oozells Building Floor NsK aq fK ½»ikaKaKi»na* ?nd - XxxX í 0,?00 Xה K» ík5 ?nd - XxxX ? í,7?3 Nה K» ?“ 3id - ½k»ls í3,673 Nה K» í5♦ “Kk - ½k»xx xx,3♦7 Nה K» í3? *»ההi»ximaKs »nlQ, can bs amsndsd K» auiK clisnK isquiismsnKa. Option 2 Option Fitted. Our team will collaborate with you to provide a bespoke office fit-out including IT services, with the cost then spread over the duration of your lease agreement. Fully Fitted fi Managed. Our expert team can handle every part of your workspace operations for you, from creating and delivering your bespoke fit-out and IT services, to providing fully serviced space for the duration of your stay. 2ND FLOOR - PART 2 - 160 sq m / 1,723 sq ft ❱ ?“ x K»Kal ksadc»unK ❱ ?“ x w»ikaKaKi»na EnKiancs “
Conventional. (Manual) Price Bid opening: In the case of price bid opening without resorting to Reverse Auction, if there are differences between the rates given by the tenderer in words and figures or in amount worked out by him, the following procedure for evaluation and award shall be followed:
Conventional. (Manual) Price Bid opening: