Consensus Sample Clauses

Consensus. The Committee shall operate by consensus, and shall evaluate jobs based on the City of Peterborough's Job Evaluation Plan for C.U.P.E. Local 126, or such other gender neutral job evaluation system upon which the parties may agree.
Consensus. The District and Association shall work through disagreements and challenges respectfully, in a manner that acknowledges the legal and political roles of each party and promotes the greatest possible consensus across the District. Consensus requires time to process information and to truly understand and represent the interests of constituencies.
Consensus. Decisions will be made by a consensus of a quorum of the group. There will be two tries at a strict consensus. If that is not achieved, a decision may be made over the dissent of one person from each side. Only data on final consensus for each level will be maintained in the job evaluation database.
Consensus. The unanimous support of all Parties, or at least no opposition from any Party.
Consensus. This Agreement constitutes a common understanding among the Parties with respect to the matters subject to this Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency between the Parties with respect to terms listed in this Agreement prior to or after the execution of this Agreement or contemporaneously with the terms of this Agreement, the provisions of the written agreement of the parties shall apply with respect to aforesaid terms.
Consensus. With respect to those matters that must be presented to the Steering Committee, the Parties intend that every effort should be made to have each such matter approved by a consensus of the Members. Consensus is reached when it becomes evident through deliberation that every Member, at the very least, does not oppose a decision. In its deliberations, the Steering Committee shall use appropriate tools for developing consensus, and shall seek to exhaust every reasonable and practicable effort to reach consensus.
Consensus. If a decision is not reached by the RMC with respect to management of the Research Program, the dispute will be referred to the co-chairs of the RMC. If the co-chairs of the RMC are unable to resolve the dispute, the dispute will be referred to the respective Chief Executive Officers of CombiChem and ImClone.
Consensus. 5.1. The Grantor hereby warrants that it has obtained all necessary Consents of its bankers, shareholders or other persons from whom Consents are required for the grant of the Warrants herein contained, the subscription of "D" Preference Shares by the Grantee, and the full implementation of this Agreement in accordance with its terms.
Consensus. The term