Computer File Sample Clauses

Computer File. From and after the Certificate Trust Termination Date, the initial computer file or microfiche list delivered pursuant to Section 2.1 is complete and accurately reflects the information regarding the Receivables under the Accounts in all material respects as of the applicable time referred to in Section 2.1. The representations and warranties set forth in this Section 2.3 shall survive the transfer and assignment of the Collateral Certificate and the Receivables to the Issuer and termination of the rights and obligations of the Servicer pursuant to Section 7.1. Upon discovery by the Transferor, the Servicer or the Owner Trustee of a breach of any of the representations and warranties set forth in this Section 2.3, the party discovering such breach shall give prompt written notice thereof to the others.

Related to Computer File

  • Computer Files Marked The Seller shall, at its own expense, on or before the Closing Date, indicate in its computer files that the Receivables have been sold to the Purchaser pursuant to this Receivables Purchase Agreement and deliver to the Purchaser the Receivable Schedule, certified by an officer of the Seller to be true, correct and complete.

  • COMPUTER GRAPHICS FILES The Engineer agrees to comply with Attachment G, Computer Graphics Files for Document and Information Exchange, if determined by the State to be applicable to this contract.

  • Database File The Servicer will provide the Successor Servicer with a magnetic tape (in a format reasonably acceptable to the Indenture Trustee and the Servicer) containing the database file for each Contract (i) as of the Initial Cutoff Date, (ii) the Subsequent Cutoff Date, (iii) thereafter, as of the last day of the preceding Due Period on each Determination Date prior to a Service Transfer and (iv) on and as of the Business Day before the actual commencement of servicing functions by the Successor Servicer following the occurrence of a Service Transfer.

  • TEACHER FILES Section A: Teacher Files Paragraph 1: All material obtained during the period of employment and placed in the teacher’s file shall be available for inspection by the teacher at mutually agreeable times and in the presence of a person authorized to show the files. The teacher may obtain, upon request, a copy of such material. The teach- er’s official file in Human Resources is a confidential file with limited access. Access will be provided only to the teacher, his/her supervisor, and others with a demonstrated need to view the file as determined by the Chief Human Re- sources Officer or designee. At the teacher’s request, a person of his/her choos- ing may accompany the teacher for the inspection. Paragraph 2: The phrase, teacher’s file, as used in this Article shall be construed to include all information in the personnel database pertaining to the teacher.

  • Computer Tape The Computer Tape made available by the Seller to the Trust on the Closing Date was complete and accurate as of the Cutoff Date and includes a description of the same Receivables that are described in the Schedule of Receivables.

  • Computer Records World Omni and the Depositor will cause their accounting and computer records to be marked to indicate the sale and assignment of the Receivables from World Omni to the Depositor and from the Depositor to the Trust.

  • Computer Software The Grantee certifies that it has appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure that state funds will not be used in the performance of this Grant Agreement for the acquisition, operation, or maintenance of computer software in violation of copyright laws.

  • Computer Equipment Recycling Program If this Contract is for the purchase or lease of computer equipment, then Contractor certifies that it is in compliance with Subchapter Y, Chapter 361 of the Texas Health and Safety Code related to the Computer Equipment Recycling Program and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rules in 30 TAC Chapter 328.

  • Receivable Files Complete There exists a Receivable File pertaining to each Receivable and such Receivable File contains (a) a fully executed original of the Receivable, (b) the original executed credit application, or a paper or electronic copy thereof and (c) the original Lien Certificate or application therefor. Each of such documents which is required to be signed by the Obligor has been signed by the Obligor in the appropriate spaces. All blanks on any form have been properly filled in and each form has otherwise been correctly prepared. The complete Receivable File for each Receivable currently is in the possession of the Custodian.

  • COMMERCIAL COMPUTER SOFTWARE If performance involves acquisition of existing computer software, the following Company Exhibit is incorporated by reference: CCS Commercial Computer Software License (Company – July 2010).