Clerical Error Sample Clauses

Clerical Error. Clerical error, whether by You or Us, with respect to this Contract, or any other documentation issued by Us in connection with this Contract , or in keeping any record pertaining to the coverage hereunder, will not modify or invalidate coverage otherwise validly in force or continue coverage otherwise validly terminated.
Clerical Error. No clerical error shall operate to defeat or alter any terms of this Agreement or defeat or alter any of the rights, privileges or benefits of any Enrollee or Employer.
Clerical Error. Notwithstanding Clause 16.1, STATE reserves the right to unilaterally fix clerical errors contained in the CONTRACT without executing an amendment. COUNTY will be informed of errors that have been fixed pursuant to this paragraph.
Clerical Error. MISSTATEMENTS Except as stated below, neither clerical error nor programming or systems error by the Contractholder, nor Us in keeping any records pertaining to coverage under this Contract, nor delays in making entries thereon, will invalidate coverage which would otherwise be in force, or continue coverage which would otherwise be validly terminated. Upon discovery of such error or delay, an appropriate adjustment of premiums will be made, as permitted by law. Exception: If an Employee contributed toward the premium payment and coverage continued in force beyond the date it should have been validly terminated as a result of such error or delay, the continued coverage will remain in effect through the end of the period for which the Employee contributed toward the premium payment and no premium adjustment will be made. Premium adjustments involving return of unearned premium to the Contractholder for such errors or delays will be made only if the Employee did not contribute toward the premium payment. Except as stated in the Premium Refunds section of the Premium Amounts provision, such return of premium will be limited to the period of 12 months preceding the date of Our receipt of satisfactory evidence that such adjustments should be made. If the age or gender of an Employee is found to have been misstated, and the premiums are thereby affected, an equitable adjustment of premiums will be made.
Clerical Error. Clerical error in keeping any record pertaining to the coverage will not invalidate coverage in force or continue coverage terminated.
Clerical Error. Clerical error will not deprive any individual of Benefits under this Policy or create a right to Benefits. Failure to report enrollments will not be considered a clerical error and will not result in retroactive coverage for Eligible Persons. Failure to report the termination of coverage will not continue the coverage for a Covered Person beyond the date it is scheduled to terminate according to the terms of this Policy. Upon discovery of a clerical error, any necessary appropriate adjustment in Premiums will be made. However, we will not grant any such adjustment in Premiums or coverage to the Enrolling Group for more than 60 days of coverage prior to the date we received notification of the clerical error.
Clerical Error. Our clerical errors shall not invalidate insurance otherwise valid nor continue insurance otherwise not valid.
Clerical Error. Notwithstanding Clause “Assignment, Amendments, Waiver, and Grant Agreement Complete” of this grant agreement, MDH reserves the right to unilaterally fix clerical errors, defined as misspellings, minor grammatical or typographical mistakes or omissions, that do not have a substantive impact on the terms of the Grant Agreement without executing an amendment. MDH must inform Grantee of clerical errors that have been fixed pursuant to this paragraph within a reasonable period of time.
Clerical Error. If a clerical error or other mistake occurs, that error does not deprive you of coverage for which you are otherwise eligible nor does it give you coverage under the Plan for which you are not eligible. These errors include, but are not limited to, providing misinformation on eligibility or benefit coverage. Determination of your coverage will be made at the time the claim is reviewed. It is your responsibility to confirm the accuracy of statements made by the Plan Sponsor or the Plan Manager, in accordance with the terms of this SPD and other Plan documents.
Clerical Error. In the event Lender at any time discovers that this Note, the Security Instrument or any other Loan Document contains an error that was caused by a clerical mistake, calculation error, computer malfunction, printing error or similar error, Borrower agrees, upon notice from Xxxxxx, to re-execute any documents that are necessary to correct any such error(s). Xxxxxxxx further agrees that Xxxxxx will not be liable to Borrower for any damages incurred by Borrower that are directly or indirectly caused by any such error(s).