Carrier Sample Clauses

Carrier. Providers and benefit schedules of Long-Term Disability insurance may be changed after a review of options is completed and there is a mutual agreement between the Board and the Association as to the new carrier and/or benefits schedules. The joint committee to review the possible options will be composed of bargaining unit members appointed by the Association and administrators appointed by the Superintendent.
Carrier. Carrier shall obtain and maintain during the term of this Agreement, at its sole expense, insurance sufficient to cover any and all damages, liability and obligations contemplated by this Agreement. If Carrier’s need for Currency exceeds the insurance limits specified below, Carrier shall increase such limits and provide verification thereof. The coverage by Carrier shall, at a minimum, provide for the following:
Carrier. Any third party that owns a telecommunication network through which the Services are provided to the customer.
Carrier. Carrier as used in this Program means the entity by which coverages are underwritten or benefits are paid.
Carrier. The provider of life insurance may be changed after a review of options is completed and there is mutual agreement between the Board and the Association as to the new carrier.
Carrier. Operator shall obtain insurance coverage from an insurance company registered and licensed to do business in the State of Vermont and having an A.M. Best insurance rating of at least A- financial size category VIII or better by the latest Best Insurance Report, or has an analogous rating from a comparable rating service approved by the Partners.
Carrier. In the event that Buyer designates a specific carrier, DEW will attempt to use that carrier. However, DEW may select an alternate carrier to transport the goods if, in DEW sole and exclusive discretion it determines use of such alternative carrier is necessary to satisfy delivery requirements. All freight, insurance and other shipping expenses shall be borne by Buyer. Buyer shall inspect shipments for freight damages at time of receipt and immediately notify carrier of any freight damage, file its claim directly with the carrier, and notify DEW of the damage. DEW is not liable for freight damage or for losses incurred by Buyer as the result of freight damage or delays.
Carrier. The selection of insurance carrier for any benefits is in the sole discretion of the Employer, provided the benefits are comparable.
Carrier a person carrying out transportation, to which a transport permit has been issued, which has entered into a contract of carriage with the client and which observes the applicable international or national legislation in the conduct of its business.
Carrier. (1) As of January 1, 2016, qualifying faculty members will be allowed to elect one of the available insurance plans offered by WMHIP.