Camera Sample Clauses

Camera. A camera is a device to capture colour images of a specific field of view. It mainly consists of two relevant items: imager and lens.
Camera. 22.1 Witnesses and experts shall sit in front of the equipment with which they shall access the 19 Some people appreciate the usefulness of the breakout room system, while others say that establishing a separate web conference system is safer and recommended because breakout rooms may allow unintended people to enter the room due to wrong room setting, etc. Virtual Hearing, and set their cameras so that [ appropriately agreed by the parties] is visible during their witness examination.
Camera. IDs Each camera has a unique camera ID that can be accessed through the LuCam API interface. This ID can be useful to set specific camera functions in your software. The LuCam Capture application displays this ID in its “About” dialog box. Below is a list of current camera IDs. Camera Model ID Lu070M, Lu075M, Lu070C, Lu075C 0x08C Lw070M, Lw075M, Lw070C, Lw075C 0x18C Lm075M, Lm075C 0x28C Lu080M, Lu085M, Lu080C, Lu085C 0x085 Lm085M, Lm085C 0x284 Lu100M, Lu105M, Lu100C, Lu105C 0x092 Lw110M, Lw115M, Lw110C, Lw115C 0x49F Lu120M, Lu125M, Lu120C, Lu125C 0x096 Lu130M, Lu135M, Lu130C, Lu135C 0x09A Lw130M, Lw135M, Lw130C, Lw135C 0x19A Lm135M, Lm135C 0x29A Lu160M, Lu165M, Lu160C, Lu165C 0x08A Lw160M, Lw165M, Lw160C, Lw165C 0x18A Lm165M, Lm165C 0x28A Lu170M, Lu175M, Lu170C, Lu175C 0x09E Lu200C, Lu205C 0x097 Lm11059 0x2C8 Lw230M, Lw235M, Lw230C, Lw235C 0x180 Lu270C, Lu275C 0x08D Lw290C, Lw295C 0x1CD Lu370C, Lu375C 0x08B Lw560M, Lw565M, Lw560C, Lw565C 0x1CE Lw570M, Lw575M, Lw570C, Lw575C 0x1C5 Lw620M, Lw625M, Lw620C, Lw625C 0x186 Lw11050M, Lw11056M, Lw11057M, Lw11058M, Lw11059M Lw11050C, Lw11056C, Lw11057C, Lw11058C, Lw11059C 0x1C8 Lw16059 0x1C9 Xx000X, Xx000X 0x40080 Lg11059 0x400C8 Lt220 0x602 Lt345 0x643 Lt365 0x613 Lt420 0x604 Lt545 0x645 Lt665 0x616 Lt945 0x649 Lt965 0x619 Lt1245 0x64C Lt1265 0x61C Lt16059H 0x630 Lt29059 0x631 Table 17: List of Camera Identification Number Annex 1 - Power Requirements for Lt365R, Lt665R, Lt965R, Lt1265 Cameras The latest revision of the Lt365/665/965/Lt1265 cameras support full power over USB at any frame rate using a USB 3.0 Y cable and enabling High Power USB Mode via software. The USB 3.0 Y cable can be purchased separately. Note: According to the USB 3.0 specification, a certified host port can provide 900mA of power. The Ltx65R cameras can draw up to 1200 mA when operating at the faster frame rates (in 1, 2 or 4 tap modes). If you plan to use the camera at a slower frame rate, you can use a standard USB 3.0 cable for power and the entire system will be USB 3.0 compliant. To remove the requirement for a separate power supply to simplify OEM integration or specific deployments, the cameras can receive the full power draw over a USB Y cable connected to a host computer’s USB 3.0 port (data and power) and a USB
Camera. To allow you to take and share pictures;
Camera. If your Ordered Equipment includes a camera for use with the Services, then you agree not to use that camera to invade another person's privacy, including, without limitation, the unauthorized monitoring of anyone rightfully present at your Premises.
Camera. DistributionBox Instolesan Camera Wall height Details Wiring Details  WALL ELECTRICAL Type of Switch Box Details Main powers points Wall light points show Wiring details  AIR CONDITIONING Copper pipe Feeting West water pipe Feeting Electric wire for  mm Required NOTE: Above Underlined Stages Should Be Selected By The Client. SITE VISIT
Camera. The IPVMS shall provide a mechanism for automatic camera and server discovery.
Camera. If your video contains “talking headstyle lectures, it is best to use a smartphone camera that records in at least HD 720p. If your PC webcam records in at least HD 720p, the video quality may be acceptable, however it is recommended that a camera separate from a generic webcam be used.
Camera. 1 In the Model Builder window, expand the Component 1 (comp1)>Definitions>View 1 node, then click Camera. 2 In the Settings window for Camera, locate the Camera section.