Bona Fide Transaction Sample Clauses

Bona Fide Transaction. No disposition of property effected by the Transaction Documents is made for an improper purpose or wilfully to defeat an obligation owed to a creditor.
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Bona Fide Transaction. The Contract arises from a bona fide lease or sale of the Equipment or other secured financing arrangement, in the ordinary course of business of the Obligor described in the Contract. The Obligor's billing address and the Equipment is located in the United States of America or where the Uniform Commercial Code is applicable.
Bona Fide Transaction. Not liquidation. The goods or services covered by the Card Transaction were purchased from you in a bona fide transaction;

Related to Bona Fide Transaction

  • Sale Transaction Paragraph (a) of the definition of “Sale Transaction” is amended and restated as follows: “(a) A sale or other disposition by the Company of all or substantially all of its assets;”. The word “or” is inserted (i) after the end of Paragraph (a) of the definition of Sale Transaction and before the beginning of Paragraph (b) of the definition of Sale Transaction; and (ii) after the end of Paragraph (b) of the definition of Sale Transaction and before the beginning of Paragraph (c) of the definition of Sale Transaction. Paragraph (d) of the definition of Sale Transaction shall be deleted in its entirety.

  • Alternative Transaction In the event that, in lieu of the Arrangement, the Purchaser seeks to complete the acquisition of the Company Shares other than as contemplated by the Arrangement Agreement on a basis that (a) provides for economic terms which, in relation to the Shareholder, on an after-tax basis, are at least equivalent to or better than those contemplated by the Arrangement Agreement taking into account the Intended Tax Treatment, (b) would not likely result in a delay or time to completion beyond the Voting Support Outside Date, and (c) is otherwise on terms and conditions not materially more onerous on the Shareholder than the Arrangement (including any take-over bid) any such transaction, an “Alternative Transaction”), then during the term of this Agreement the Shareholder may, on its own accord, and shall, upon written request of the Purchaser, support the completion of such Alternative Transaction in the same manner as the Arrangement in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement mutatis mutandis, including by (A) depositing or causing the deposit of its Subject Shares (including any Company Shares issued or issuable upon the exercise, conversion or vesting, as applicable, of any Company Options, Company Compensation Options or Company RSUs) into an Alternative Transaction conducted by way of a take-over bid made by the Purchaser or an affiliate of Purchaser and not withdrawing them; and/or (B) voting or causing to be voted all of the Subject Shares (to the extent that they carry the right to vote) in favour of, and not dissenting from, such Alternative Transaction proposed by the Purchaser, provided however that the Shareholder shall not be required to exercise, convert or exchange any Subject Shares (other than Company Shares) in connection with an Alternative Transaction.

  • Private Transaction At no time was the Subscriber -------------------- presented with or solicited by any leaflet, public promotional meeting, circular, newspaper or magazine article, radio or television advertisement or any other form of general advertising.

  • Arm’s Length Transaction The Bank acknowledges and agrees that the Underwriters are acting solely in the capacity of an arm’s length contractual counterparty to the Bank with respect to the offering of Notes contemplated hereby (including in connection with determining the terms of the offering) and not as a financial advisor or a fiduciary to, or an agent of, the Bank or any other person. Additionally, neither the Representative nor any other Underwriter is advising the Bank or any other person as to any legal, tax, investment, accounting or regulatory matters in any jurisdiction. The Bank shall consult with its own advisors concerning such matters and shall be responsible for making their own independent investigation and appraisal of the transactions contemplated hereby, and the Underwriters shall have no responsibility or liability to the Bank with respect thereto. Any review by the Underwriters of the Bank, the transactions contemplated hereby or other matters relating to such transactions will be performed solely for the benefit of the Underwriters and shall not be on behalf of the Bank.

  • Acquisition Transaction 7.2 (a) Agreement ........................

  • Alternative Transactions As of the date hereof, the Company is not pursuing, or in discussions or negotiations regarding, any solicitation, offer, or proposal from any Person concerning any actual or proposed Alternative Transaction and, as applicable, has terminated any existing discussions or negotiations regarding any actual or proposed Alternative Transaction.

  • Speculative Transactions Engage, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to engage, in any transaction involving commodity options or futures contracts or any similar speculative transactions.

  • Arm’s Length Transactions During the term of this Agreement, all transactions and dealings between the Trust Depositor and its Affiliates will be conducted on an arm’s-length basis.

  • Excluded Transactions The Company shall not be obligated to effect any registration of Registrable Securities under this Section 2.1 incidental to the registration of any of its Securities in connection with:

  • Transaction (1) The present Settlement Agreement constitutes a transaction in accordance with Articles 2631 and following of the Civil Code of Quebec, and the Parties are hereby renouncing any errors of fact, of law and/or of calculation.

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