Xxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxx. THIS AGREEMENT is entered into as of the 25th day of February, 2004, by and between FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK OF CINCINNATI (the “Bank”) and SXXXXX X. XXXX (the “Executive”).
Xxxx. 11. The persons, firms, corporation xx xxxxxxss orxxxxxxxxxns holding any powers of attorney from the Corporation ("Attorneys") are: N/A as of August 28, 1996.
Xxxx. Xxx X. Boots -------------------------------- Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx -------------------------------- Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx
Xxxx. THIS AGREEMENT, is made effective as of January 1, 2009 (the “Grant Date”), between Nalco Holding Company (the “Company”) and Xxxxxxx X. Xxxx (the “Participant”).
Xxxx. Tenex is the legal and beneficial owner of the Collateral (or, in the case of after-acquired Collateral, at the time Xxxx-Tenex acquires rights in the Collateral, will be the legal and beneficial owner thereof). No other Person has (or, in the case of after-acquired Collateral, at the time Xxxx-Tenex acquires rights therein, will have) any right, title, claim or interest (by way of Lien, purchase option or otherwise) in, against or to the Collateral, other than Permitted Liens.
Xxxx. 56. Xxxx denies the Union’s assertions. Xxxx submits that it has the management right to monitor and manage attendance, and that there is nothing about the way that it has done so that is unreasonable, arbitrary, discriminatory, or otherwise contrary to the collective agreement, the Canadian Human Rights Act, or at all. Xxxx says has formulated and administers its AMP in good faith, within the parameters established by the arbitral jurisprudence. Ms. Zacks reminds me the question is not whether there is a better way, but whether the Union (since it bears the onus) has established that Xxxx’x approach is inappropriate.
Xxxx. Tenex has not acquired any of its assets in a bulk sale or any other transaction not in the ordinary course of business of the seller except for the following (provide description of assets, date and description of transaction and name of seller): Description of Date of Description of Seller Assets Acquisition Transaction ---------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------- ------------------ Inventory and November 20, 1998 Business Acquisition Axidata Inc. Miscellaneous Fixed Assets
Xxxx. If to a Buyer, to its address, facsimile number or e-mail address set forth on the Transaction Documents or to such other address, facsimile number or e-mail address and/or to the attention of such other Person as the recipient party has specified by written notice given to each other party five (5) days prior to the effectiveness of such change. Written confirmation of receipt (A) given by the recipient of such notice, consent, waiver or other communication, (B) mechanically or electronically generated by the sender’s facsimile machine containing the time, date and recipient facsimile number or (C) provided by an overnight courier service shall be rebuttable evidence of personal service, receipt by facsimile or receipt from an overnight courier service in accordance with clause (i), (ii) or (iv) above, respectively. A copy of the e-mail transmission containing the time, date and recipient e-mail address shall be rebuttable evidence of receipt by e-mail in accordance with clause (iii) above.
Xxxx. John Xxxxxxx ------------------------------------- Caroxxx Xxxxxxx ------------------------------------- Sara Xxxxxxx ------------------------------------- Max Xxxxxxx ------------------------------------- Andrxx Xxxxxx Crescent Operating, Inc. By: --------------------------------- Name: ------------------------------- Title: ------------------------------