At any meeting Sample Clauses

At any meeting. (a) on a show of hands every Eligible Voter present shall have one vote; and

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  • Other Meetings Other meetings of the Board shall be held at such times and places as the Board, the Chairman, the President or any director shall from time to time determine.

  • Special Meeting Special meetings of the stockholders may be called only by such persons and only in such manner as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation. No business may be transacted at any special meeting of stockholders other than the business specified in the notice of such meeting. The Board may postpone, reschedule or cancel any previously scheduled special meeting of stockholders.

  • Initial Meeting (a) The parties must meet within 10 Business Days after the date of delivery of the dispute notice and attempt to resolve the dispute.

  • Member Meetings (a) There shall be no meetings of the Members unless called by the Board or as otherwise specifically required by the Delaware Act. No Members or group of Members, acting in its or their capacity as Members, shall have the right to call a meeting of the Members.

  • Shareholders Meetings The Company will, as promptly as practicable following the execution of this Agreement, call, give notice of, convene and hold a meeting of its shareholders (the "Shareholders Meeting") for the purpose of approving this Agreement and the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or obtain the unanimous written consent of its shareholders for the same aforementioned purpose.

  • TAC Meetings The goal of this subtask is for the TAC to provide strategic guidance for the project by participating in regular meetings, which may be held via teleconference. The Recipient shall: • Discuss the TAC meeting schedule with the CAM at the Kick-off meeting. Determine the number and location of meetings (in-person and via teleconference) in consultation with the CAM. • Prepare a TAC Meeting Schedule that will be presented to the TAC members during recruiting. Revise the schedule after the first TAC meeting to incorporate meeting comments. • Prepare a TAC Meeting Agenda and TAC Meeting Back-up Materials for each TAC meeting. • Organize and lead TAC meetings in accordance with the TAC Meeting Schedule. Changes to the schedule must be pre-approved in writing by the CAM. • Prepare TAC Meeting Summaries that include any recommended resolutions of major TAC issues. The TAC shall: • Help set the project team's goals and contribute to the development and evaluation of its statement of proposed objectives as the project evolves. • Provide a credible and objective sounding board on the wide range of technical and financial barriers and opportunities. • Help identify key areas where the project has a competitive advantage, value proposition, or strength upon which to build. • Advocate on behalf of the project in its effort to build partnerships, governmental support and relationships with a national spectrum of influential leaders. • Ask probing questions that insure a long-term perspective on decision-making and progress toward the project’s strategic goals. • Review and provide comments to proposed project performance metrics. • Review and provide comments to proposed project Draft Technology Transfer Plan. Products: • TAC Meeting Schedule (draft and final) • TAC Meeting Agendas (draft and final) • TAC Meeting Back-up Materials • TAC Meeting Summaries

  • Shareholder Meetings All expenses incidental to holding meetings of shareholders, including the printing of notices and proxy materials, and proxy solicitations therefor.

  • Shareholders Meeting Subject to Section 31D-11-1104 of the WVBCA and fiduciary obligations under applicable Law, the Company will take, in accordance with applicable Law and its articles of incorporation and by-laws, all action necessary to convene a meeting of holders of Shares (the “Shareholders Meeting”) as promptly as practicable after the date hereof but no later than twenty-one (21) days from the date on which the Proxy Statement is mailed to shareholders of the Company to submit this Agreement to the shareholders of the Company for their approval. The Shareholders Meeting shall not be adjourned or postponed without the prior written consent of Parent. Subject to Section 6.2, (i) the Company will use its reasonable best efforts to solicit from its shareholders proxies in favor of approval of this Agreement and will take all other action necessary or advisable to secure the Company Requisite Vote and (ii) the board of directors of the Company shall recommend such approval and shall take all lawful action to solicit such approval of this Agreement. The Company shall keep Parent updated with respect to proxy solicitation results as reasonably requested by Parent.

  • Meeting A copy of the decision shall be sent to the grievant and to the UFF grievance representative if the grievant elected self-representation or representation by legal counsel.