AOC Sample Clauses

AOC. Lessee shall continue to hold an air carrier operator's certificate with an operating specification allowing it to operate aircraft of the same type as the Aircraft and for the purpose for which the Aircraft is permitted to be used hereunder issued by the FAA.
AOC. Ferro shall actively and diligently undertake and pursue to completion all of the activities and work required by or under the AOC and obtain corrective action completion or corrective action completion with controls and termination acknowledgements from the U.S. EPA as specified in Paragraphs 58 and 59 of the AOC. Ferro shall establish and maintain the necessary financial assurance required by Paragraph 26 of the AOC and have that financial assurance submitted to and approved by U.S. EPA.

Related to AOC

Management Meetings The conditions of contract (e.g. Clause 16.2) and other sections of the Service Information (e.g. safety risk management) may require that a meeting shall be held. However the intention of all NEC contracts is that the Parties and their agents use the techniques of partnering to manage the contract by holding meetings designed to pro actively and jointly manage the administration of the contract with the objective of minimising the adverse effects of risks and surprises for both Parties. Depending on the size and complexity of the service, it is probably beneficial for the Service Manager to hold a weekly risk register meeting (Clause 16.2). This could be used to discuss safety, compensation events, subcontracting, overall co-ordination and other matters of a general nature. Separate meetings for specialist activities such as planning and activities of a technical nature may also be warranted. Describe here the general meetings and their purpose. Provide particulars of approximate times, days, location, and attendance requirements, stipulating that attendees shall have the necessary delegated authority to make decisions in respect of matters discussed at such meetings. The following text could be used as a model for this section: Regular meetings of a general nature may be convened and chaired by the Supply Manager as follows: Title and purpose Approximate time & interval Location Attendance by: Risk register and compensation events Weekly on at Overall contract progress and feedback Monthly on at Employer, Contractor and Meetings of a specialist nature may be convened as specified elsewhere in this Service Information or if not so specified by persons and at times and locations to suit the Parties, the nature and the progress of the service. Records of these meetings shall be submitted to the Service Manager by the person convening the meeting within five days of the meeting. All meetings shall be recorded using minutes or a register prepared and circulated by the person who convened the meeting. Such minutes or register shall not be used for the purpose of confirming actions or instructions under the contract as these shall be done separately by the person identified in the conditions of contract to carry out such actions or instructions.
Union/Management Meetings The Union Committee and the Senior Union Official of the Union, or her/his representative, shall, as occasion warrants, meet with the Committee on Labour Relations for the purpose of discussing and negotiating a speedy settlement of any grievance or dispute arising between the Employer and the employee concerned, including possi- ble re-negotiations relative to this Agreement and the Schedules which are a part hereof. However, except for renegotiations of Agreements, these matters shall be introduced to such meetings only after the established grievance procedure has been followed. Grievances of a general nature may be initiated by a member of the Union Committee in step two of the grievance procedure out- lined in Article 9.04.
Labour Management Meetings 4.05 The Employer and the Union recognize the value of open and effective communication in maintaining a constructive labour management relationship. To this end, labour management meetings will provide a regular opportunity to discuss ongoing issues and problems and a chance to resolve these problems to the benefit of both Parties.
Newco The Parent will take all action necessary (a) to cause Newco to perform its obligations under this Agreement and to consummate the Merger on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and (b) to ensure that, prior to the Effective Time, Newco shall not conduct any business or make any investments other than as specifically contemplated by this Agreement and will not have any assets (other than a de minimis amount of cash paid to Newco for the issuance of its stock to the Parent).
Additional Stockholders In connection with the issuance of any additional equity securities of the Company, the Company, with the consent of GTCR Fund VII, may permit such person to become a party to this Agreement and succeed to all of the rights and obligations of a holder of any particular category of Registrable Securities under this Agreement by obtaining an executed counterpart signature page to this Agreement, and, upon such execution, such person shall for all purposes be a holder of such category of Registrable Securities and party to this Agreement.
SHAREHOLDER COMMUNICATIONS ELECTION SEC Rule 14b-2 requires banks that hold securities, as that term is used in federal securities laws, for the account of customers to respond to requests by issuers of securities for the names, addresses and holdings of beneficial owners of securities of that issuer held by the bank unless the beneficial owner has expressly objected to disclosure of this information. In order to comply with the rule, as may be applicable, the Custodian needs each Fund to indicate whether it authorizes the Custodian to provide such Fund’s name, address, and share position to requesting companies whose securities the Fund owns. If a Fund tells the Custodian “no,” the Custodian will not provide this information to requesting companies. If a Fund tells the Custodian “yes” or does not check either “yes” or “no” below, the Custodian is required by the rule, as applicable, to treat the Fund as consenting to disclosure of this information for all securities owned by the Fund or any funds or accounts established by the Fund. For a Fund’s protection, the Rule, as applicable, prohibits the requesting company from using the Fund’s name and address for any purpose other than corporate communications. Please indicate below whether the Fund consents or objects by checking one of the alternatives below. YES [ ] The Custodian is authorized to release the Fund’s name, address, and share positions. NO [X] The Custodian is not authorized to release the Fund’s name, address, and share positions.
Shareholder Transactions a. Process shareholder purchase and redemption orders.
Approval of Shareholders The Acquired Fund Registrant will call a special meeting of the Acquired Fund shareholders to consider and act upon this Agreement and to take all other appropriate action necessary to obtain approval of the transactions contemplated herein.
Verizon Verizon will query the call and complete the call; Verizon will provide an appropriate EMI record to CBB; CBB will bill Verizon the CBB’s applicable Switched Exchange Access Tariff charges.
Shareholder Representative (a) Concurrently with approving this Agreement and the Merger, the Shareholders shall appoint an individual or entity as their agent and attorney-in-fact, as the shareholder representative for and on behalf of the Shareholders (the "Shareholder Representative"), to give and receive notices and communications, to object to such retention, to agree to, negotiate, enter into settlements and compromises of, and demand arbitration and comply with orders of courts and awards of arbitrators with respect to such claims, and to take all other actions that are either (i) necessary or appropriate in the judgment of the Shareholder Representative for the accomplishment of the foregoing or (ii) specifically mandated by the terms of this Agreement. Such agency may be changed by the Shareholders from time to time upon not less than thirty (30) days prior written notice to Parent; provided, however, that the Shareholder Representative may not be removed unless holders of a majority interest of the Shareholders agree to such removal and to the identity of the substituted agent. The Shareholder Representative may resign at any time upon written notice to Parent and the Shareholders. Any vacancy in the position of Shareholder Representative may be filled by the holders of a simple majority interest of the Escrow Fund. No bond shall be required of the Shareholder Representative, and the Shareholder Representative shall not receive compensation for its services. Notices or communications to or from the Shareholder Representative shall constitute notice to or from the Shareholders.