Any Party Sample Clauses

Any Party. (Initiating Party) claiming that a Dispute has arisen must give the other Party (Recipient Party) a notice setting out brief details of the Dispute (Dispute Notice).
Any Party. passes a resolution for its winding-up; or

Related to Any Party

  • LENDER The term “Lender” shall mean the holder of any promissory note or other evidence of indebtedness secured by the Property or any portion thereof.

  • Related Party Each of the following shall be deemed to be a “Related Party”: (a) each individual who is, or who has at any time been, an officer of the Seller; (b) each member of the family of each of the individuals referred to in clause “(a)” above; and (c) any Entity (other than the Seller) in which any one of the individuals referred to in clauses “(a)” and “(b)” above holds or held (or in which more than one of such individuals collectively hold or held), beneficially or otherwise, a controlling interest or a material voting, proprietary or equity interest.

  • Financing Document This Amendment constitutes a Financing Document as such term is defined in, and for purposes of, the Common Terms Agreement.

  • Related Parties With respect to any Person, such Person’s Affiliates and the partners, directors, officers, employees, agents and advisors of such Person and of such Person’s Affiliates.

  • Loan Document This Agreement is a Loan Document executed pursuant to the Credit Agreement and shall (unless otherwise expressly indicated herein) be construed, administered and applied in accordance with the terms and provisions thereof.

  • Credit Document This Amendment shall constitute a Credit Document under the terms of the Credit Agreement.

  • Affiliates or Associated Persons of Members The Company shall advise FINRA, the Representative and its counsel if it is aware that any 5% or greater stockholder of the Company becomes an affiliate or associated person of a Member participating in the distribution of the Units.

  • Lender Action Each Lender agrees that it shall not take or institute any actions or proceedings, judicial or otherwise, for any right or remedy against any Loan Party or any other obligor under any of the Loan Documents or the Secured Hedge Agreements (including the exercise of any right of setoff, rights on account of any banker’s lien or similar claim or other rights of self-help), or institute any actions or proceedings, or otherwise commence any remedial procedures, with respect to any Collateral or any other property of any such Loan Party, without the prior written consent of the Administrative Agent. The provision of this Section 10.19 are for the sole benefit of the Lenders and shall not afford any right to, or constitute a defense available to, any Loan Party.

  • The Lender the Borrower and Lender have formally executed a equity pledge contract (the “Share Pledge Agreement”), by virtue of which the Borrower agrees to pledge all its equity in the Borrower’s Company to the Lender.

  • Transaction Document This Amendment shall be a Transaction Document for purposes of the Receivables Financing Agreement.