Any Indebtedness Sample Clauses

Any Indebtedness. The No Lapse Guarantee Premium Target, as of any given Processing Date, equals (a) the Monthly No Lapse Guarantee Premium times the number of No Lapse Guarantee Premium Monthly Due Dates that have occurred since the Date of Issue (including the Date of Issue and such Processing Date) plus (b) interest applied to each Monthly No Lapse Guarantee Premium from its No Lapse Guarantee Premium Monthly Due Date to such Processing Date, with interest calculated at an annual effective rate of 4%.

Related to Any Indebtedness

  • Company Indebtedness The Company shall, and shall cause its Subsidiaries to, timely deliver all notices and take all other administrative actions required to facilitate (i) the termination of commitments, repayment in full of all outstanding loans or other obligations, release of any Liens securing such loans or obligations and guarantees in connection therewith, and replacement of or cash collateralization of any issued letters of credit in respect of the Credit Facility on or before the Closing Date and (ii) to the extent reasonably requested in writing by Parent, no later than ten (10) Business Days prior to the Closing Date with respect to any Indebtedness (other than Indebtedness in respect of the Credit Facility) incurred by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries after the date hereof in compliance with Section 6.1(b)(xi) (it being understood that the Company shall promptly and in any event no later than fifteen (15) Business Days prior to the Closing Date notify Parent in writing of the amount of any such Indebtedness incurred or to be incurred and expected to be outstanding on the Closing Date), repayment in full of all obligations in respect of such Indebtedness and release of any Liens securing such Indebtedness and guarantees in connection therewith, in each case, on the Closing Date. In furtherance and not in limitation of the foregoing, the Company and its Subsidiaries shall use reasonable best efforts to deliver to Parent no later than one (1) Business Day prior to the Closing Date payoff letters with respect to the Company Credit Facility and, to the extent reasonably requested by Parent in writing no later than ten (10) Business Days prior to the Closing Date, any Indebtedness incurred by any of the Company and its Subsidiaries after the date hereof in compliance with Section 6.1(b)(xi) (each, a “Payoff Letter”) in form and substance customary for transactions of this type, from the persons, or the applicable agent on behalf of the persons, to which such Indebtedness is owed, which Payoff Letters together with any related release documentation shall, among other things, include the payoff amount and provide for Liens (and guarantees), if any, granted in connection therewith relating to the assets, rights and properties of the Company and its Subsidiaries securing such Indebtedness and any other obligations secured thereby, upon the payment of the amount set forth in the applicable Payoff Letter on or prior to the Closing Date, to be released and terminated. Upon at least ten (10) days’ prior written notice from the Company that the Company has determined, after reasonable consultation with Parent, that it will not at the time of the Real Estate Purchase (and without giving effect to the payment of the Real Estate Purchase Price or any other payment under this Agreement) have sufficient unencumbered and available cash, net of “cage cash”, cash on hand required by any Governmental Entity, the reasonably estimated additional amount of cash necessary to ensure the sound operation of the Company’s business consistent with past practice, and any other restricted cash, to pay in full the outstanding Indebtedness in respect of the Credit Facility, then to the extent of such shortfall Parent will extend an unsecured loan to the Company on the day of the Closing so that, together with such net unencumbered and available cash, the proceeds of such loan are sufficient to pay in full the outstanding Indebtedness in respect of the Credit Facility as may be necessary to release all Liens and obligations in respect thereof at the time of, or immediately prior to, the Real Estate Purchase, and the terms of such loan shall be reasonable for the circumstance as negotiated in good faith by Parent and the Company.

  • Intercompany Indebtedness The Company shall not create, incur, assume or otherwise become or remain directly or indirectly liable with respect to any Indebtedness arising from loans from any Subsidiary to the Company unless (a) such Indebtedness is unsecured and (b) such Indebtedness shall be expressly subordinate to the payment in full in cash of the Obligations on terms satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.

  • OVERDRAFTS OR INDEBTEDNESS 1. See Second Amendment, dated 9/5/08. If Custodian should in its sole discretion advance funds on behalf of any Fund which results in an overdraft {this shall specifically not include any day-light overdraft) because the money held by Custodian in an Account for such Fund shall be insufficient to pay the total amount payable upon a purchase of Securities specifically allocated to such Fund, as set forth ill a Certificate, Instructions or Oral Instructions, or if an overdraft arises in the separate account of a Fund for some other reason, including, without limitation, because of a reversal of a conditional credit or the purchase of any currency, or if the Fund is for any other reason indebted to Custodian with respect to a Fund due to a borrowing from a Fund from the Custodian, (except a borrowing for investment or for temporary or emergency purposes using Securities as collateral pursuant to a separate agreement and subject to the provisions of Section 2 of this Article), such overdraft or indebtedness shall be deemed to be a loan made by Custodian to the Fund for such Fund payable on demand and shall bear interest from the date incurred at a rate per annum as disclosed on the Fee Schedule between the Funds and Custodian, as such Fee Exhibit may be amended from time to time. In addition, the Fund hereby agrees that Custodian shall to the maximum extent permitted by law have a continuing lien, security interest, and security entitlement in and to any property, including, without limitation, any investment property or any financial asset, of such Fund at any time held by Custodian for the benefit of such Fund or in which such Fund may have an interest (which is then in Custodian's possession or control or in possession or control of any third party acting in Custodian's behalf. The Fund authorizes Custodian, in its sole discretion, at any time to charge any such overdraft or indebtedness together with interest due thereon against any balance of account standing to such Fund's credit on Custodian's books. Notwithstanding, anything in this Agreement to the contrary, provided that Custodian and a Fund are parties to a Custodial Undertaking in Connection with Master Repurchase Agreement or a Subcustodial Undertaking in Connection with Master Repurchase Agreement (collectively the “Custodial Undertakings”), Custodian agrees that any securities held by Custodian in connection with a repurchase agreement entered into by such Fund and subject to the Custodial Undertakings shall not be subject to any security interest, lien or right of setoff by Custodian or any third pep claiming through Custodian and Custodian shall not pledge, encumber, hypothecate, transfer, dispose of, or otherwise grant any third party an interest in, any such securities.

  • Indebtedness Create, incur, assume or suffer to exist any Indebtedness, except:

  • Subsidiary Indebtedness The Borrower will not permit any Subsidiary to create, incur, assume or permit to exist any Indebtedness, except:

  • Subordinated Indebtedness The Obligations constitute senior indebtedness which is entitled to the benefits of the subordination provisions of all outstanding Subordinated Indebtedness.

  • Guaranteed Indebtedness No Credit Party shall create, incur, assume or permit to exist any Guaranteed Indebtedness except (a) by endorsement of instruments or items of payment for deposit to the general account of any Credit Party, and (b) for Guaranteed Indebtedness incurred for the benefit of any other Credit Party if the primary obligation is expressly permitted by this Agreement.

  • Permitted Indebtedness (a) Indebtedness to Agent, Issuing Bank and Lenders in connection with the Revolving Credit and Letters of Credit or otherwise pursuant to the Loan Documents; (b) trade payables incurred in the ordinary course of Borrower’s or any Subsidiary Guarantor’s business; (c) purchase money Indebtedness (including Capitalized Lease Obligations) hereafter incurred by Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor to finance the purchase of fixed assets; provided that, (i) such Indebtedness incurred in any fiscal year shall not exceed $1,000,000 (ii) such Indebtedness shall not exceed the purchase price of the assets funded and (iii) no such Indebtedness may be refinanced for a principal amount in excess of the principal amount outstanding at the time of such refinancing; (d) Indebtedness existing on the Closing Date that is identified and described on Schedule “1.1(a)” attached hereto and made part hereof; (e) Subordinated Debt; (f) Indebtedness of a Fin 46 Entity which is non-recourse to Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor; (g) guarantees by Borrower of Indebtedness of a Subsidiary Guarantor so long as such Indebtedness of such Subsidiary Guarantor constitutes Permitted Indebtedness; (h) Indebtedness under Hedging Agreements; (i) upon and following the consummation of the Merger, Indebtedness of the Post-Merger Parent that is non-recourse to Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor, and (j) Indebtedness related to the Xxxx CDS.

  • Investments; Indebtedness UDS shall not, and shall not permit any of its Subsidiaries to, (i) make any loans, advances or capital contributions to, or investments in, any other Person, other than (x) loans or investments by UDS or a wholly owned Subsidiary of UDS to or in UDS or any wholly owned Subsidiary of UDS, (y) in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice which are not, individually or in the aggregate, material to UDS and its Subsidiaries taken as a whole (provided that none of such transactions referred to in this clause (y) presents a material risk of making it more difficult to obtain any approval or authorization required in connection with the Merger under Regulatory Law) or (ii) except in the ordinary course consistent with past practice under UDS's existing authorized commercial paper program, incur any indebtedness for borrowed money or guarantee any such indebtedness of another Person, issue or sell any debt securities or warrants or other rights to acquire any debt securities of UDS or any of its Subsidiaries, guarantee any debt securities of another person, enter into any "keep well" or other agreement to maintain any financial statement condition of another Person (other than any wholly owned Subsidiary) or enter into any arrangement having the economic effect of any of the foregoing (collectively, "UDS Indebtedness").

  • Secured Indebtedness The Borrower shall not permit the ratio of (i) Secured Indebtedness of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries to (ii) Total Asset Value to be greater than 0.40 to 1.00 at any time.