Analysts Sample Clauses

Analysts. Reduction in ARC offending 91-181 days (rate of offending and harm score) Reduction in the number of offences committed by ARC clients 91-181 days after adoption. Community Safety Analysts 2017/18 is baseline 2017/18 Figure shown is percentage & volume reduction compared to the 90 days pre-adoption. See Appendix for further details. -63% -120 Reduction in average crime severity of ARC clients offending 91-181 days after adoption Community Safety Analysts 2017/18 is baseline 2017/18 Figure shown is percentage & volume reduction compared to the 90 days pre-adoption. See Appendix for further details. -76% -333 Reduction in average crime cost of ARC clients 91-181 days after adoption Community Safety Analysts 2017/18 baseline 2017/18 Figure shown is percentage & volume reduction compared to the 90 days pre-adoption. See Appendix for further details. -62% £5807.11 Insert SIB performance measures once cohort has been established. 2017/18 Cohort yet to be established (03/07/17) Outcome 2: Deliver an innovative approach to preventing young people from reoffending. Ref Task Responsibility Target Dates Progress Update Start End
Analysts. The Analysts will support the Director in carrying out the roles and responsibilities of MCA-Vanuatu, including but not limited to, managing and coordinating the monitoring and evaluation of the Transport Infrastructure Project as detailed in the M&E Plan and listed in Section 3.3(xi).
Analysts. It is understood and agreed that the Employer retains the right to establish and alter work shifts and schedules in accordance with public transportation needs, demand, and employer policies and the employer’s determination in such matters shall be final. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, the Employer will give at least three (3) days’ notice to an employee whose work schedule is changed. By this Agreement, all Analysts may experience normal variations in work schedule and work hours due to workload demands and business requirements. Shift times will be as designated by the Employer and may include assigning a meal period.
Analysts. Users who have had specialist training in argumentation or rule-­‐based policy modeling. These are only roles. Some people may be able to use the system in more than one of these roles. Suppose that welfare benefits are at issue and that several new welfare policies have been proposed. First, a computational model of these welfare policies is constructed by the analysis and published on the web ("Edit and Publish Policy Model"). This process is described in Chapter "Modeling Policies and Argumentation Schemes". Next, public users can use these models to assess the legal effects of the alternative welfare policies on cases, for example to determine whether single mothers would be entitled to a benefit, by using the web user-­‐interface of the tool ("Analyze Effects of Policies on Cases"). Chapter "Analysing and Comparing Policies" describes how this is done in detail, in the form of a manual for public users of the tool. Briefly, this is done by entering the relevant facts of the case by completing a series of forms. Questions are asked by the system in a goal-­‐ directed way, using the rules of the policies, to assure that only relevant questions are asked. When sufficient facts have been gathered, the system produces an argument graph of the relationships and dependencies between the facts of the case, the rules of the various policies, and the legal conclusions that can be drawn from these policies ("Browse and Analyze Arguments"). The policy modeling tool is able to compute preferred policies serving the interests of the user, by achieving desired legal effects. The cases entered by the user are saved in a database on the server and published on the Web, to make them available to other participants in the policy debate. Care has been taken to assure that the privacy of users is protected, by not storing any personal information. The Policy Modeling tool also provides a way for public users to take part in a survey, to express their opinion about which policy is preferable, and to view the aggregated results of the survey. After having analyzed the effects of the proposed policies, the user will be in a better position to make an informed contribution to the policy deliberations, for example by posting an argument on his web log ("Publish articles, blogs and comments.") The argument can include links to any cases constructed and published using the policy modeling tool. Clicking on such a link causes the model of the case, together with the analysis of t...
Analysts. The T-SAP Program Office will maintain a complement of T-SAP analysts, to include at a minimum two (2) analysts from the PASS bargaining unit. The PASS analysts will be responsible for redacting and preparing new T-SAP reports for ERC review. Additional tasks include subsequent requests for additional information and/or fact finding on submitted reports as directed by the T-SAPO and/or by ERC consensus. The assignment of such analysts will be as follows:
Analysts. Indications that at least two analysts from nationally recognized investment banks have agreed to initiate coverage of 7th Level Common Stock.

Related to Analysts

  • Conferences At the request of the State or the Engineer, conferences shall be provided at the Engineer's office, the office of the State, or at other locations designated by the State. These conferences shall also include evaluation of the Engineer's services and work when requested by the State.

  • Recommendations This matter has been reviewed and approved by the Medical School Conflict of Interest Board. In light of this disclosure and our finding that the Agreement was negotiated in conformance with standard University practices, I recommend that the Board of Regents approve the University’s entering into this Agreement with Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration. Respectfully submitted, X. Xxxx Xx

  • Research Analyst Independence The Company acknowledges that the Underwriters’ research analysts and research departments are required to be independent from their respective investment banking divisions and are subject to certain regulations and internal policies, and that such Underwriters’ research analysts may hold views and make statements or investment recommendations and/or publish research reports with respect to the Company and/or the offering that differ from the views of their respective investment banking divisions. The Company hereby waives and releases, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any claims that the Company may have against the Underwriters with respect to any conflict of interest that may arise from the fact that the views expressed by their independent research analysts and research departments may be different from or inconsistent with the views or advice communicated to the Company by such Underwriters’ investment banking divisions. The Company acknowledges that each of the Underwriters is a full service securities firm and as such from time to time, subject to applicable securities laws, may effect transactions for its own account or the account of its customers and hold long or short positions in debt or equity securities of the companies that may be the subject of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Newsletter ☐ Yes, I would like to receive the newsletter. The monthly newsletter serves to keep you informed about new courses, new teachers, new developments, as well as internal and external events hosted by the GMS, its teachers and its partners. To send the newsletter, we use the mail service provider 'Mailchimp' from the United States. The provider is the Rocket Science Group LLC, 000 Xxxxx Xx Xxxx Ave NE, Suite 5000,Atlanta,GA 30308, USA. They store the mail address, and, where applicable, the first name and the IP address. For further information, please read the data protection agreement. ☐ Yes, I hereby grant my consent. Without the agreement it is not possible to subscribe to the newsletter. I can cancel the agreement at any point in the future. Use of photo, audio and video-material To promote itself and its own events, courses and programs the GMS uses photo material and sometimes audio or video recordings. ☐ Yes, I hereby grant my consent to the GMS to use photos of myself (or of my child) as well as audio/video recordings made of courses, workshops or events for promotional purposes without requiring special permission. I can cancel this agreement any point in the future.

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences A. Unit member shall be available at mutually arranged times during the regular school day to confer with parents regarding learning difficulties, student progress and/or behavioral problems a student may be experiencing. Unit members are encouraged to arrange a meeting or conference with parents before or after the regular school day if both time and place are mutually agreeable.

  • Publications Neither Party shall publicly present or publish results of studies carried out under this Agreement (each such presentation or publication a “Publication”) without the opportunity for prior review by the other Party, except to the extent otherwise required by Applicable Law, in which case Section 12.3 shall apply with respect to disclosures required by the SEC and/or for regulatory filings. The submitting Party shall provide the other Party the opportunity to review any proposed Publication at least thirty (30) days prior to the earlier of its presentation or intended submission for publication. The submitting Party agrees, upon request by the other Party, not to submit or present any Publication until the other Party has had thirty (30) days to comment on any material in such Publication. The submitting Party shall consider the comments of the other Party in good faith, but will retain the sole authority to submit the manuscript for Publication; provided that the submitting Party agrees to delay such Publication as necessary to enable the Parties to file a Patent if such Publication might adversely affect such Patent. The submitting Party shall provide the other Party a copy of the Publication at the time of the submission or presentation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BMS shall not have the right to publish or present Ambrx’s Confidential Information without Ambrx’s prior written consent, and Ambrx shall not have the right to publish or present BMS’ Confidential Information without BMS’ prior written consent. Each Party agrees to acknowledge the contributions of the other Party, and the employees of the other Party, in all publications as scientifically appropriate. This Section 12.4 shall not limit and shall be subject to Section 12.5. Nothing contained in this Section 12.4 shall prohibit the inclusion of information in a patent application claiming, and in furtherance of, the manufacture, use, sale or formulation of a Compound, provided that the non-filing Party is given a reasonable opportunity to review, comment upon and/or approve the information to be included prior to submission of such patent application, where and to the extent required by Article 9 hereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties recognize that independent investigators have been engaged, and will be engaged in the future, to conduct Clinical Trials of Compounds and Products. The Parties recognize that such investigators operate in an academic environment and may release information regarding such studies in a manner consistent with academic standards; provided that each Party will use reasonable efforts to prevent publication prior to the filing of relevant patent applications and to ensure that no Confidential Information of either Party is disclosed.

  • Outreach LJMU has a long-established and successful history of outreach activity designed to raise aspirations and attainment and encourage students from under-represented groups to apply to higher education. In further developing its outreach strategy the University has taken into consideration its current student composition, the regional context in which it operates as well as the future uncertainty surrounding the attractiveness of a university education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The origins of Aimhigher are to be found in Liverpool as a collaborative project involving the four Merseyside-based HEIs through the joint venture vehicle of Liverpool City of Learning. The title Aimhigher and the Internet domain name were transferred to the national programme to facilitate this work. Consequently, LJMU is highly experienced in Aimhigher activities and fully appreciates the importance of raising aspirations at a relatively young age in communities where Higher Education is not a familiar development route. It can therefore be safely anticipated that the University will continue to take an active role in such work, seeking to build on and invest in elements of best practice that are complementary to LJMU‟s widening participation strategy. All outreach activity is carefully planned and targeted based on a range of internal and external information sources and analyses. This includes UCAS management statistics and research, HEFCE performance indicators, GCSE and A level attainment data, HE participation rates of schools and colleges and LJMU‟s own institutional monitoring and research. Target groups include NS-SEC 4-7, low participation neighbourhoods, first generation into HE and mature students (age 21 plus) with level 2 and level 3 qualifications. The University also seeks to widen participation for disabled students, looked after children (LAC) and specific BME groups that are under-represented in HE. Given that the University is based within an area of high deprivation and that nearly half of its student population is from Greater Merseyside, widening participation outreach is largely targeted at local schools and communities. LJMU has invested in, and will continue to invest in, longer-term well-targeted and sustained outreach programmes that work with potential applicants over a number of years rather than just one-off interventions. Specifically the University will: Raise aspirations and attainment within local and regional communities and provide high quality information, advice and guidance through a programme of outreach activity targeted at schools, colleges and parents. This will include 650 outreach activities delivered to pupils from year 9 onwards in over 250 schools. Encourage vocational routes into HE, recognising that post GCSE two thirds of young people spend all or some of the years from 16-19 on courses which are partly or wholly vocational7. This will involve working closely with 25 FE colleges to deliver around 50 outreach activities and progression events. Continue to work to work in partnership with other bodies where appropriate, for example, with Maestro in terms of stimulating interest in STEM subjects in schools and colleges. Work with mature learners to help increase level 4 skills as identified by the Xxxxxx report8, particularly given the lower than average skill levels across Greater Merseyside. Work will focus on outreach with FE (25 activities) primarily directed at students undertaking Access programmes, as well as outreach work with community groups. Xxxxxx relationships between LJMU and its community by delivering a programme of local community outreach. This includes initiatives such as staff and student volunteers supporting local schools and colleges through governorship, assisting with reading and numeracy and acting as mentors to improve attainment. The University currently supports 850 pupils through sustained volunteering work. Maintain and enhance the work of LJMU‟s Astrophysics Research Institute (ARI) in operating the National Schools‟ Observatory (NSO) currently used (without charge) to make the power of the LJMU robotic telescope available on line for use by over 1,200 primary and secondary schools throughout the UK. This programme is designed to advance an understanding of, and excitement for, science and technology to then stimulate interest in STEM subjects. Continue to develop specific strategies to increase the number and the success of disabled learners, “looked after children” (LJMU has been awarded the Xxxxx Xxxxxx Trust Quality Xxxx in recognition of the high level of support it offers to students that have been in care) and learners from some black and minority ethnic groups that are currently under-represented in higher education 7 Review of Vocational Education - The Wolf report, 2011 8 Xxxxxx Review of Skills 2006 In addition the University will: Build further on the work of Aimhigher and provide additional investment to support an intensive outreach programme directed at 1,500 local pupils from 20 target local schools covering years 9 to 13. Based on LJMU‟s progression curriculum and tailored to the needs of schools and learners, the programme will provide students with first-hand experience of subjects and courses they are interested in as well as the opportunity to work intensely for a day on a subject they are considering studying at Level 3 and/or degree level. It is the University‟s intention to bridge the gap in this activity between the ending of Aimhigher funding in July 2011 and the start of the financial year 2012-13. Recruit, train and employ a team of student advocates to support LJMU outreach activities. Well-trained and informed students act as good role models for students and support outreach through student life presentations, providing shadowing opportunities and assisting with campus tours and taster days. LJMU students also benefit from the experience by gaining essential skills that will help them to successfully engage in the work place, thus providing a strong strategic fit with LJMU‟s employability programme. Develop an access to employers outreach programme for schools where students are given the opportunity to engage with employers from professional sectors such as law, architecture, engineering, healthcare and science and to take part in a programme of targeted activity within that industry. This again supports LJMU‟s World of Work employability programme and builds on existing and strong relationships with both schools and employers. Build on its work with a number of Trust School Partnerships across the North West to provide support and advice on governance and involvement in a variety of activities that support their work. The University is also a partner in a proposed University Technical College (UTC) in Knowsley, which will serve the Greater Merseyside region, and is supporting further bids for UTCs in Liverpool and Xxxxxxxxx. In addition, as an affiliated member of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), the University will continue to develop and enhance effective links with schools and colleges as well as address subject specific issues and areas of best practice.

  • Research Support opioid abatement research that may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Parent Conferences A. 1. Elementary and exceptional education schools shall be dismissed early a minimum of four (4) half days during the school year to grant teachers time for parent-teacher conferences.

  • Provide Information Except as set forth in Section 16, Parent, SpinCo and Acquiror shall keep each other reasonably informed with respect to any material development relating to the matters subject to this Agreement.