Amendment to Definitions Sample Clauses

Amendment to Definitions. In Section 1.01, amendments are made to the definitions, as follows:
Amendment to Definitions. Section 1.1 of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended by deleting the words "May 22, 2000" appearing in the definition of "Revolving Credit Loan Maturity Date" and substituting in lieu thereof the words "May 31, 2000".
Amendment to Definitions. All references to the term "Financing ------------------------ Agreements" in the Loan Agreement and the other Financing Agreements shall mean, and each such reference is hereby amended to include, in addition and not in limitation, this Amendment and all other agreements, documents or instruments at any time executed and/or delivered by Borrower or any other person in connection herewith, as the same now exist or may hereafter be amended, modified, supplemented, extended, renewed, restated or replaced.
Amendment to Definitions. The following definitions contained in Section 1 of the Rights Agreement are hereby deleted in their entirety and amended to read as follows:
Amendment to Definitions. (i) The definition of "
Amendment to Definitions. The following definitions are hereby amended as follows: