Account for the Sample Clauses

Account for the activity within 1 month after completion Within 1 month after completing the activity supported by the grant, the Recipient shall provide to Novo Nordisk a report or letter evidencing that the grant was used for its intended purpose. The Recipient may provide this documentation in the form of a letter or invoice with attachments, or other similarly substantiated written form acceptable to Novo Nordisk.

Related to Account for the

  • – BANK ACCOUNT FOR PAYMENTS All payments must be made to the coordinator's bank account as indicated below: Name of bank: […] Precise denomination of the account holder: […] Full account number (including bank codes): […] [IBAN code: […]]10

  • Account Fees The Company, by resolution of the Board of Directors, including a majority of the Independent Directors, may from time to time authorize the imposition of a fee as a direct charge against shareholder accounts of any class of one or more of the Funds, such fee to be retained by the Company or to be paid to the Investment Manager to defray expenses which would otherwise be paid by the Investment Manager in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4 of this Agreement. At least sixty days prior written notice of the intent to impose such fee must be given to the shareholders of the affected Fund or Fund class.

  • Establishment of and Deposits to Custodial Account The Company shall segregate and hold all funds collected and received pursuant to a Mortgage Loan separate and apart from any of its own funds and general assets and shall establish and maintain one or more Custodial Accounts, in the form of time deposit or demand accounts, titled "Countrywide Home Loans Inc. in trust for the Purchaser of Conventional Residential Conventional Residential Mortgage Loans, and various Mortgagors". The Custodial Account shall be established with a Qualified Depository. Any funds deposited in the Custodial Account shall at all times be fully insured to the full extent permitted under applicable law. Funds deposited in the Custodial Account may be drawn on by the Company in accordance with Section 4.05. The creation of any Custodial Account shall be evidenced by a certification in the form of Exhibit D-1 hereto, in the case of an account established with the Company, or by a letter agreement in the form of Exhibit D-2 hereto, in the case of an account held by a depository other than the Company. A copy of such certification or letter agreement shall be furnished to the Purchaser and, upon request, to any subsequent Purchaser. The Company shall deposit in the Custodial Account within two Business Days of receipt, and retain therein, the following collections received by the Company and payments made by the Company after the related Cut-off Date, (other than payments of principal and interest due on or before the related Cut-off Date, or received by the Company prior to the related Cut-off Date but allocable to a period subsequent thereto or with respect to each LPMI Loan, in the amount of the LPMI Fee):

  • Account Verification Whether or not a Default or Event of Default exists, Agent shall have the right at any time, in the name of Agent, any designee of Agent or any Borrower, to verify the validity, amount or any other matter relating to any Accounts of Borrowers by mail, telephone or otherwise. Borrowers shall cooperate fully with Agent in an effort to facilitate and promptly conclude any such verification process.