Accelerated Vesting if the Time Based Shares Are Not Assumed Sample Clauses

Accelerated Vesting if the Time-Based Shares are Not Assumed. If (1) during your service with the Company, a Corporate Transaction occurs, and (2) the Time-Based RSUs are not assumed, substituted or otherwise continued or replaced with similar equity awards in connection with the Corporate Transaction (it being understood that similar equity awards include, but are not limited to, awards to acquire the same consideration paid to the stockholders of the Company pursuant to the Corporate Transaction) and (3) you comply with the Conditions, then 100% of the then unvested Time-Based RSUs will vest immediately prior to the consummation of such Corporate Transaction (for purposes of clarity, the foregoing is intended to ensure that, if the Time-Based RSUs will be terminated upon the consummation of a Corporate Transaction, you will vest in the Time-Based RSUs, including the accelerated portions thereof, immediately prior to, and contingent upon, the consummation of the Corporate Transaction).