190 Contract Complete Sample Clauses

190 Contract Complete. This contract is the final expression of the Parties' agreement. There are no understandings, agreements, or representations, expressed or implied, which are not specified in this contract.

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  • Contract Complete This Contract contains all negotiations and agreements between the State and the Contractor. No other understanding regarding this Contract, whether written or oral, may be used to bind either party.

  • Contract Compliance All individual employee contracts entered into and/or in force during the duration of this Agreement shall be subject to and consistent with Washington State law and the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Any individual employee contract executed shall expressly provide that it is subject to the terms of this and subsequent Agreements between the District and the Association. If any individual employee contract contains any language inconsistent with this Agreement, this Agreement, during its duration, shall be controlling.

  • Agreement Complete This Agreement constitutes the full and complete agreement of the Members. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether in writing or oral, related to the subject matter of this Agreement that are not set forth in writing herein.

  • Tax Service Contract; Flood Certification Contract Each Mortgage Loan is covered by a paid in full, life of loan, tax service contract and a paid in full, life of loan, flood certification contract and each of these contracts is assignable to the Purchaser;

  • Term of Contract; Contract Extension The Contract will be in effect from the Effective Date () through . DAS, in its sole discretion, may extend this Contract for additional terms beyond the original term, prior to Termination or expiration, one or more times for a combined total period not to exceed the complete length of the original term.

  • Project Completion Date It is agreed between the Parties that the Project Completion Date is <END DATE, YEAR>. If the Project is not completed by such date then, subject to an amendment agreed to between the Parties, Alberta Innovates may elect to terminate this Investment Agreement. In such event, Alberta Innovates will notify the Applicant of its decision to terminate as soon as reasonably practical and shall advise the Applicant of the effective date of termination. Alberta Innovates will have no liability or obligation to reimburse the Applicant for any Project Costs incurred after the effective date of termination and may require the Applicant to return any portions of the Investment which were spent on Ineligible Expenses. Additionally, any portion of the Investment not used and accounted for in accordance with this Agreement as of the Project Completion Date or earlier termination is repayable by the Applicant to AI at AI’s request.

  • Contract Work The provision of goods and services identified in the Contract constitute the contract work (Contract Work). Contractor shall perform the Contract Work pursuant to the terms of the Contract. Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, services, appliances, and appurtenances for the Contract Work in strict conformity with this Contract, within the time-period prescribed by the City.

  • Project Completion The Project and the Work are complete.

  • Construction Contract; Cost Budget Tenant shall engage the Contractor under a commercially reasonable and customary construction contract, reasonably approved by Landlord (collectively, the “Contract”). Prior to the commencement of the construction of the Tenant Improvements, and after Tenant has accepted all bids for the Tenant Improvements, Tenant shall provide Landlord with a detailed breakdown, by trade, of the final costs to be incurred or which have been incurred, as set forth more particularly in Sections through, above, in connection with the design and construction of the Tenant Improvements to be performed by or at the direction of Tenant or the Contractor, which costs form a basis for the estimated total costs of the work of the Tenant Improvement project (the “Final Budget”). Prior to the commencement of construction of the Tenant Improvements, Tenant shall inform Landlord of the amount (the “Over-Allowance Amount”), if any, by which the amount of the Final Budget exceeds the amount of the Tenant Improvement Allowance (less any portion thereof already disbursed by Landlord, or in the process of being disbursed by Landlord, on or before the commencement of construction of the Tenant Improvements). Tenant shall be responsible to pay any Over-Allowance Amount in progress payments on a pro rata basis based on the total Over-Allowance Amount as compared to the Tenant Improvement Allowance.

  • OGS Contract Documents This Centralized Contract is composed of the following documents:  The Contract (that portion preceding the signatures)  Appendix A - Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts (January 2014)  Appendix B - General Specifications January 2015 22772 Project Based Information Technology Consulting (Statewide)  Appendix C - Contract Modification Procedure  Appendix D – Pricing Schedule  Appendix E – Report of Contract Purchases  Appendix F – Project Based Information Technology Consulting Services Processes and Forms o Attachment 1- Mini-Bid Template o Attachment 2- How to Use This Contract o Attachment 3- Enhancement Request Template o Attachment 4- No Cost Change Request Template o Attachment 5- Mini-Bid Participation Interest Template  Appendix G – Contractor and OGS Information