Contract Compliance Sample Clauses

Contract Compliance. The participating state agency and/or political subdivision that utilize this State Term Schedule will be responsible for the administration of the Contract and will monitor the Contractor's performance and compliance with the terms, conditions and specifications of the Contract. If an agency observes any infraction(s), such shall be documented and conveyed to the Contractor for immediate correction. If the Contractor fails to rectify the infraction(s), the agency will notify the State through the Department of Administrative Services, Office of Procurement Services, by executing a Complaint to Vendor (CTV) to help resolve the infraction(s). The State will apply the terms and conditions of the Termination provision of this Contract to resolve the infractions(s).
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Contract Compliance. All individual employee contracts shall be subject to and consistent with Washington State Law and the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Any individual employee contract hereinafter executed shall expressly provide that it is subject to the terms of this and subsequent Agreements between the Employer and the Association. If any individual employee contract contains any language inconsistent with this Agreement, this Agreement during its duration, shall be controlling.
Contract Compliance. The City further does not discriminate on the basis of handicap status in admission, or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs and activities. The City is including these policy statements in all bid documents, contracts, and leases. Contractors, lessors, vendors and suppliers shall agree to comply with State and Federal Equal Opportunity laws and regulations and shall submit documentation regarding Equal Opportunity upon the City's request.
Contract Compliance. A. CPS has the right to audit Provider’s performance under the Contract at any time, for any or no reason.
Contract Compliance. The City: (i) faithfully shall observe and perform all of its obligations under this Contract; and (ii) shall not terminate this Contract for any cause whatsoever; provided that the City shall not be obligated to expend any of its own funds in connection with its performance hereunder.
Contract Compliance. The ESS TA will review the Mid-Year and Annual Contract Evaluations to determine if Contractor is meeting contract requirements and/or minimum standards. The ESS TA will send an ESS-A- 035—Contract Compliance Review to notify Contractor of their compliance status. If a Contractor is found to be out-of-compliance, the ESS TA will determine if a plan of action is necessary. When required, Contractor will write a plan of action outlining the steps to be implemented to meet contract compliance within the next six (6) months. The plan of action will be submitted to the ESS TA within thirty (30) days of receiving the ESS-A-035—
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Contract Compliance. A. Individual employee personnel service contracts will be issued in accordance with, and will conform to state laws and regulations. In the event there are actual inconsistencies between personnel service contracts and this agreement, the terms of this agreement will be controlling.
Contract Compliance. PRF: (i) shall pay the Installment Payments punctually and in strict conformity with the terms of this Contract; (ii) faithfully shall observe and perform all of its obligations under this Contract; and (iii) shall not terminate this Contract for any cause whatsoever. If the City expends any funds in connection with its compliance with the representation set forth in Subsection 10(a), then PRF shall reimburse the City for such expenses promptly upon receipt of a written invoice accompanied by reasonable evidence supporting such expenditure.
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