Wowza Website definition

Wowza Website means, its constituent pages, and other websites owned, managed, or operated by Wowza.

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Wowza posting notice of such changes on the Wowza Website; (ii) Wowza providing notice to your Email Address of such changes; or (iii) the signing of a written amendment modifying this EULA by both you and Wowza.

Wowza may modify this EULA from time to time by one of three methods: (i) posting the changes on the Wowza Website; (ii) providing notice of such changes to your Email Address; or (iii) signing a written agreement with you specifying changes to this EULA.

The Services will be provided within the timeframes described on the Wowza Website or in other documentation provided by Wowza.

If you have a type of License Key or licensing mechanism not specifically described here, that License Key may include additional restrictions, limitations, or specifications, in each case as provided by Wowza, either on the Wowza Website or by email or other notice to you.

Not all types of licenses are available to every customer and the requirements for obtaining a specific license type are available from Wowza and may be provided on the Wowza Website.

In general, the type of license to the Software that you hold can be determined by examining the purchase documents received from Wowza (such as a receipt), the ordering, purchase, and confirmation webpages on the Wowza Website, or the License Key obtained from Wowza.

Subject to the terms of this EULA and other terms and conditions on the Wowza Website and provided to you from time to time, Wowza will provide the Services to you during the Services Period for each individual License Key.

Additional terms and conditions regarding the Services may be posted on the Wowza Website or communicated to you by Wowza from time to time.

Wowza shall use the Total Number of Instances and Total Number of Channels to calculate your annual, monthly, or daily fee, as set forth on the Wowza Website and in documentation from Wowza.

You shall pay the annual, monthly, or daily fee in U.S. dollars according to the payment policies set forth on the Wowza Website.

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Password means an alphanumeric code used by the Client to validate his/her username and access the Service.
Computer database or “database” means a collection of recorded information in a form capable of, and for the purpose of, being stored in, processed, and operated on by a computer. The term does not include computer software.
Information processing system means an electronic system for creating, generating, sending, receiving, storing, displaying, or processing information.
Programming means the process of organisation, decision-making and allocation of financial resources in several stages, with the involvement of partners in accordance with Article 5, intended to implement, on a multi-annual basis, joint action by the Union and the Member States to achieve the objectives of the Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth;
Portal means the Private Offerings, Resales and Trading through Automated Linkages system of the NASD.
Internet means the communications network comprised of multiple communications networks linking education, government, industrial and private computer networks.
Line Information Data Base (“LIDB”) means a Service Control Point (SCP) database that provides for such functions as calling card validation for telephone line number cards issued by Embarq and other entities and validation for collect and billed-to-third services.
Username means an alphanumeric login identification used by the Client for accessing the Service.
Usage Data means aggregated technical data about Your use and Your Users’ use of the Software and/or Hosted Services and Your User’s Devices, including but not limited to: AirWatch account identification number; Device make and model; Device operating systems; operating system versions; the total number Devices running; the number of active Devices; dates and times of AirWatch console logins; Device ownership type; application names, identifiers, versions, whether the application is public or managed; database actions taken; external calls, HTTP requests, browser load pages made by the Software and/or Hosted Service; errors made by applications running in this Software and/or Hosted Service; and the amount of memory and CPU usage across the Software and/or Hosted Service.
Internet Domain Name means all right, title and interest (and all related IP Ancillary Rights) arising under any Requirement of Law in or relating to internet domain names.
Personal Identifying Information or “PII” means information that alone, or in conjunction with other information, identifies an individual, as defined at Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 521.002(1).
Customer Content means any and all data, applications, files, information or materials accessed, transmitted, uploaded, published or displayed through the Software or Hosted Service by You, Your Users or any third party users and/or their Devices. It does not include Relationship Data or Usage Data.