Definition of Term Facility Obligations

Term Facility Obligations means all "Term Loan Obligations" (as such term is defined in the Term/Notes Collateral Agreement) of the Company and other obligors outstanding under, and all other obligations in respect of, the Term Facility or any of the other Term Facility Documents.

Examples of Term Facility Obligations in a sentence

The Term Facility Obligations and the Revolving Facility Obligations shall be several but not joint obligations of the Term Facility Borrower and the Revolving Facility Borrowers, respectively.
Junior Secured Obligations means (a) with respect to the Term Facility Obligations (to the extent such Obligations are secured by the Term Facility First Lien Collateral), the Revolving Facility Obligations, and (b) with respect to Revolving Facility Obligations (to the extent such Obligations are secured by the Revolving Facility First Lien Collateral), the Term Facility Obligations.
In furtherance of Section 2.03, if the New Revolving Facility Obligations are secured by Property of the Grantors that do not also secure the Term Facility Obligations, the applicable Grantors shall promptly grant a Term Facility Lien on such Property to secure the Term Facility Obligations.
The Revolving Facility Secured Parties and the Term Facility Secured Parties shall have no duty to disclose to any Term Facility Secured Party or to any Revolving Facility Secured Party, respectively, any information relating to the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, or any other circumstance bearing upon the risk of nonpayment of any of the Revolving Facility Obligations or the Term Facility Obligations, as the case may be, that is known or becomes known to any of them or any of their Affiliates.
The Company may designate hereunder additional obligations as RBL Facility Obligations, Term Facility Obligations, Other First-Priority Lien Obligations, Other Second-Priority Lien Obligations or as a Refinancing of the First-Priority Lien Obligations or Second-Priority Lien Obligations of any Series if the incurrence of such obligations is permitted under each of the First-Priority Lien Obligations Documents, the Second-Priority Lien Obligations Documents and this Agreement.