Definition of Term Facility Lenders

Term Facility Lenders means (a) in respect of any unutilized Term Facility Commitments, the Tranche A Term Facility Lenders, the Tranche B Term Facility Lenders, the Tranche C Term Facility Lenders and/or the Tranche D Term Facility Lenders, as applicable, and (b) in respect of any Term Facility Loans, the Lenders from time to time holding any Term Facility Loans after giving effect to any assignments thereof permitted by Section 13.05(b).

Examples of Term Facility Lenders in a sentence

The Borrower shall repay to the applicable Incremental Term Facility Lenders the aggregate amount of all Incremental Term Facility Loans made under an Incremental Term Facility at such times as may be set forth in the amendment or supplement to this Agreement executed in connection with such Incremental Term Facility.
The Administrative Agent shall promptly notify the Borrower and the lenders participating in such Incremental Term Facility (the Incremental Term Facility Lenders) of the final allocation of such Incremental Term Facility and the Incremental Term Facility Effective Date.
Such Defaulting Lenders right to approve or disapprove any amendment, waiver or consent with respect to this Agreement shall be restricted as set forth in the definitions of Required Lenders, Required Revolving Lenders and Required Incremental Term Facility Lenders and in Section 10.01.
Pursuant to the First Amendment, the 2012 Incremental Term Facility Lenders have established an Incremental Term Facility (the 2012 Incremental Term Facility) pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth on Schedule 2.16A.
Incremental Term Facility Lenders grant to the Borrower upon the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement (including, without limitation, Clause 7 (Uncommitted Incremental Facilities), and relevant Incremental Term Facility Commitment Agreements, a term loan facility in a maximum aggregate amount equal to the euro equivalent of $372,000,000 (the Incremental Term Facility) or its equivalent from time to time in Optional Currencies.