Definition of Facility B Lenders

Facility B Lenders means those Lenders which have issued Commitments to extend credit under Facility B.

Examples of Facility B Lenders in a sentence

The Company may, if it gives the Agent not less than 10 Business Days' (or such shorter period as the Majority Facility B Lenders or Majority Facility C Lenders may agree) prior notice, cancel the whole or any part (being in the case of Facility B a minimum amount of EU5,000,000 and in integral multiples of EU500,000 and in the case of Facility C, USD5,000,000 and integral multiples of USD500,000) of an Available Facility.
On each Borrowing date on which Bankers Acceptances are to be accepted, the Canadian Administrative Agent shall advise the Canadian Borrower as to the Canadian Administrative Agents determination of the applicable Discount Rate for the Bankers Acceptances which any of the Facility B Lenders have agreed to purchase.
Any such election made by the Borrower pursuant to clause (i), (ii), or (iii) of the preceding sentence shall be made with respect to all Non-Consenting Facility B Lenders pursuant to such clause.
Based upon such calculation, the Facility B Lenders shall sell and assign or purchase and assume (as applicable) from each other such shares in the Outstanding Facility B Loans as Agent determines is necessary to cause each Facility B Lender to hold Outstanding Facility B Loans in an amount equal to such Facility B Lenders Proportionate Share of such Outstanding Facility B Loan Borrowings.
Administrative Agent, Facility B Lenders, and each Restricted Company party to such Loan Paper agree to negotiate, in good faith, the terms of a replacement provision as similar to the severed provision as may be possible and be legal, valid, and enforceable.