Definition of Tender Offer Closing

Tender Offer Closing means the closing of the first acquisition of registered ordinary shares of Celanese AG by BCP Crystal Acquisition GmbH & Co. KG pursuant to its voluntary public takeover offer published February 2, 2004.

Examples of Tender Offer Closing in a sentence

The Company shall reimburse such fees and expenses concurrently with the Tender Offer Closing to the extent such documentation has been received by the Company at least two (2) Business Days prior to the date of the Tender Offer Closing, and shall reimburse all other such fees and expenses as promptly as practicable following receipt of such documentation.
The Term Loan A Commitment shall terminate automatically at 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on the Tender Offer Closing Date and the Term Loan B Commitment shall terminate automatically at 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on the Vivendi Games Facility Repayment Date.
The Borrower and BidCo shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to take or cause to be taken all corporate, stockholder and other action necessary to cause the Acquisition Closing Date to occur as soon as practicable after the Tender Offer Closing Date.
This Agreement shall become effective immediately upon the closing of the tender offer as approved by the Board of Directors of the Company on November 27, 2007, to purchase up to $70.0 million of its common stock in a fixed price tender offer where the Company has purchased and paid for all shares tendered at $7.00 up to $70.0 million pursuant to tender offer materials to be filed by the Company with the SEC no later than December 7, 2007 (the Tender Offer Closing).
The requested amount of the Tranche B Loan shall not exceed (i) the maximum amount of the Tranche B Commitment or (ii) the sum of (A) the aggregate principal amount of Indebtedness outstanding under the Vivendi Games Facility on the Tranche B Funding Date, plus (B) the amount, if any, by which (x) the Aggregate Required Offer Consideration certified pursuant to Section 4.02(d)(B) exceeds (y) Available Cash on the Tender Offer Closing Date.