Definition of Telecom Services

Telecom Services means services provided by a Telecom Provider using Telecom Equipment.

Telecom Services means any of the following products or services:
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Telecom Services means the businesses of providing (i) mobile telephony (whether as owner or virtual network operator), (ii) fixed telephony, (iii) broadband access or (iv) pay-tv services.
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Examples of Telecom Services in a sentence

Princeton, NY 08540-6215 Dear Pat: This memorandum confirms our understanding regarding your ongoing employment relationship with RCN Telecom Services, Inc.
Tenant agrees that, to the extent any Telecom Services are interrupted, curtailed or discontinued, Landlord will have no obligation or liability with respect thereto, and it will be the sole obligation of Tenant at its expense to obtain substitute Telecom Services.
In connection with the Quarterly Report of American Telecom Services, Inc.
Mr. Fraser was the President and Chief Executive Officer, and a Director of Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.
The Commonwealth's primary goal is to significantly improve the Commonwealth's IT infrastructure and the manner in which such infrastructure is operated, supported, and maintained for the following service towers: Cross-Functional Services, Desktop Computing Services, Data Network Services, Voice and Video Telecom Services, Mainframe and Server Services, Help Desk Services, Messaging Services, Security Services, Internal Application Services, and Data Center facilities.