Definition of TCGA 1992

TCGA 1992 means the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992.

Examples of TCGA 1992 in a sentence

The book value shown in, or adopted for the purposes of, the Company Financial Statements as the aggregate value of the assets of the Company, on the disposal of which a chargeable gain or allowable loss could arise, does not exceed the amount which on a disposal of the assets at the date of this Agreement would be deductible, in each case, disregarding any statutory right to claim any allowance or relief other than amounts deductible under Section 38 of TCGA 1992.
Pre-entry Losses The Disclosure Letter contains details of all pre-entry losses falling within paragraph 1(2)(a) of Schedule 7A to the TCGA 1992 which have, or will have, accrued to the Company prior to Completion and details of all assets which, if disposed of on Completion, would give rise to an allowable loss.
No election under Section 35, TCGA 1992 is in effect in relation to the U.K. Sub and, on or prior to the Closing Date, full particulars are given in the Disclosure Letter of the first relevant disposal for the purposes of that section.
The Company has not received any capital distribution to which the provisions of section 189 of the TCGA 1992 could apply.
12.1There are no outstanding debts owed to or by the Company, or any securities issued by the Company or the Company owns or in which it has an interest, which will not be repaid at Completion, other than trade debts which fall within the exemption in section 251(1) TCGA 1992 and which do not arise out of loan relationships of the Company for the purposes of section 302 (1) and (2) CTA 2009.