Definition of TCGA

TCGA means the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992;

Examples of TCGA in a sentence

The Company has not been party to any scheme of re-construction or re-organisation to which the provisions of TCGA Section 139 or ICTA Section 703 or Section 343 could apply.
The Company does not hold and has not held any shares upon the disposal of which TCGA Sections 31 or 32 could apply.
The book value shown in, or adopted for the purposes of, the Company Financial Statements as the aggregate value of the assets of the Company, on the disposal of which a chargeable gain or allowable loss could arise, does not exceed the amount which on a disposal of the assets at the date of this Agreement would be deductible, in each case, disregarding any statutory right to claim any allowance or relief other than amounts deductible under Section 38 of TCGA 1992.
No loss which might accrue on the disposal by the Company of any share in or security of any company is liable to be reduced by virtue of any depreciatory transaction within the meaning of TCGA Sections 176 and 177 nor is any expenditure or any share or security liable to be reduced under TCGA Section 125.
The Company does not hold nor has held shares in a company on a disposal of which section 125 TCGA 1992 (close company transferring assets at an undervalue) could apply.