Substituted definition

Substituted means a specimen with creatinine and specific gravity values that are so diminished or divergent that they are not consistent with human urine.
Substituted or "Cancelled", as the case may be, any notes of the Borrower held by the Banks pursuant to the Original Credit Agreement.
Substituted or with words of like meaning.

Examples of Substituted in a sentence

  • Substituted by G.O.Ms.No.29, Higher Education (TE/A2) Department, dated 17.12.2014.

  • Substituted service by way of publication is only presumed to be personal service by virtue of Rule 20(2) of Order V CPC, which presumption is of course rebuttable, therefore, where service by publication is challenged, the first test is to see whether the conditions of Order V, Rule 20 CPC had been met viz.

  • Then it was calcined in a furnace at 800 C for 2 hours and cooled slowly to room temperature to yield the nanocomposite ZnAl2O4 which was characterized by various techniques.General Procedure for the Synthesis of 2- Aryl Substituted Benzimidazole Derivatives.In accordance with the procedure reported by S.

  • No. Description of injury%age of loss of earning capacity *Substituted for the figures "40", "30" & "30" against sl.

  • Substituted DBE shall not commence work until the contractor is able to demonstrate that the listed DBE is unable to perform because of default, overextension on other jobs, or other acceptable justification.

More Definitions of Substituted

Substituted. Employees” Section 5.4(a)(ii) “Supplementary Rules” Section 10.5(c) “Taiwanese Business Employees” Section 5.4(g)(i) “Taiwanese Seller” Section 5.4(g)(i) “Taiwanese Transferred Employees” Section 5.4(g)(i) “Target Inventory Value” Section 2.5(b)(vi) “Target Liabilities Value” Section 2.5(b)(iii) “Third Party Claim” Section 8.3(a)(i) “Time Limitations” Section 8.4(b)(i) “US Business Employees” Section 5.4(d)(i) “US Seller” Section 5.4(d)(i) “US Transferred Employees” Section 5.4(d)(i) “WARN Act” Section 5.4 (d)(vii) “Wireline Communications DivisionRecital A “Wireline Intellectual Property” Section 3.12(b)(i)(x)
Substituted means that original OEM equivalent items may be used.
Substituted means that the referenced group may be substituted with one or more additional group(s) indi-
Substituted means instead of personal service (i.e. same jurisdictional scope, is different from service outside jurisdiction which is an extension of jurisdictional scope)
Substituted. Such power of attorney is a limited power of attorney coupled with an interest.
Substituted means that a hydrogen radical on a compound or group (such as, for example, alkyl, substituted alkyl, alkenyl, substituted alkenyl, alkynyl, substituted alkynyl, aryl, substituted aryl, aralkyl, substituted aralkyl, heteroaryl,
Substituted means, for a chemical species, substituted by conventional substituents which do not interfere with