Substituted definition

Substituted means a specimen with creatinine and specific gravity values that are so diminished or divergent that they are not consistent with human urine.
Substituted or "Cancelled", as the case may be, any notes of the Borrower held by the Banks pursuant to the Original Credit Agreement.
Substituted means that original OEM equivalent items may be used.

Examples of Substituted in a sentence

  • F1 Substituted by Decision No 1/2020 of the Joint Committee established by the Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community of 12 June 2020 amending the Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community [2020/1022].

  • Any previously truncated and reconverted Substituted Check must be physically deposited with us.

  • On completion of the formalities set out in this Clause 12.2, the Substituted Obligor will be deemed to be named in this Trust Deed and the Notes as the principal debtor in place of the Issuer (or of any previous substitute) and this Trust Deed and the Notes will be deemed to be amended as necessary to give effect to the substitution.

  • The Company shall not be dissolved by the admission of Additional Members or Substituted Members or the attempted withdrawal or resignation of a Member.

  • Subject to the provisions of Article IX hereof, in connection with the permitted Transfer of any Units of a Member, the transferee shall become a Substituted Member on the effective date of such Transfer, which effective date shall not be earlier than the date of compliance with the conditions to such Transfer, and such admission shall be shown on the books and records of the Company.

More Definitions of Substituted

Substituted or with words of like meaning.
Substituted. Employees” Section 5.4(a)(ii) “Supplementary Rules” Section 10.5(c) “Taiwanese Business Employees” Section 5.4(g)(i) “Taiwanese Seller” Section 5.4(g)(i) “Taiwanese Transferred Employees” Section 5.4(g)(i) “Target Inventory Value” Section 2.5(b)(vi) “Target Liabilities Value” Section 2.5(b)(iii) “Third Party Claim” Section 8.3(a)(i) “Time Limitations” Section 8.4(b)(i) “US Business Employees” Section 5.4(d)(i) “US Seller” Section 5.4(d)(i) “US Transferred Employees” Section 5.4(d)(i) “WARN Act” Section 5.4 (d)(vii) “Wireline Communications DivisionRecital A “Wireline Intellectual Property” Section 3.12(b)(i)(x)
Substituted means substituted under section 123(2)(b) or, where the original charge was referred to the Director of Service Prosecutions otherwise than on election for Court Martial trial, substituted under section 125(2)(b) and referred to the commanding officer under section 125(2)(e);
Substituted means that the referenced group may be substituted with one or more additional group(s) indi-
Substituted means that a hydrogen radical on a compound or group (such as, for example, alkyl, substituted alkyl, alkenyl, substituted alkenyl, alkynyl, substituted alkynyl, aryl, substituted aryl, aralkyl, substituted aralkyl, heteroaryl,
Substituted means that one or more hydrogen atoms on the designated atom is replaced with a selection from the indicated group, provided that the designated atom’s normal valency is not exceeded, and that the substitution results in a stable compound.
Substituted. Such power of attorney is a limited power of attorney coupled with an interest.