Substantial Capital definition

Substantial Capital means (pound)75,000; Xommitments"
Substantial Capital means (pound)75,000; Expenditure"

Examples of Substantial Capital in a sentence

  • Substantial Capital Requirements and Liquidity The Company anticipates that it will make substantial capital expenditures for the continued exploration and development of the California Lithium Project and the Arkansas Lithium Project in the future.

  • Net Probable Maximum Loss (1:100) by Zone and Peril Compared to Total Capitalization Substantial Capital Margin Above Risk Appetites 1) A full explanation and disclaimer is contained in the notes on non-GAAP and other financial and exposure measures found in the Appendix hereto.

  • The Operation of Our Business Requires Substantial Capital, and There is No Guarantee That Financing will be Available to Meet Those Requirements.

  • Substantial Capital Requirements The Company anticipates that it will make substantial capital expenditures for the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas reserves in the future.

  • Wireless Has Substantial Capital Requirements and Intends to Make Substantial Capital Expenditures, and it May Not be Able to Obtain Sufficient Financing to Execute its Business Strategy The operation of Wireless’ network, the marketing and distribution of its products and services, the continued evolution of network technologies and the addition of network capacity will continue to require substantial capital resources.

  • Substantial Capital Requirements We make substantial capital expenditures for our exploration and development projects.

  • Substantial Capital Requirements GoGold will be required to make substantial capital expenditures for the exploration, development and production of its properties in the future.

  • Partnership net profits and losses, other than gains from Substantial Capital Transactions, as defined in Section 6.2 of this Agreement, and losses from Depreciation of Aircraft, as defined in Section 6.3 of this Agreement, shall be allocated for each taxable year pro rata among the Partners in accordance with their respective Profit and Loss Percentages.

  • Wireless Has Substantial Capital Requirements and Intends to Make Substantial Capital Expenditures, and it May Not be Able to Obtain Sufficient Financing to Execute its Business Strategy.

  • Substantial Capital, Exploration and Development Expenditures are Required at the Company’s Properties and May Exceed Company Estimates While the Willow Creek Coal Mine began producing coal in August 2004, the Company continues to engage in exploration and development activities at its properties, and expects to incur significant additional expenditures in connection with those activities.

Related to Substantial Capital

  • Substantial cause means Employee’s (1) failure to substantially perform Employee’s duties; (2) material breach of this Agreement; (3) misconduct, including but not limited to, use or possession of illegal drugs during work and/or any other action that is damaging or detrimental in a significant manner to the Company; (4) conviction of, or plea of guilty or nolo contendere to, a felony; or (5) failure to cooperate with, or any attempt to obstruct or improperly influence, any investigation authorized by the Board of Directors or any governmental or regulatory agency.

  • Substantial Block means a number of shares of the Voting Stock which has 15% or more of the aggregate voting power of all outstanding shares of Voting Stock.

  • Substantial Amount means, at the time of determination thereof, an amount in excess of 30.0% of total consolidated assets (exclusive of depreciation) at such time of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries determined on a consolidated basis.

  • Substantial Change means a change to the terms of this Agreement that reduces your rights or increases your responsibilities.

  • Substantial compliance means a level of compliance with these rules where any deficiencies pose no greater risk to resident health or safety than the potential for causing minor harm.

  • substantial owners means any individuals entitled to more than 10% of the profits of or with an interest of more than 10% in an entity either directly or indirectly.

  • Substantial Holder means a Person (including, without limitation, any group of Persons treated as a single “entity” within the meaning of the Treasury Regulation Section 1.382-3) holding Corporation Securities, whether as of the Effective Date, after giving effect to the Plan, or thereafter, representing a Percentage Stock Ownership (including indirect ownership, as determined under applicable Treasury Regulations) in the Corporation of at least 4.75%.

  • Substantial Owner means any person or persons who own or hold a twenty-five percent (25%) or more percentage of interest in any business entity seeking a FPDCC Privilege, including those shareholders, general or limited partners, beneficiaries and principals; except where a business entity is an individual or sole proprietorship, Substantial Owner means that individual or sole proprietor.

  • Substantial U.S. Market Interest means “substantial U.S. market interest” as that term is defined in Regulation S;

  • Substantial business relationship means the extent of a business relationship necessary under applicable state law to make a guarantee contract issued incident to that relationship valid and enforceable. A guarantee contract is issued "incident to that relationship" if it arises from and depends on existing economic transactions between the guarantor and the owner or operator.

  • Commercial cannabis activity means the production, cultivation,

  • Substantial damage means damage of any origin sustained by a structure whereby the cost of restoring the structure to its before damaged condition would equal or exceed 50 percent of the market value of the structure before the damage occurred.

  • Substantial means more than minor or trivial

  • Substantial Breach means the following:

  • substantial shareholder means a person who is entitled to exercise, or to control the exercise of, 10% or more (or such other percentage as may be prescribed by the Listing Rules) of the voting power at any general meeting of the Company;

  • Substantial interest means holding of a beneficial interest by an individual or his spouse or minor child, whether singly or taken together in the shares of a company, the amount paid up on which exceeds ten per cent of the paid up capital of the company; or the capital subscribed by all the partners of a partnership firm;

  • Substantial improvement means any combination of repairs, reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition, or other improvement of a structure, taking place during any one-year period for which the cost equals or exceeds 50 percent of the market value of the structure before the “start of construction” of the improvement. This term includes structures which have incurred “substantial damage”, regardless of the actual repair work performed. The term does not, however, include either:

  • Substantial Taking means a Taking of at least 15% of the Land or Improvements which, in Lessee’s and Lessor’s reasonable judgment, will materially and adversely interfere with any development or use of the Premises that Lessee is then conducting or intends in good faith to conduct in the future.