Smoked definition

Smoked means smoke is added as a flavoring or preservative during the cooking process.
Smoked means meat to which smoke or smoke flavorings have been applied/added for the purpose of preservation, color, flavor, and/or aroma.
Smoked or "smoking" means changing cannabis from a hard, soft, or liquid form by combustion, heat, electricity, or batteries into a form that can be inhaled by the user.

Examples of Smoked in a sentence

  • The NSDUH Report: Adults with Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorder Account for 40 Percent of All Cigarettes Smoked.

  • Smoked cannabis for chronic neuropathic pain: a randomized controlled trial.

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration, “Inter-Agency Advisory Regarding Claims That Smoked Marijuana Is a Medicine,” press release, April 20, 2006, p.

  • Smoked medicinal cannabis for neuropathic pain in HIV: a randomized, crossover clinical trial.

  • References for Not Shelf Stable, Heat Treated, Not Fully Cooked Product (Chicken Patties & Smoked Sausage) 1.

  • Accelerated Pork Processing: A Quantitative Study of Bacterial Flora of Cured and Smoked Hams.

  • Smoked or fileted fish shall be stamped or labeled in the manner provided for smoked lake trout by s.

  • Smoked meat uses imported wood chips and the oven is located outside, adjacent to the main processing building.

  • Peg City Car Co-op vehicles must not be:● Smoked in;● Driven in any race or competition;● Used for any illegal purpose; or● Used while the driver is under the influence of any intoxicating or impairing substance or narcotic.

  • Unless otherwise stated when you open the account, an automatically renewing account shall renew at each maturity date for a period of time equal to the original term and on the same conditions as the original account.

Related to Smoked

  • Smoke means the gases, particles, or vapors released into the air as a result of combustion, electrical ignition or vaporization, when the apparent or usual purpose of the combustion, electrical ignition or vaporization is human inhalation of the byproducts, except when the combusting or vaporizing of materials contains no tobacco or nicotine and the purpose of the inhalation is solely olfactory, such as, for example, smoke from incense. The term "smoke" includes, but is not limited to, tobacco smoke, electronic cigarette vapors, and cannabis smoke.

  • Smokeless tobacco means any powder that consists of cut, ground, powdered, or leaf tobacco that contains nicotine and that is intended to be placed in the oral cavity;

  • Smoking means inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, or pipe, or any other lighted or heated tobacco or plant product intended for inhalation, including hookahs and marijuana, whether natural or synthetic, in any manner or in any form. “Smoking” also includes the use of an electronic smoking device which creates an aerosol or vapor, in any manner or in any form.

  • Moped means every vehicle that travels on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground

  • Disinfection means a process which inactivates pathogenic organisms in water by chemical oxidants or equivalent agents.

  • washing means a process of separation by water using only size as a criterion;

  • Cigarette means any product that contains nicotine, is intended to be burned or heated under ordinary conditions of use, and consists of or contains (i) any roll of tobacco wrapped in paper or in any substance not containing tobacco; or (ii) tobacco, in any form, that is functional in the product, which, because of its appearance, the type of tobacco used in the filler, or its packaging and labeling, is likely to be offered to, or purchased by, consumers as a cigarette; or (iii) any roll of tobacco wrapped in any substance containing tobacco which, because of its appearance, the type of tobacco used in the filler, or its packaging and labeling, is likely to be offered to, or purchased by, consumers as a cigarette described in clause (i) of this definition. The term "cigarette" includes "roll-your-own" (i.e., any tobacco which, because of its appearance, type, packaging, or labeling is suitable for use and likely to be offered to, or purchased by, consumers as tobacco for making cigarettes). For purposes of this definition of "cigarette", 0.09 ounces of "roll-your-own" tobacco shall constitute 1 individual "cigarette".

  • Dust means any solid matter in a fine or disintegrated form which is capable of being dispersed or suspended in the atmosphere;

  • water meter means any apparatus for measuring or showing the volume of water supplied to, or of effluent discharged from any premises;

  • Infiltration means water other than wastewater that enters a sewer system (including sewer system and foundation drains) from the ground through such means as defective pipes, pipe joints, connections, or manholes. Infiltration does not include, and is distinguished from, inflow.

  • Walked means when an Attendee with a confirmed reservation is denied a room for any reason.

  • Dusting aid means a product designed or labeled to assist in removing dust and other soils from floors and other surfaces without leaving a wax or silicone based coating. “Dusting Aid” does not include “Pressurized Gas Duster.”

  • Fire means the emission of flames from the vehicle. Sparks and arcing shall not be considered as flames.

  • Unloaded means, with respect to a firearm employing a percussion cap, flintlock, or other obsolete ignition system, when the weapon is uncapped or when the priming charge is removed from the pan.

  • Pile means any non-containerized accumulation of solid, nonflowing hazardous waste that is used for treatment or storage and that is not a containment building.

  • Leachate means any liquid, including any suspended components in the liquid, that has percolated through or drained from hazardous waste.

  • Coagulation means a process using coagulant chemicals and mixing by which colloidal and suspended materials are destabilized and agglomerated into flocs.

  • Cord means the strands forming the fabric of the plies in the pneumatic-tyre.

  • Disinfectant means any oxidant, including but not limited to chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chloramines, and ozone added to water in any part of the treatment or distribution process, that is intended to kill or inactivate pathogenic microorganisms.

  • Hazing means committing an act against a student, or coercing a student into committing an act, that creates a substantial risk of harm to a person, in order for the student to be initiated into or affiliated with a student organization, or for any other purpose. The term hazing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cigar means any roll of tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco or in

  • Ped means a unit of soil structure, such as an aggregate, crumb, prism, block, or granule formed by natural processes.

  • Shrub means and refer to a woody plant, smaller than a tree, consisting of several small stems from the ground or small branches near the ground.

  • Blasting means changing the level or grade of land or rendering, tearing, demolishing, moving, or removing earth, rock, buildings, structures, or other masses or materials by seismic blasting or the detonation of dynamite or any other explosive agent.

  • Vegetation means trees, shrubs, nursery stock and other vegetation and includes the limbs or growth of any Vegetation.

  • Activated means the status of any capacity or part of the Cable System in which any Cable Service requiring the use of that capacity or part is available without further installation of system equipment, whether hardware or software.