SIMEST definition

SIMEST means Società Italiana per Le Imprese all'Estero - SIMEST Spa, which grants export subsidies in Italy under and according to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 143/98 and its amendments.

Examples of SIMEST in a sentence

  • For example, Italy’s SIMEST offers separately equity financing in non-European Union and European Union countries.

  • For instance, Italian SIMEST offers advice and information relating to investments abroad as well as matchmaking services for Italian companies.

  • Several other institutions, like France’s OSEO, Spain’s COFIDES and ICEX, Italy’s SIMEST, and Singapore’s IE, offer specialized financing lines for investment only into select162 developed countries and emerging markets.

  • EDFI consists of the following 15 DFIs: BIO (Belgium), CDC (UK), COFIDES (Spain), DEG (Germany), FINNFUND (Finland), FMO (the Netherlands), IFU (Denmark), Norfund (Norway), OeEB (Austria), PROPARCO (France), SBI (Belgium), Sifem (Switzerland), SIMEST (Italy), SOFID (Portugal), and SWEDFUND (Sweden).

  • Following such discussions the Agent shall report the decision of the Borrower and the Lenders to SIMEST, providing their reason for any negative decision.

  • Please note that there is a put option sold/call option purchased from minority shareholder on 19% of the share capital.The disposal of a 1.39% stake in favour of Società Italiana per le Imprese all’Estero (the Italian company for businesses abroad - SIMEST) was finalised in July 2006, did not lead to the derecognition of the related shareholding in light of the contractual clauses which characterise the transaction.

  • The issue in this appeal is whether the appellants, or either of them, have demonstrated any credible or bona fide defence such that the proceedings should be remitted to plenary hearing.

  • It may take the form of financing with the benefit of insurance covers and interest rate subsidies from SIMEST, SACE or other European export credit agencies.

  • Process S* in a context in which it is at the extreme end of a scale containing at least one assumption (i.e. fully propositional mental representation) different from S* in the element in the focus of even (Sj), such that the truth of S* makes manifest or more manifest all assumptions on the scale.

  • The third-party share includes a 5.4 equity investment of SIMEST S.p.A. According to the SOL/SIMEST contract of 12.23.2002 SOL is under obligation to repurchase this SIMEST share by 06.30.2010.

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