Service Level Description definition

Service Level Description means the Service Level Description document applicable to the Subscription Services and attached as an exhibit to an Order Form.
Service Level Description is the applicable Service Level Agreement executed by the parties, or the Services Level Description provided by the Bank to the Client, which sets forth the operational procedures for the Services provided by the Bank.
Service Level Description means the document attached at Schedule 1 Section 5.0 which details the standards of service to be achieved by the Contractor in supplying the Annual Support Service (including any applicable service levels) such description being amended from time to time to reflect any Software Upgrades provided that the Annual Support Service is never any less than that enjoyed by the Licensee at the Installation Date;

Examples of Service Level Description in a sentence

  • The level of unavailability shall not exceed one half of one percent (0.5%) per month, excluding Scheduled Maintenance as described in the applicable Service Level Description (the “Down Time Warranty”).

  • Infor further warrants that the hosted environment will be available at all times throughout the Subscription Term, subject to the exceptions and allowances described in the Availability section of the applicable Service Level Description.

More Definitions of Service Level Description

Service Level Description means the Service Level Description document applicable to the Subscription Services and attached as an exhibit to the contract.
Service Level Description means a document made available by Fujitsu on the Service Website or by Fujitsu to the Customer via other electronic means or in writing, designated as a ‘Service Level Description’ and describing the service levels applicable to any of the Cloud Services.

Related to Service Level Description

  • Service Description means pre-defined descriptions of services found at current as of the effective date of the Order Form which in conjunction with a Scope Document (if any) defines the Services to be provided and becomes part of the Order Form.

  • Service Level Agreement or SLA means the processes, deliverables, key performance indicators and performance standards relating to the Services to be provided by the Service Provider;

  • Project Description means the document that describes the Project's Reduction activities and that uses either the VCS Project Description Template or the project description template specified by the relevant Approved GHG Program;

  • Service Level means the standard set forth below by which IBM measures the level of service it provides in this SLA.

  • Service Levels means the particular levels of service that the Contractor has undertaken to meet, and identified as service levels in the Statement of Requirements.

  • Job description means a written specification of the function of a position, duties and responsibilities, the extent and limits of authority, and work relationships within and outside the school and school district.

  • Service Level Failure means a failure to perform the Software Support Services fully in compliance with the Support Service Level Requirements.

  • Statement of Work means the description of activities performed in completing the Project, as specified in the Contract and as may be amended.

  • Baseline Schedule means the initial time schedule prepared by Contractor for Owner’s information and acceptance that conveys Contractor’s and Subcontractors’ activities (including coordination and review activities required in the Contract Documents to be performed by A/E and ODR), durations, and sequence of work related to the entire Project to the extent required by the Contract Documents. The schedule clearly demonstrates the critical path of activities, durations and necessary predecessor conditions that drive the end date of the schedule. The Baseline Schedule shall not exceed the time limit current under the Contract Documents.

  • Work Schedule means the approved order and timeline for how the requirements of this contract, including Work on individual Units or groups of Units, will be fulfilled by the Contractor.

  • Service Level Credit is defined in Section 8.

  • Compliance schedule means a schedule of events, by date, which will result in compliance with these regulations.