Semiconductor equipment definition

Semiconductor equipment means (i) machinery or tools or repair parts or replacements thereof; (ii)
Semiconductor equipment means (i) machinery or tools or repair parts or replacements thereof; (ii) the related accessories, components, pedestals, bases, or foundations used in connection with the operation of the equipment, without regard to the proximity to the equipment, the method of attachment, or whether the equipment or accessories are affixed to the realty; (iii) semiconductor wafers and other property or supplies used to install, test, calibrate or recalibrate, characterize, condition, measure, or maintain the equipment and settings thereof; and (iv) equipment and supplies used for quality control testing of product, materials, equipment, or processes; or the measurement of equipment performance or production parameters regardless of where or when the quality control, testing, or measuring activity takes place, how the activity affects the operation of equipment, or whether the equipment and supplies come into contact with the product.
Semiconductor equipment means, at any time, the semiconductor equipment held as inventory by ATSI.

Examples of Semiconductor equipment in a sentence

  • Semiconductor equipment services 100.0Samsung Electronics Canada, Inc.

  • Semiconductor equipment and processes are subject to rapid technological change.

  • However we are intent on waiting until investors regain confidence in the market in general, particularly the Semiconductor equipment sector.

  • Semiconductors, Semiconductor equipment, and Telecommunication equipment have experienced significant growth in recent years.

  • Semiconductor equipment 100.01 Ownership represents the Company’s ownership of the voting rights in each entity, including subsidiaries’ ownerships.

  • Semiconductor equipment and parts that were or may have been exposed to hazardous materials and are intended for further use (reuse, repair, etc.) must comply with the SEMI S12- Environmental, Health and Safety Guideline for Manufacturing Equipment Decontamination.

  • Paymentof the sum of R253 691,90 (together with insurance premiums in the amount of R113.67 and assurance premiums in the amount of R210.36).2.

  • Semiconductor equipment refers to equipment used in various stages in the manufacturing process of semiconductors.

  • Minority interests in the consolidated balance sheet are presented separately from the liabilities and shares of the Group shareholders.

  • Semiconductor equipment accounts for a large share of global electronic components production, which is in surplus situation and falling in demand.

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