Schedule C-1 definition

Schedule C-1 means Exhibit A-1, the affirmative action terms and conditions required to be appended and made part of contracts such as this of which the State University of New York is a party.

Related to Schedule C-1

  • Schedule B herein mean Schedule B attached hereto as constituted on the Effective Date, and thereafter as it may be amended from time to time (deemed or in writing) pursuant to Section 16 or 19(l).

  • Schedule 1 means Schedule 1 of this Licence unless otherwise stated;

  • Schedule C means internal revenue service schedule C (form 1040) filed by a taxpayer pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Schedule A has the meaning specified in Section 2.3(a);

  • Schedule of Rates means the priced Schedule of Rates forming part of the tender [where applicable].

  • Schedule I means the schedule of all Sale Portfolio that is Sold by the Seller to the Purchaser on a Purchase Date, as supplemented on any subsequent Purchase Date by the “Schedule I” attached to the applicable Loan Assignment, and incorporated herein by reference, as such schedule may be supplemented and amended from time to time pursuant to the terms hereof, which schedule shall, together with all supplements and amendments thereto, be included in and made part of the Loan Asset Schedule attached to the Loan and Servicing Agreement.

  • Commitment Schedule means the Schedule attached hereto identified as such.

  • Schedule E means internal revenue service schedule E (form 1040) filed by a taxpayer pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Schedule of Charges means the Schedule hereto.

  • Exhibit 2 Standard File Codes – Delinquency Reporting, Continued The FNMA Delinquent Reason Code field should show the Reason for Delinquency as follows: Delinquency Code Delinquency Description 001 FNMA-Death of principal mortgagor 002 FNMA-Illness of principal mortgagor 003 FNMA-Illness of mortgagor’s family member 004 FNMA-Death of mortgagor’s family member 005 FNMA-Marital difficulties 006 FNMA-Curtailment of income 007 FNMA-Excessive Obligation 008 FNMA-Abandonment of property 009 FNMA-Distant employee transfer 011 FNMA-Property problem 012 FNMA-Inability to sell property 013 FNMA-Inability to rent property 014 FNMA-Military Service 015 FNMA-Other 016 FNMA-Unemployment 017 FNMA-Business failure 019 FNMA-Casualty loss 022 FNMA-Energy environment costs 023 FNMA-Servicing problems 026 FNMA-Payment adjustment 027 FNMA-Payment dispute 029 FNMA-Transfer of ownership pending 030 FNMA-Fraud 031 FNMA-Unable to contact borrower INC FNMA-Incarceration

  • Exhibit C Form xx Xxxxx B-4, B-5 or B-6 Certificate.................... Exhibit D: (Resexxxx)................................................... Exhibit E: Form of Reverse of Certificates.............................. Exhibit F: Form of Initial Certification of Master Servicer............. Exhibit G: Form of Final Certification of Master Servicer...............

  • Schedule means a schedule attached to, and forming part of, the Contract.

  • Annex I means Annex I to Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste.

  • Schedule 2 means Schedule 2 of this Licence unless otherwise stated;

  • Schedule I Bank means a bank that is a Canadian chartered bank listed on Schedule I under the Bank Act (Canada).

  • Exhibit means any item labeled as an Exhibit in the Solicitation or placed in the Exhibits section of the solicitation.

  • Schedule of Prices means the completed price schedule or any part or individual schedule thereof, submitted by the Contractor with his Bid and forming a part of the Contract documents.

  • Exhibit IIB Standard File Codes - Delinquency Reporting The Loss Mit Type field should show the approved Loss Mitigation Code as follows: o ASUM- Approved Assumption o BAP- Borrower Assistance Program o CO- Charge Off o DIL- Deed-in-Lieu o FFA- Formal Forbearance Agreement o MOD- Loan Modification o PRE- Pre-Sale o SS- Short Sale o MISC- Anything else approved by the PMI or Pool Insurer NOTE: Wells Fargo Bank will accept alternative Loss Mitigation Types tx xxxse above, provided that they are consistent with industry standards. If Loss Mitigation Types other than those above are used, the Servicer must supply Wells Fargo Bank with a description of each of the Loss Mitigatixx Xxpes prior to sending the file.

  • Annex II means Annex II to Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste.

  • Schedule III bank means an authorized foreign bank named in Schedule III of the Bank Act (Canada);

  • Exhibit D means Exhibit D to the Judgment;

  • Schedule of Fees means the published note of the School's prevailing fees notified to you from time to time and a copy of which remains available on the School's website and from the School at any time upon request;

  • Exhibit 1 means Exhibit 1 to this Schedule C.

  • Exhibit B means [Vendor]’s Response.

  • Schedule of Representations means the Schedule of Representations and Warranties attached hereto as Schedule B.

  • Schedule 4 means Schedule 4 to ITEPA;